What Are the Different Types of Hand Pipes?

best type of hand pipes 2019
March 26, 2019 By Stoner

The first glass hand pipes were crafted in the 1970s. Since then, these convenient smoking devices have evolved dramatically, to help people smoke more conveniently, and in different ways.

There are six major types of hand pipes:

Each one has their own smoking experience, which some may prefer over the others. They can also be more convenient for specific situations.

In this guide, you will learn everything you need to know about the different types of hand pipes, including:

  • What each type of hand pipe is best for
  • What they all look like
  • How much they cost
  • Pros and cons
  • Where to find the best hand pipes

After reading this comprehensive buyer’s guide to glass hand pipes, you will have all the information you need in order to make the best decision when browsing your favorite online headshop.

1. Spoon Pipes

types of glass pipes guide spoon pipes


Spoon pipes were the original glass pipes that were first created in the 1970s. This type of hand pipe is known for its distinctive features:

  • Deep bowl pack
  • Spoon-like shape
  • Short stem
  • Thick glass body

Who Are Spoon Pipes Best For?

This type of hand pipe is best for smokers that are looking for great value when purchasing a new piece. Most of the time, you can find very affordable prices on spoon pipes.

Because they have been around so long, there are literally thousands of different designs, shapes, sizes, and patterns.

How Much Do Spoon Pipes Cost?

The average spoon pipe costs between $20-50. Depending on whether you purchase online, or from a physical location can also influence price. Some online head shops offer free shipping as well.

What Are the Best Spoon Pipe Brands?

Our Top 2 Best Spoon Pipe Brands are:

  • Grav
  • Empire Glassworks

Both of these companies produce high-quality, thick glass hand pipes that are also very affordable.

Pros and Cons of Spoon Pipes



Affordable Can be too big for some smokers
Lots of variations Can smell bad
Deep bowl pack Some can clog easily
Medium size

As we said earlier, spoon pipes are best for Stoners who are looking for a medium sized hand pipe that is dependable, and a good value.

For people who are looking for smaller, more concealable hand pipes, we suggest you check out chillums and one-hitters.

Where to Find the Best Spoon Pipes

If you were looking for affordable prices on some of the best hand pipes in 2019, you should definitely check out our selection of premium pipes in our online head shop.

Or, if you are looking for a comprehensive Guide to the 10 Best Hand Pipes, check out this awesome blog that we wrote just for you.

2. Sherlock Pipes

types of glass pipes guide sherlock pipes


Sherlock pipes have the same Bowl type as a spoon pipe, however they have a very long pipe attached to them, giving them the shape of an old time wooden pipe, with a little twist.

These pipes offer a cleaner, smoother smoking experience because the smoke has time to cool down a bit more before reaching your lungs. Because of their size and shape, they can break easily, so these are not suggested for people who smoke on-the-go or who need to easily conceal their hand pipe.

Who Are Sherlock Pipes Best For?

Sherlock pipes are best for people who want to be able to sit back and enjoy their smoking experience. Perhaps someone who no longer has to worry about concealing their smoking habits, or someone who genuinely enjoys relaxing and sitting in one place while they smoke.

How Much Do Sherlock Pipes Cost?

Sherlock pipes typically take a bit longer to blow them spoon pipes, and also require a bit more skill. As a result their prices are a bit higher, typically ranging around $40-60 for a good quality pipe.

What Are the Best Sherlock Pipe Brands?

Our Top 2 Sherlock Pipe Brands are:

  • Glassheads
  • Chameleon Glass

Both of these companies are very high in quality, and also have a wide variety of Sherlock products that are available. These range in size, shape, pattern, and price as well.

Pros and Cons of Sherlock Pipes



Smoother smoking experience Can be too big for some smokers
Affordable Not easy to travel with
Deep bowl pack Can break easily

Overall, Sherlock pipes are for a specific type of smoker. They are quite enjoyable, and provide for a more relaxing smoking experience. However, they are not the best for traveling, or for clumsy stoners.

Where to Find the Best Sherlock Pipes

You can easily browse through our selection of Sherlock hand pipes by visiting our online headshop.

3. Chillums

best types of glass hand pipes chillums


Chillins are small, short hand pipes that do not have a rush hole. You simply pack them, and then smoke them. Usually, chillums have bowl packs that are smaller than other hand pipes. This makes them extremely convenient for traveling and easy concealment.

Who Are They Best For?

Children’s are best for people who are looking for a hand pipe that is easy to conceal, can fit in the palm of their hands or pockets, and is very affordable.

If you were looking for something with a larger Bull Pack or that has a rush hole, you should probably consider spoon pipes or bubblers.

How Much Do They Cost?

Tunes typically range in price from $15-40. Some chillums can even be found cheaper than $15 at small head shops, or online head shops that sell in full.

They become more expensive as you customize them more, or if they are larger in size. If you are looking for high-quality, we recommend you spend at least $15 on your chillum.

What Are the Best Chillum Brands?

Our Top 3 Chillum Brands are:

  • Smokea
  • Grav
  • Elevate

All three of these companies are well known for their quality, and affordable prices. Each one of them has a decent variety of chillems which offer a great smoking experience.

Pros and Cons of Chillums



Easy to concealCan be too small for some smokers
Small – can fit in your pocket Can clog easily
Can be used as one-hitters Can smell bad
High quality

Overall, chillums or a great purchase for someone who is looking for a quick, affordable, and easy to smoke device. If you are looking for something that is easy to conceal, and even easier to smoke, a chillum may be right for you.

