Ultimate Stoner Gift Guide – Find the Best Gifts for Your Stoner Friends

the ultimate gift guide for stoners - find the best gifts for your stoner friends
September 4, 2018 By Stoner

We all have those friends who are excessive smot pokers aka stoners.

Everyone knows all they want to spend their birthdays doing is toking the day away so why not get them something that they can enjoy on their birthday.

It can be tough deciding what to get people on their birthday. Do you go with something sentimental? The always popular gag gift that gets a few laughs? Something that they actually need? OR Something that they will actually use?

All of these are valid questions and commonly race across people’s minds when contemplating what to get for a friend.

Although getting things that we need can save us a trip to the store it can be a boring opening up gift to find a brand new cutting board.

So we recommend getting someone something that will provide a few less smiles than a gag gift but something that they will actually use.

If your friend is a stoner, no need to stress, we have provided the ultimate stoner gift guide that will lead you to the perfect gift for your pothead friend.

Before we dive into what exactly you should get your friend, we first need to identify what type of stoner your friend is.

best gifts for stoners

The Different Types of Stoner

What do you mean different types of stoners, aren’t they all the same?

Although all stoners do have one thing in common, they smoke weed, the amount they smoke may different as well as what they smoke out of.

A lot of people have different definitions of a “stoner.”

For some people a stoner is someone who smokes all day every day.

For others, it is someone who smokes at least once a day.

For most parents, it’s someone who smokes weed once a week.

We have broken down each type of smoker into four categories: The Stoner, The Frequent Smoker, The Secret Stoner, and The Dabbler.

The Stoner

The stoner is your stereotypical pothead, someone who smokes multiple times every day.

They have a harder time remembering the last day they were sober than what they ate for dinner last night.

The type of smoker generally has a lot of different kinds of pieces to smoke out of.

This can be blessing and a curse if you are searching for a present for this type of person.

A blessing because you have the most options to choose from when going through the weed catalogs.

A curse because more likely than not they may already have the type of piece that you are keen on buying them.

The Pothead

We see the term pothead a little below stoner. These smokers smoke every day but usually only smoke once a day rather than multiple times.

Potheads generally have only a few amounts of pieces but have a purpose for each one.

They may only have one bowl and a bong as opposed to the stoner who has multiple bongs and bowls for every occasion.

Although they may have fewer pieces, this leaves you with endless opportunities to change their smoking experience.

Gifting them a new piece that they have never tried before could introduce them to a whole new world when it comes to getting high.

The Secret Stoner

The secret stoner is just an occasional smoker who enjoys getting high but it is not always welcomed by the people around them so they are forced to be discrete about it.

This can be because their parents do not approve of such actions, their landlord does not allow smoking, or maybe even their significant other does not approve.

There can be countless reasons for someone to hide smoking from other people.

Some smokers simply do not like other people knowing that they are high.

Since they have to hide the fact that they smoke weed and only smoke a few times a week, if that, gift gettting can be tough for this category.

Having a huge bong most likely is not the best idea but there are still some options if you are set on getting them some weed paraphernalia for their birthday.

The Dabbler

Do not let the name deceive you on this one, these people are not the smokers who strictly dab.

These smokers are the ones who are fairly new to smoking. They typically do not smoke by themselves but are welcomed to it with other people around.

Hence the name, they only dabble when it comes to smoking pot.

This can make it hard to get a gift, if you get any, for this type of smoker.

Although you may think there is no use in getting this type of smoker a weed related gift.

This can be a great opportunity to get this type of smoker something they have never had before.

Some dabblers do want to smoke more but just do not know where to start. This is where your gift can come in handy.

Every smoker remembers their first piece. Getting someone their first piece can be a big deal so choose wisely.

where to shop for gifts for stoners

How to Shop for Each Type of Stoner

Now that we have defined each category of smoker, you should know which category your friend falls into.

Each type of stoner is different in their own unique way so the gift you get them should be different too.

Some stoners like to smoke more bongs than other stoners do.

Some potheads only smoke papers and wraps opposed to pieces.

Secret stoners may not even want a piece because that leaves a trace  of them smoking.

Dabblers probably will just smoke whatever is presented to them as long as its from a trusted hand.

If you are playing stoner Santa Claus then make sure you find what is or what should be on your stoner friends wish list.

What to get your “stoner” friend

If your friend falls into this category then you have the largest assortment of gifts to choose from. The possibilities are endless but with more options comes more decisions so you need to know what they like.

Stoners can be tough to get weed paraphernalia for because usually they already have a little bit of everything.

Whether it’s a brand new piece or an accessory that attaches to a piece they currently have, there is always something you can get to enhance a stoner’s smoking experience.


Stoners typically have accumulated a lot of different kinds of pieces over the years so finding a piece they do not have can be tough.

Although stoners usually have a bong, bowl, bubbler or rig (some have all four), there is still an opportunity to get them a new piece.

finding the best bongs for your stoner friends


Gifting up a brand new bong can be a great gift for any kind of smoker.

