Volcano Vape Comprehensive Product Review

October 15, 2018 By Stoner

The Volcano Vaporizer is one of the best vaporizers you can buy on the market. It is not hand held like most vaporizers, it is a table top smoking device.

The Volcano Vaporizer produces an enormous amount of vapor for the material that is used. You can even get multiple large hits from one pack of vaporized herb.

It may be the only smoking device on the market that involves using a balloon to catch a buzz.

What is the Volcano Vaporizer?

The Volcano Vaporizer was created in 2000 by Markus Storz. Storz began developing vaporizers in 1998 and came up with the volcano inhaling system putting it on the market two years later.

The company is based in Germany and California while each Volcano is handcrafted in Tuttlingen, Germany.

The Volcano Vaporizer uses convection heating to heat the herb which extracts the cannabinoids from the herb.

The cannabinoids that are extracted turn into vapor, filling up the heat resistant balloon.

The Volcano Vaporizer has come a long way since the early stages of its development. Now there are two separate models that can be purchased with tweaks to each device to make them more user friendly.

The price of this device varies on the model that you purchase but it ranges from $479 – $599. That price takes care of everything you need but there are components that are sold separately if something is broken or lost.

Different Models

There are two different types of Volcano Vaporizers, digital and classic, and two different types of valves, easy valve and solid valve, that can be equipped to both machines.

Classic Volcano

Classic Volcano Vaporizer

The Classic Volcano Vaporizer is modeled similarly to how it was originally manufactured. It is equipped with a knob that adjusts the temperature settings similar to a stove top.

The knob is numbered 1-9 (1 being the lowest, 9 the hottest). The Classic Volcano has a temperature range of 266 – 446 degrees Fahrenheit. This machine can get just as hot as the Digital Volcano but is less precise temperature control.

The Classic Volcano is still very accurate, typically plus/minus 9 degrees fahrenheit of the targeted temperature.

The Classic Volcano is extremely simple. It is not equipped with access gizmos and gadgets that make the product fancy. It has a knob that you can set to the temperature and an on/off button.

The price of this product reflects that. The Classic Volcano is priced at $380 which is $120 less than the Digital Volcano.

One downfall of this model is that it is not equipped with an automatic switch off feature so it will stay on if the user forgets to turn it off.


Digital Volcano Vaporizer

The Digital Volcano Vaporizer got its name from the digital screen that is on the front of the volcano machine.

This model is much more technical than its counterpart. The Digital Volcano has a much larger range of temperatures to choose from.

It ranges from 104 – 446 degrees Fahrenheit, this expands the variety of materials that could be vaporized with the machine.

The Digital Volcano is extremely precise with its temperature control within 2.7 degrees of the targeted temperature.

The unique part about the Digital Volcano is that the temperature can be changed from fahrenheit to celsius on the digital screen.

The screen also displays the targeted temperature and how hot the machine actually is so you know exactly when it is preheated.

The Digital Volcano is $500 because of the extra features this model comes with it is more expensive.

Unlike the Classic Volcano, this model is equipped with an automatic switch off feature after 30 minutes so the machine will not burn out.

Which Model Do We Recommend?

This is a tough question because it is based on your needs. If you are looking to vaporize several materials than the Digital Volcano is a better fit because of the temperature fluctuation.

If you are only looking to purchase the Volcano Vaporizer to vaporize herb than the Classic Volcano may suit you better.

The Classic Volcano is what we would recommend because it is a lower price and has most of the same features that the Digital Volcano has.

The main difference between the models is the digital screen that displays the temperature and the automatic switch off feature. $120 extra is a lot for those two features that do not directly affect the performance of the machine.

Easy Valve vs Solid Valve

The valve piece is the piece that contains the materials that will be vaporized and is attached to the balloon.

Both valves can be equipped with each model easily so it comes down to which valve you want to purchase.

Easy Valve

The Easy Valve is, well, easy to use as you can assume from its creative name. It is made to be as user friendly as possible.  

The balloons are already attached to the valve and can be used immediately. There is no maintenance when it comes to using this type of valve because once the balloon can no longer be used you simply replace it with another.

The filling chamber that is attached to the balloons can be cleaned and reused after each use but the balloons must be replaced as they are not made to be washed.  

The Easy Valve starter set comes with 5 balloons that can be used. This type of set is best for everyday use because it is so easy to handle.

Solid Valve

The Solid Valve requires more maintenance than the easy valve the balloons do not come pre-attached to the valve.

This is actually a great feature because you can determine the size of the balloon you want.

The Solid Valve starter set comes with 3 meters (10 feet) of balloon material which you can cut to your preference.

It gives you the option to use the entire thing for one vape session or cut it down and have a variety of sizes.

The balloon material can also be replaced by purchasing more balloon material from Volcano Vaporizers or you can use other heat resistant oven bags.

The Solid Valve may require more work to cut and attach the bags once they need to be replaced but it is a much more cost efficient option.

Replacement bags are only $9 for the Solid Valve system.

Which Valve System Do We Recommend?

The Solid Valve system is much more cost efficient and customizable. Although the easy valve system is simple and comes ready to use, it is worth the extra maintenance for the money that you will save.

The fact that the solid valve allows you to personally decide how large of a bag you use is incredible. Users can cut several bags into different sizes for any occasion.

A smaller one for smoking alone, a larger one for a crowd, and a medium one if you really want catch a buzz.

Balloons typically last for 50 – 200 uses but should be replaced once they are dirty. This is a lot of uses but if you plan on keeping this device for a few years the cost of new bags will add up long term.


