Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for Stoners

20 bests valentines day gifts for your stoner girlfriend or boyfriend
January 13, 2021 By Cody Marchant

Whether you have been with your partner for three days or 30 years, Valentine’s day is often a holiday that many people dread. For a long time, this holiday was associated with chocolate and flowers, but for stoners, infused chocolate and a different type of flower sounds more exciting. 

Giving a gift that your partner will love is the most romantic gift of all. It doesn’t have to be something stereotypically romantic but can simply show that you are thinking of what they like. Check out these gift ideas for the stoner guy or gal of your dreams.

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Girlfriend 

Wondering what you should get your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day? Check out this list of top 10 gifts for your stoner girlfriend.

1. Stemline Water Pipe With Pop Rocks Perc

stoner gifts for her

This is a very unique bong, equipped with a pop rocks percolator that actually crackles while smoking it. This bong is made from borosilicate glass and comes in nine colors. This bong is an incredible gift if you are wanting to buy a high-quality piece for the girl you love.


2. Cannabis Chocolate

best gifts for stoners incredibles cookies and cream

Weed chocolate is never a bad choice but is a great option for Valentine’s day. Give your lover a high quality and tasty cannabis chocolate so she can relax and enjoy this holiday properly.


3. My Bud Vase Rose Porcelain Vase Water Pipe

what to get your stoner girlfriend for valentines day

Coming in an all cream color and a natural pink accent, this bong is for the girly girl stoner in your life. This bong can even be used as a flower vase should she want to hide it when her family comes over. This is one of the most perfect, and romantic, stoner gifts for her.


4. Lava Lamp Bong

valentines day gifts for your stoner girlfriend - lava lamp bong

Give her a blast from the past with this lava lamp bong. Made with a base of silicon to avoid breakage, and borosilicate glass for the body to enjoy a smooth hit every time. She will love the inline percolator in this 8 inch piece time and time again.


5. Mini Yellow Guy Silicone Pipe

valentines day gifts for your stoner girlfriend - minion bowl

If you are on a budget or don’t want to make a big deal out of Valentine’s day, then this mini yellow guy pipe is a perfect choice. It is made of silicone so she won’t break it, and it is easy to transport. Any stoner girl who also loves a cute cartoon will love this pipe.


6. Magnetic Genius Pipe

valentines day gifts for your stoner girlfriend - magnetic hand pipe

This innovative design is great for the geeky stoner chick in your life. Using both metal and magnets to diffuse smoke, this pipe is the most discreet option you can find. Coming in seven cool colors, simply click and slide to smother the cherry of your bowl, then return to your pocket. If she likes to keep her smoking on the down low, then this is a perfect option for her.


7. Twisty Glass Blunt

valentines day gifts for your stoner girlfriend - twisty glass blunt

The Twisty™ is one of a kind glass blunt. Unlike other glass blunts this special device allows you to smoke herb as if you were smoking a blunt. The best part is you smoke from this glass piece to avoid any papers. She will love how easy this piece is to use, simply twist up and enjoy green herb hit after hit.


8. “Cooling Tower” 3D Printed Bong

valentines day gifts for her - 3D printed bong

This 3D printed bong is made from strong plastic so it is shatter resistant. For the adventure stoner or accident prone stoner, this bong is perfect. Comes with a built-in lighter holder so she will never forget her lighter!


9. GRAV 8” Wide-Based Bong  w/ Conical Fission Perc

valentines day gifts for her - wide based glass bong by GRAV

If your girl likes a well made and high-quality bong, then this is the perfect gift. She will be incredibly surprised by this incredible thick tubing, leading to a sturdy and fixed downstem. Watch as the smoke is diffused through the water in an elegant way, and avoid splash back with a narrow neck.


10. Alien Ape Sparker with Permanent Match

valentines day gifts for her - silicone bowl

This small pipe comes in five colors and its own built-in match. If she is eco-conscious or wants to avoid butane this is the perfect gift. Have her use the reusable match to light a hemp wick for every bowl. 

10 Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Stoner Boyfriend 

Unsure what you should get your boyfriend for Valentine’s Day? Check out this list of 10 best stoner gifts for him.

1. Gravitron by GRAV

valentines day gifts for your stoner boyfriend - gravity bong

Similar to a gravity bong you might have made back in high school, GRAV has created an adult version. With huge hits from clean, high-quality glass, this piece is sure to be a hit with the man in your life.


2. Nucleus Beaker Bong

stoner valentines day gifts for him - nucleus beaker bong

This bong is only 8 inches, but extremely strong. It comes with an ice pinch and a diffused downstem for added filtration. If you are looking to spend under $60, then this is a great gift option. Comes in a variety of colors to choose from.


3. Two Tone Eye Pipe

stoner valentines day gifts for him - hand pipe

If you only have $20 to spend on your love, then this is a great option to please without going over budget. This pipe is made from thick glass and has a unique pipe with an eye on the front of the bowl.


4. Colored Inline Percolator Bong With Glycerin Coil

valentines day gifts for him - glycerin coil percolator bong

This bong is incredibly unique for those who want a cold smoke. Pull out the glycerin coil in the freezer. Then the glycerin coil will freeze, and this makes each hit cold and refreshing. With four different color options, this is an exciting gift for any stoner.


5. Red and White Ball Dab Container

valentines day gifts for him - pokeball dab containers

If you are looking to get a small gift for your man for valentines day, then this is a perfect option for any dabber. It resembles a poke-ball and holds your dab oil. With inner silicone for clean storage, store your product easily and safely. Has almost three times more storage space than conventional containers, and is available in two sizes.


6. Cali Crusher Homegrown 4 Piece Grinder

valentines day gifts for him - cali crusher grinder

This is the best grinder on the market. The Cali Crusher Homegrown 4 Piece Grinder uses a 4-way Quicklock system. This helps to prevent jamming of the gears. It also has a screen to allow you to trap kief to use later. The secret of this grinder lies in the rare Neodymium Earth magnets. It will not separate if he throws it into his backpack, and is a perfect gift.


7. Deez Nuts Torches

valentines day gifts for him - dabbing blowtorch

For anyone who is a dabber, a blowtorch is necessary. Most torches are known to look boring and one color. That is why Deez Nuts created tons of themed torches to spice up your accessories! Standing on its own at 7 inches tall, this is one of the best and most useful stoner gifts for him.


8. Bat Guy Resin Pipe

valetines day gifts for him - bat guy resin pipes

This resin pipe is such a cool gift in order to avoid wasting resin. Under $30, this is an easy gift if you have no idea what to get him for Valentine’s day.


9. Rick and Morty Portal Gun Pipe

valetines day gifts for him - rick and morty hand pipe

Have you ever seen a dimensional dial pipe? If the man in your life loves the show, Rick and Morty, then this is a great gift that will surprise him for sure. Made by Empire Glassworks, this beautiful and handcrafted piece of art is an incredible addition to anyone’s glass collection. 


10. Silicon Machine Gun Bong

valentines day gifts for him - silicone machine gun bong

If you are looking to buy a gift that looks cool, for the accident-prone man, then the Silicone Machine Gun Bong is your answer. Not only is it made from high-quality silicon, but is made from a beaker base to ensure it does not fall over. This bong is perfect for gamers, or those who like the look of a machine gun when they smoke.








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