UPC 5mm Thick Glass Bong Review

UPC 5mm thick glass bong review
February 5, 2019 By Stoner

So you are looking to buy a bong, and you think that UPC is one of the brands you may want to go with.

But, you are not quite sure which bong to go with, and want to make sure you make the best decision with a new piece of glass.

We totally understand. That is why at HelpingPot, we do in depth reviews of all the best bongs, bowls, and stoner gear from around the world – in order to help you find the best piece out there. In this article, we review the UPC 5mm Thick Glass Bong.

You will learn: 

  • Does UPC make good bongs?
  • What great features this bong has
  • Pros and Cons
  • Who this bong is best for
  • Where you can find and purchase UPC bongs

Before we review this UPC bong, let’s take a second to talk about UPC and the type of quality theyu produce.

Who is UPC?

UPC, also known as “Until Prohibition Ceases”,  has been blowing glass for over a decade out of Southern California.

Each one or their hand blown masterpieces is manufactured in the United States with the “Made in California” engraved on most of their pieces.

UPC is known for their high quality glassware that is scientifically backed to ensure durability and quality. You can find the UPC bar code logo on bongs, pipes, and even dab rigs.

They pride themselves on creating user friendly pieces. UPC is not known for the flashy bongs you may see at your local head shop, they keep it simple. Their pieces consist of a few parts that are made with great attention to detail.

Takeaway: The UPC Thick Glass Bong in particular is one of their most popular products. Their selection is full of high quality glass, and you cannot go wrong purchasing a piece from UPC.

What Makes the UPC 5mm Thick Bong So Great?

UPC 5mm thick bong with tree percolator

There are a few features of  this bong, that in our opinion, make it one of the best bongs of 2019, and beyond. Let’s take a look.

1. Thick Glass 

As the title of this UPC Bong suggests, this bad boy is thick. Really thick. Two C’s thicc. This makes it extremely sturdy, and reliable. As long as you are not skydiving with this thing, or leaving it outside, you should have no problem keeping it in one piece.


  • 50 mm Tubing Body
  • 5 mm Thick Glass

The standard thickness for bongs is 4mm to 5mm if you want solid glass. Some bongs made with cheaper glass are 2mm or 3mm which can break much easier.

There is nothing worse than simply smoking a piece to have it break in your hand because of thin, cheap glass. You do not have to worry about this with this UPC Thick Glass Bong, or any of their other products. 

2. Easy to Clean Design

The straight tube design of the UPC Thick Glass Bong also makes it extremely easy to clean. A squeegee can be stuck through the down stem opening to clean out resin or excess water.

Stoner’s Tip: If  you are looking to learn more about how to clean your bong, check out this comprehensive guide we wrote here.

3. Height

The UPC Thick Glass is right in the sweet spot for bong height. But, it is definitely not a piece of glass you can easily conceal. So you should keep that in mind when shopping.

The straight tube height varies based on the number of percolators your model has equipped.

  • 1 Perc = 16″ tall
  • 2 Percs = 20″ tall
  • 3 Percs = 26″ tall

4. Showerhead Percolators

The UPC Thick Glass Bong has showerhead percolator(s). This type of percolator was one of the first ones created after the tree perc.

It has a tube in the center of the piece that is covered by another tube almost like a showerhead that fans out at the bottom where there are slits for the air to meet the water. The slits are evenly distributed around the bottom of the showerhead making the water and air flow more evenly.

The air and smoke rises through the middle tube until it reaches the outer dome where it is forced back down through the slits where it reaches the water creating bubbles and filtration.

The showerhead percolator does not have many parts which means there are less pieces that can break.

Stoner’s Tip: If you want to learn more about the different types of percolators, check out this super helpful guide.

5. Glass Bowl & Slide Included

The UPC Thick Glass Bong comes with both a glass bowl and a down stem slide.

The Glass Bowl is fairly shallow which makes it perfect for snaps but can be inconvenient to repack at times. This means you may want to consider purchasing a glass bowl attachment that fits this bong.

The downstem equipped is a removable 18 mm to 14 mm diffuser downstem. This slide acts as the first percolator for the smoke. There are 3 slits on the bottom of the downstem to start the filtration process.