Yes, they might already have one but with so many different shapes and sizes it is easy to find a unique bong that fits that person’s smoking style.

First, if they do not have one we recommend getting them a huge bong.

It’s the stereotypical stoner piece for a reason because it is made to turn you into a space cadet.

These pieces can be expensive but they do make large bongs that are simple in design resulting in a cheaper price.

If your friend already has a large bong do not worry there are still other bongs you can get them.

They make bongs that are unique in shape but also theme. The Mushroom Kingdom Bong has a great Mario theme so if your friend is obsessed with Mario this can be a great option.

There are plenty of creative bongs out there so find one that your friend can relate to!

bubblers to gift to your stoner friends


If your friend is clumsy however when they are high getting a smaller piece may be of more use so they are less likely to break it.

Bubblers still provide a clean hit but can be much smaller compared to a bong.

Some bubs can be pricey but generally they are pretty cheap. They essentially are bowls but with an extension attached to the bottom that is made to contain water.

A lot of stoners overlook bubblers because of how small they are but they can pack a punch.

These come in a lot of different designs and usually two different shapes. Ones that are more vertical (as pictured above) or horizontal where the stem is in a similar place like a bowl.

Both shapes have there benefits. Some smokers like there bubs to be vertical to change things up from most of the horizontal bowls that they use.

gifts for your stoner friends bowls


We know what you are thinking,

My friend already has a few bowls why would I add to the clutter?

Some stoners do have a lot of bowls that they accumulated while others only have a few.

Either way, getting a stoner a new bowl can be a great way to revamp their love for them.

Bowls are great because there are so many options. There is no way your friend has every option covered.

There are cool designs ranging from a Gandalf Pipe to a Sherlock Holmes Bowl.

They even make bowls that have two bowl packs so you can inhale twice the amount of weed in one hit. No one will be disappointed with one of these unique bowls.

Stoners get tired of using bowls because they can be boring at times so get them something that will blow their mind.

dab rigs for your stoner friends


Does your stoner friend dab?

Dabbing has started to become more and more popular since the weed industry took off. It is simply another way to get blasted that much quicker.

If your friend does dab than getting them a rig can be a great gift.

Rigs are great because they do not need to be huge in order to get super high. They can be small which allows them to be designed more carefully.

Not all stoners dab so maybe you can be the first to get your friend into by purchasing them a rig.

Stoner Accessories

It can be tough deciding what to get someone when they already have a little bit of everything, as well as pricey.

Accessories are simply just an add-on to the piece that someone may already love.

bowl pack attachments gifts for stoners
Bowl Pieces

A bowl piece or bowl pack is the bowl filled with weed that is attached to the bong lit, and pulled from the bong when smoking.

These can make a great gift because they are extremely versatile pieces.

They have all sorts of different designs that they come in making a stoner’s beloved piece even more personal.

These are great because they are relatively cheap but can completely change the way a piece looks.

dabbersgifts for your stoner friends


If you stoner friend is a fan of dabbing then getting them a new dabber can be great.

Most people who dab only have a simple metal rod to get the dabs off the wax paper, if that.

Some smokers are still stuck in the stone age and use their fingers which can get burnt or tough to get the dab off once smoking.

These also can be themed in a fun way to make dabbing more entertaining and are a useful tool to have.

Change the way your stoner friend smokes by wrapping up one of these for a gift.

oil slick containers for your stoner friends
Oil Slick Containers

Another accessory that you can get a dabber is oil slick containers. These are made for people to keep their dabs.

A problem that a lot of people who dab run into is that their wax gets stuck to the paper it is provided on.

Keeping your dabs in these sealed containers keep them fresh and are easier to get out.

What to Get Your “Pothead” Friend

Searching for a gift for a pothead can be easier than searching for a stoner because they are less likely to have as many pieces as a stoner would.

Like we stated earlier these people typically smoke once a day and have one or two reliable pieces they smoke out of.


Since they only have one or two pieces they smoke out of there is a room for opportunity when shopping for new pieces.

Some potheads can be hesitant to change their smoking experience so pay attention to what they have for pieces and what they like to smoke when you are hanging out.


Like stoners, most potheads will enjoy a brand new bong. They might not like a gigantic one but will be satisfied with a new one nonetheless.

Potheads are much more about quality over quantity when it comes to pieces, instead of getting them a giant bong you should get them one more original that fits their smoking needs.

Bongs with cool designs, or as we mentioned earlier in the stoner section, themed bongs can be great for this type of smoker.


Most potheads use a bowl when they are smoking so odds are they have one already that they like.

It is great for potheads to have a bowl they already like but odds are they have had that bowl for quite some time and it may be time for a new one.

This is a fantastic opportunity to capitalize on if you are presently searching.

Pay attention to the kind of bowl they currently have and get them one similar or try something completely different to change up their smoking routine.


Bubblers for some reason are less common than both bongs and bowls. This can make it a great gift to get your fellow pothead.

They most likely do not own one so you could be the first to change their opinion.

They are a perfect hybrid of a bong and a bowl. They do not have the bigger size that bongs typically do but they produce a cleaner hit than a bowl does.

