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April 21, 2020 By Cody Marchant

Created as an homage to federal marijuana prohibition in the United States, UPC glass stands for Until Prohibition Ceases

This specialized glass brand has manufactured water pipes, bubblers, dab rigs, and bongs in Los Angeles, California for over 12 years. Formerly known as Glassheads Wholesale, UPC now distributes from Smoke Cartel’s warehouse in Savannah, Georgia. 

UPC prides itself on creating simple, but beautiful, scientifically designed pieces made from high-quality borosilicate.

With over 25,000 Instagram followers, UPC displays its different products that come in a variety of color accents, shapes, and designs. Additionally, each piece has its distinguishable logo on the side: a barcode also known as a Universal Product Code, which is also represented as an anagram in the name UPC.

The pieces created by UPC are not only reliable but are pieces of art. Different products available from UPC range anywhere from basic well-made steamrollers, to colorful, large bongs with honeycomb percolators, ice catchers and diffusing downstems.

Best Products made by UPC

Products offered from UPC

UPC offers glass products for dabbing oils and smoking flower. There are classic water pipe options, as well as bongs, on the go dab pieces, bubblers, and accessories such as ash catchers, percolators, and quartz bangers. 

Each piece made by UPC is designed simply and scientifically. Their pieces generally consist of only a few parts that are made with high attention to detail. 

Water pipes, bongs, and dab rigs are created from high-quality borosilicate glass which is known to be more resistant to heat than other forms of glass. 

Bangers and nails, for dabbing, are made from silicone dioxide allowing for the best vaporization possible. UPC’s mission is to provide the highest quality pieces at an affordable price.


Bongs are often the first purchase for many flower smokers. UPC is a great brand for your first bong. They offer affordable pieces, without sacrificing quality.

One of the most popular, high-quality pieces made by UPC for smoking herbs, is the UPC Thick Glass Bong. This piece features a 50 mm tubing body made from 5 mm thick glass and the option to choose between the 1, 2 or 3 showerhead percolator models. The number of percolators you choose will dictate whether the bong measures 16, 20 or 26 inches in height. 

This allows new smokers a range of pieces to choose from without needing to spend a lot of money on their habit. To hear what we think of this UPC staple, check out this UPC Thick Glass Bong Review

Dab Rigs 

All UPC dab rigs are made with clear borosilicate glass, and many of them include a beautiful honeycomb percolator or additional domed showerhead perc for maximum smoke filtration. 

A high-quality dab rig that emulates UPC is the 8″ Honeycomb to Domed Showerhead Rig. Similar to other pieces made by UPC, this piece appears simple but delivers in terms of performance. The bent neck mouthpiece flows to a 90 degree fixed downstem and includes a 14mm male ground joint, with matching quartz nail and dome.


Bubblers are a great option to smoke herb or dab oil, as they make for great travel pipes. UPC offers its “UPC Fumed Glass Bubbler” that is easy to transport and share with friends. 

This bubbler offers a smooth and relaxing smoking experience, the perfect blend between a bowl and a bong. This piece is also very functional as it is made with a flat base allowing it to be set down without falling. 

As with most of UPC’s pieces, their bubblers offer extra accessories and attachments that can enhance the product.  


You can’t be one of the top glass crafting companies and not manufacture bowls. For most people, bowls are probably the first piece that they smoked out of. They are easy to travel with and conceal. All while getting the job done. 

UPC is not notoriously known for their bowls because they have much bigger and better products available but they still offer bowls with their seal of approval. 

One bowl that stands out for UPC is the “Illuminati Spoon Bowl”. They infused their high quality glass and simple yet satisfying design into this compact 4.5’’ piece. It is a sturdy piece, with a deep bowl pack, that even glows in the dark! 

The Illuminati Spoon Bowl really shows how UPC is able to create a simple, aesthetically pleasing piece without sacrificing any of the quality.


Whether it is to increase your smoking experiences or give you a cleaner hit, there are many different accessories offered by UPC.

The UPC ash catcher can be added to keep your bong or water pipe cleaner while providing smoother hits. Some of their ash catchers can also double as a percolator to make your hit simple and smooth, similar to what UPC glass is all about.

If you are more interested in dabbing, then UPC also offers quartz bangers that function as a dab nail. These bangers bring out the terpenes in cannabis giving the user a better flavor while dabbing. 

UPC Glass for Sale

What UPC is Known for?

UPC is known for making high quality, no-nonsense glass at a great price. Although they do a great job with a variety of pieces, they are mostly known for making bongs. 

Bongs are their specialty. If you are looking to purchase a new bong then UPC is a great brand to choose. Their creative scientifically designed borosilicate glass bongs create the smoothest hits possible. 

With bongs, a lot of smokers worry about breakage, especially if they are larger pieces. The high quality glass is what sets UPC apart from its competition. They make some of the most durable pieces on the market that are built to last a lifetime. So you do not have to worry about the occasional knock down or bump.  

UPC: Pros & Cons 



Glass is made from high-quality borosilicateBowls included with bongs usually have a small space for packing
Most pieces come with an included glass bowl
Made in the USA
Very affordable durable pieces 
Many bongs offer showerhead or honeycomb percolators
Most pieces are easy to clean
Great Value
Dozens of design options

Warranty & Return Policy

Since UPC is now owned and produced by Smoke Cartel, if you are looking for a warranty program, they offer glass insurance called “Glass Guard”. This program costs an additional 7% of your original purchase price but provides you a 50% discount on a new eligible piece of equal or greater value. 

This coverage lasts forever, and if you happen to be someone who often breaks your glass pieces then this is a great option for you.

UPC glass also offers a return policy on all unused products within the United States. As long as you return your product no more than 30 days after the order has been placed, you will be refunded. If you are an international customer there are no returns allowed.

UPC Glass Brand Review 

UPC Overall Brand Review

UPC is one of the most reliable brands due to its well-designed products, made from high-quality materials. Made in the United States, you know their products are created with care from the best quality glass.

UPC pieces are one of the highest functioning glass brands available. They are extremely consistent delivering on design, durability, functionality, and style time and time again.

These products are great for anyone. Whether you are purchasing it as a gift for a friend, if it is your first piece, or you have been smoking for many years. You should plan to have your UPC piece for many years to come.

Where to purchase the best colored bongs

Where Can You Buy UPC Products? – Helping Pot 

Looking for some great deals on some of the best glass on the market? Our online head shop has tons of great prices on some of the UPC’s best work. 

Or, if you still want to learn more about UPC products or glass pieces in general before making a purchase, check out some of these other helpful guides we have created:

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