Overall, it is a high quality stem that does not need replacing. It is also made of thick glass, and is sturdy enough to take a beating.

6. Ice Catch

This UPC Bong has a 3 pronged ice catch above the percolators. This provides an even smoother smoking experience. In our opinion, every good bong should come equipped with an ice catch to help cool the smoke down.

One positive thing about this ice catch is how long the prongs are. They take up enough room so that no matter how small the ice gets it should sit there until fully melted. With smaller pronged ice catches, there is the risk of the ice cubes falling and breaking the percolators.

The built in ice catch is just another reason why we consider this 5mm thick piece to be one of UPCS’s best bongs. 

7. Three Different Sizes 

When purchasing UPC’s Thick Glass Bong, you have 3 different size options. Each of these options come with the all the same features mentioned above, with the only difference being the height and the amount of percolators.

Here are the UPC 5mm Thick Glass Bong Sizes: 

Update: Unfortunately we no longer carry the 3 perc models anymore. However, there are some other great UPC bongs that we have in stock which you can find here.

One Perc – 16″ 

UPC 5mm thick bong with tree percolator

ON SALE – $69.99

The Single Perc comes equipped with one single tree percolator in the middle of the bong. This version is the smallest version you can buy at 16 inches. This glass is extremely high quality for only $90. This is a great first bong to test the waters on.

Two Percs – 20″ 

upc thick glass bong review two perc

ON SALE – $89.99

The Double Perc is a little taller than the Single Perc version due to the extra percolator, making it 20 inches tall. The duel percolators allow for the smoke to be filtered twice before it reaches the mouthpiece. The more percolators the more filtered the smoke will be creating a healthier smoking experience.

Three Percs – 26″

upc thick glass bong review three perc


The Triple Perc has 3 percolators all in the center of the bong to provide the cleanest hit out of all of the three. This is the largest type of Thick Glass Bong just over 2 feet at 26 inches.

If you are the type of smoker who wants to take huge snaps or huge hits this is the version for you. It will get you to the level you want to be at without the harsh burn of a stereotypical bong rip.

Who is This Bong is Best For?

The UPC Thick Glass Bong is a perfect starter bong. It is:

  • Cheap
  • Not too complicated
  • Very sturdy
  • Easy to clean
  • Smooth

This bong great deal for anyone who is looking to: 

  • Find a great value bong
  • Have a long lasting piece
  • Find a high quality, thick glass bong
  • Purchase an awesome gift for your stoner friends

And much more. But, even the greatest bongs must be reviewed objectively, and none of them are perfect.

So, let’s go into a few of the pros and cons of this bong, in order to give you a solid idea of if this is the best bong for you or not.

Pros and Cons of the UPC 5mm Thick Glass Bong 

So in summation, what makes this UPC bong so great? And what are some of the things that this bong lacks in when compared to some of the other options on the market? Let’s check it out.



Showerhead percolationSmall bowl pack
Thick glass – sturdy base
Affordable – fairly priced, great value
Easy to clean – no complex parts
Made in the USA
Comes with slide and glass bowl

Overall Grade: A

The UPC Thick Glass Bong is a high quality bong at a very affordable price. The Pros clearly outweigh the Cons in this bout.

The biggest upside to purchasing this bong is by far the price – or for that matter, the value. There are not many bongs for under $100 that come with this type of quality.

On top of that, it is made with 5mm thick glass and include, an ice catch, the option of multiple percolators, all manufactured in the United States. You simply cannot go wrong with this product. 

Final Thoughts: There is not much UPC could do to improve this bong. Whether you are a first time bong owner or looking to add to your collection, the UPC Thick Glass Bong will not disappoint!

We here at HelpingPot, highly recommend all UPC products especially the UPC Thick Glass Bong.

Where Can You Find It?

You can find this bong here. Also be sure to check out our selection of bongs for amazing deals on high quality glass water pipes.

Thank you for visiting our website, our new stoner friend! We hope that this review helped, and hope to see you back again soon!

Be sure to leave a comment and tell us about your experiences with UPC Glass, and if you purchased this bong, let us know how you enjoyed it!



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