How To Use The Volcano Vaporizer in 10 Steps

Regardless of the model that you purchased the Volcano Vaporizer is extremely easy to use!

Follow these 10 simple steps to get the most out of your Volcano Vaporizer.

Step 1

Turn on the Volcano Vaporizer by activating the red heat switch which heats up the mechanism as well as sterilizes it.

Step 2

Turn temperature all the way up to 230 degrees celsius or 446 degrees fahrenheit.

The higher the temperature the more cannabinoids will be released. For a less intense high simply lower the temperature to 175-200 degrees celsius ( 347-392 degrees fahrenheit).

Step 3

Grind up materials.

The finer the material is ground up the easier it will burn. Be careful to grind up the material too fine as it may seep through the wires of the filling chamber.

Step 4

Load valve with herb.

With Easy Valve, twist apart the chamber, place herb inside, and twist back on.

With  Solid Valve, pull the plunger out from the filling chamber, fill with herb, and replace plunger securely.

Step 5

Connect valve to the balloon.

With Easy Valve balloon, pop off mouthpiece and connect to metal end of filling chamber.

With Solid Valve balloon, unclip mouthpiece from pre-assembled balloon and connect the filling chamber.

Step 6

Once clicked in, connect the valve chamber to the top of the volcano when preheating is complete.

Step 7

Press the green “air” button on the Volcano Vaporizer and watch balloon fill.

Step 8

Once balloon is almost full of vapor, press air again to prevent balloon from pooping.

Step 9

Remove filling chamber from the balloon and clip mouthpiece back on.

Both models, easy valve and solid valve, are equipped with an auto lock mechanism that keeps the air inside the balloon with or without the mouthpiece equipped.

Step 10

Press down mouthpiece while you inhale to release the auto lock system and enjoy!

Pros and Cons of the Volcano Vaporizer 

Let’s look over some of the pros and cons of the Volcano Vaporizer over other glass products.


Vapor vs Smoke

For starters, the Volcano Vaporizer is a vaporizer which is safer to use than a bong. Vapor is much healthier than smoke regardless of the substance that you are using whether it is tobacco or marijuana. It provides cleaner hits that are much healthier to inhale than smoke and have less negative effects on your lungs.

Low Maintenance

This machine does not require a lot of upkeep. The majority of the cleaning of this machine is the valve piece. Making sure that it is not clogged with leftover substances.

The balloons that are attached will need to be replaced but they last 50-200 times per bag. That is once every three months if you use the machine one time a day. The set also comes with three bags if you purchase the easy valve set so they should last you almost a year.

3 Year Warranty

The largest concern for the Volcano Vaporizer would be it breaking. Luckily, it come with a 3 year warranty. This covers any technical issues that may arise on the machine.

However, it does not cover if the machine is dropped or damaged in anyway. Keeping the Volcano Vaporizer out of high traffic areas in your house is a great way to avoid these situations.

Do not leave the vaporizer in areas where the cord may be tripped over or damaged. When you are not using the machine put it away or in a corner of the room.

The Volcano Vaporizer is an extremely reliable product without this warranty included. For the company to offer a 3 year warranty it shows their confidence that their product will not fail.

Conserves Herb

One of the best perks of using a Volcano Vaporizer is the amount of vapor you get for such a small amount of herb.

We would even argue that these are more conservative on herb than bongs and hand pipes by a long shot, while providing the smooth smoking experience which is similar to the smoothest bongs on the market.

For only a pinch of herb you can fill an entire balloon with vapor. That is unheard of. Each balloon (if completely filled) can produce up to 5 solid hits too.

There are not many smoking devices that can give you that much value.

Simple to Use

The Volcano Vaporizer is extremely easy to use. It is just like cooking your munchies in the oven. Preheat the machine, put the product in, watch it work, take it out, turn it off, enjoy. It is that easy.

This machine looks like it would be a lot more complex but Volcano Vaporizer took care of the technical side of things to make it easy as possible for users.



As great as this product is does not come cheap. $500 can be a lot to pay for a smoking product. Users also have to continuously purchase balloons with the easy valve system which adds up over time.

Even though this product is on the pricier end of the spectrum there are thousands of bongs that are more expensive and have a higher chance of breaking.


The Volcano Vaporizer is very easy to use but it can be a process. Typically when you want to smoke you pack a bowl and light it up instantaneously. With the Volcano Vaporizer you have to wait for it to preheat which can be a pain at times.

Can Be Noisy

The pump can be a little noisy at times. It has a motor which makes noise so using this at night may disturb roomates if you have them.

This does not mean that it will be heard all over the house but if you are in the same room it would be heard.

Volcano Vape Review – Takeaways

Overall Grade: A-

This has been one of the best vaporizers on the market since it was created. You cannot go wrong with the Volcano Vaporizer.

It is a masterpiece when it comes to smoking devices. It can produce huge hits with minimal amounts of herb. It does not require a ton of nagging maintenance to keep it clean.

Yes this machine it expensive but it is worth it. The warranty that comes with it ensures that it will work for several years. There is a very low chance of it breaking because it is not passed around like most glass pieces are.

The Volcano Vaporizer can be shared amongst friends or can be your personal smoking device.

It can be noisy, and is quite large which makes it difficult to travel with and impossible to carry around on a daily basis, which are both things people typically value in a vaporizer. That plus its high price point dial back some of the quality a bit for us, but overall, it is still a high quality product worthy of A- in our books.

This is and has been on of the best smoking devices on the market. If you have not tried using one we highly recommend it! It is definitely one of the Best Stoner Gifts on the market. 

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