These can be perfect for a pothead because it adds one more piece to their collection that is simple to use.

Some bubblers are expensive but for the most part, they are very affordable making them a great gift for a friend.

They come in all different colors, designs, and sizes so pick one that your friend will fall in love with.

Pothead Accessories

Like we stated earlier, accessories can be a great addition to any piece that a smoker already loves.

These accessories may differ because this type of smoker may not have every piece under the sun.

Getting them one of these essential accessories can be a great way to enhance their smoking experience.

Bowl Pieces

Bowl pieces are a great addition to any bong. If your friend has a bong that they love and you are not looking to break the bank on your friend’s gift then we recommend looking here.

Have you noticed that the bowl pack of your friend’s bong is too small and needs to be packed multiple times in a smoking sesh?

Get them a brand new one with a larger bowl pack to avoid such situations.

They come in all different shapes and sizes. They even come in really cool designs too.

Get creative when you are searching for one and decide on one that your friend would love.


Believe it or not some potheads are too stubborn to purchase their own grinder. They may not want to spend the money on a grinder and would rather buy more nug, which is fair.

If your friend is cave manning it and breaking their weed up with their hands, then gift wrap a grinder for them.

It will make their lives so much easy and can even save them weed as it burns down slower the finer it is broken up.

Some grinders come in four pieces (as shown in picture), collecting the kief so none of their stash is wasted.

Maybe your friend already has a grinder but they have had it for a while and it is started to get stuck more often when attempting to open it or grind weed up.

Some heroes don’t wear capes people, they come to help a friend a in need. Getting them a brand new grinder can do exactly that.

ashtray gifts for stoners

If your friend only smokes papers or wraps and is still ashing in a cup or on the table then this is a must for a gift.

An ashtray is an easy way to keep the place clean if they prefer smoking in this manner.

It can be tough to keep the place looking clean when there is ash every. An ashtray keeps everything in order.

They can even gut their wraps into the tray and toss it out once it is full.

What to Get Your “Secret Stoner” Friend

These types of smokers can be tough to get gifts for because of how sneaky they may need to be when they smoke.

Since they have to hide the fact they are high they may not have a lot of pieces. This is an opportunity for gift givers but you need to be strategic with the type of gift you get them.

Help your friend out by being making their smoking experience more discreet than ever before.


Luckily, they make pieces exactly for these scenarios. If your friend is stuck risking it all to get high than help them to and get one of these pieces for them.


As we have stated before, bowls come in all shapes and sizes.

Wrapping up a bowl that is small and handheld can be an easy way for your friend not to get noticed.

Small bowls can be easily concealed in a sock or several containers that will withhold the smell.

It can be easy to find a small bowl but make sure you run it by the person before you make a big purchase.


Chillums were made for that two or three hits to get the job done and no more after that.

They are not made for the smoke circle but are perfect if you smoke by yourself and need to hide it.

They are the same as a bowl but do not have a rush hole and a smaller bowl pack.

These are by far one of the best pieces to use if you are in an area you are not allowed to smoker whether that be the ski mountain or your backyard.

vaporizer gifts for your stoner friends


This is not the type of vaping you may see on the streets blowing huge clouds of smoke, these vapes are filled with weed.

Smoking vaporizers are actually better for you than smoking bowls or papers. They produce much less smoke too which is great if you are hiding it from someone.

These will leave you almost invincible if you are nervous about getting caught because you will not reek of weed after you use one.

These can be more expensive but they make some that can be found that are cheaper. They are relatively small in size and are just handheld.

And if someone comes across it that shouldn’t you can always tell them that you took up vaping and hope they don’t hit it.


Due to the fact that these people have few pieces and freedom to smoke, they do not have use of any accessories.

If you are too nervous to blow your friends cover by getting them a new piece you can always take the easy way out and buy them a movie that is weed related like Pineapple Express.

What to Get Your “Dabbler” Friend

Since these people are so new to smoking they may not need the biggest of gifts. Just getting them something simple so they can start to learn the ins and outs is all it takes.

Typically, the gift you get them is the first they will ever own so get them something that they will never forget.


No matter how long you have been smoking weed, everyone remembers their first bowl.

Your first bowl is a big deal. It’s like your first car, just a lot less expensive.

In most cases, the “dabblers” will be happy with any type of bowl you get them because they will be excited to use it.

Getting them a simple bowl that has a really cool design on it is the way to go for these types of smokers.

Some bowls change colors once they have been smoked so blow some newbies mind and purchase them one of these.

A chillum may also apply here but a bowl is the safest way to go because it allows them to enjoy the process of smoking more.


You could purchase them a grinder as well if you feel the need but for the most part, since they are so new to smoking accessories are a bit unnecessary at this point.

Wrapping it Up (Pun Intended)

At the end of the day, even if you get them a type of piece that they may already have will they really be upset about adding another?

No, anyone who gets more is going to be excited so do not be stressed about this process.

This should be a fun experience so enjoy it! Get creative! Find something that you and your friend will both like and enjoy your searching!

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