Where to Find the Best Chillums

There are plenty of places to look for affordable chillums online. Try our online headshop for some great deals on quality glass!

4. One-Hitters

types of hand pipes complete guide one hitters


One-hitters are probably one of the most convenient ways to smoke. They offer a one-hit solution and are also very easy to conceal.

Typically, one-hitters will calm with something called a dugout, which is a convenient case which you can use to store them in, along with your dry herbs.

Who Are One-Hitters Best For?

One-hitters are best for Stoners who are on the move, or who need to easily conceal their smoking device.

They come in many shapes and sizes, and can even include things like vaporizers and glass blunts.

How Much One-Hitters They Cost?

Typically, a good one here can be purchased with a dugout for right around $10. Some more expensive and customizable options are on the market also.

What Are the Best One-Hitter Brands?

Our Top 2 One-Hitter Brands are:

  • Glassheads
  • Grav
  • Smokea

Each one of these companies have very high quality one-hitters for sale at very affordable prices. You can even find deals for one-hitters that come with a dugout specifically fit for it, and shoes which size you prefer.

Pros and Cons of One-Hitters



Very cheap Can be too small
Extremely concealable Can be a bit harsh
Easy to find replacementsCan clog easily
All in one solution

Overall, one-hitters or an extremely affordable and convenient way to smoke. We strongly recommend that every stoner has one for times where they need to be on the go.

If you get a dugout with your one hitter, it even acts as an all-in-one carrying case for your supplies and smoking accessories. And for just $10-15, you can’t go wrong.

Where to Find the Best One-Hitters

You probably work with Smokea to provide you with some of the cheapest deals on high-quality one-hitters and dugouts on the internet. Check out our awesome supply here!

5. Steamrollers

guide to the different types of hand pipes 2019 steamrollers


Steamrollers are long two-sided tubes which have a mouthpiece on one side, and a rush hole on the other. The bowl pack lies in the middle of the tube.

Steamrollers or the largest types of hand pipes, usually around a foot long and 1” in diameter. The pack is serious punch, and cannot even an experienced Stoner on their butt.

Who Are Steamrollers Best For?

Steam rollers are best for people who are looking for a more intense smoking experience. This type of hand pipe is not necessarily easy to smoke out of casually.

On top of that, they are rather large which makes them hard to conceal and to travel with. However, once in a while it is nice to switch things up, and a steam roller definitely provides a distinct smoking experience.

How Much Do Steamroller Pipes Cost?

Steamroller pipes typically cost anywhere between $30-50. Typically, they are made of glass, but there are quite a few silicone steamrollers which work just as well, are easier to clean, and that are clumsy Stoner proof.

What Are the Best Steamroller Brands?

Our Top 2 Steamroller Brands are:

  • Headway
  • Glowfly

Each of these companies has a wide variety of Steamrollers that are high quality.

Pros and Cons of Steamrollers



Pack a punchHard to conceal
Have large bowl packs Can break easily
Many different varieties Can smell

Overall, Steamrollers are a great type of hand pipe. They offer a more intense smoking experience, and also are known for their bowl packs. Just be careful not to take too big of a rip!

Where to Find the Best Steamrollers

As of right now, we do not have any steam rollers in stock, however there are plenty of amazing and affordable options out there for you on the internet.

6. Bubblers

what are the different types of hand pipes bubblers


Bubblers are essentially an evolution of a traditional hand pipe mixed with a bong. They contain a smaller chamber than a bong, that lies right underneath the bowl pack, which filters the smoke as you take a hit.

This type of hand pipe offers the smoothest smoking experience, and are also much more affordable, and portable than traditional bongs.

Who Are They Best For?

Just type of hand pipe is best for people who want the convenience of smoking a hand pipe, with the quality smoking experience of utilizing a water pipe.

For the most part, they are fairly easy to use on-the-go, and to clean and set up.  however, some have intricate parts and can be prone to breaking easily, so we recommend that you look for thick glass bubblers.

How Much Do Bubbler Hand Pipes Cost?

Bubblers typically range in price from around $30 to $70, depending on quality, design, and where you shop.

Some bubblers have extremely intricate or complex designs with which offer superior percolation, while other bubblers are less complex.

What Are the Best Bubbler Brands?

Our Top 3 Bubbler Brands are:

  • Grav
  • Eyce
  • Smokea

Each one of these companies has their own unique style of bubbler. Eyce offers high-quality, and completely safe silicone bubblers at an affordable price.

Pros and Cons of Bubblers



Smoothest type of hand pipe Can break easily
Affordable Can be difficult to clean
Large bowl pack Can be hard to use on-the-go
Does not smell much

Bubblers are great for people who are looking for a smooth smoking experience that is far more convenient than smoking traditional water pipes. This type of hand pipe offers a large bowl pack, and also reduces the smell when compared with spoon pipes or other types of hand pipes.

We strongly recommend that when purchasing a bubbler, you consider how difficult pieces with intricate parts can be too clean. Also, we suggest that you invest in a bubbler with thick glass that will stand the test of time.

Where to Find the Best Bubblers

There are plenty of options for finding affordable, and high-quality bubblers on the internet. Our online headshop features some amazing bubblers from some of the top water pipe brands.

types of glass pipes complete guide

Where Can I Find the Best Hand Pipe for Me?

Still not sure which type of pan pipe is right for you? No problem, with so many decisions, you can be overwhelming.

These resources should help you learn a bit more about which hand pipe is right for you:

Or, if you are ready to start browsing through high quality hand pipes at affordable prices, be sure to check out our wide selection of hand pipes at HelpingPot.

You can also follow us through all of our awesome Stoner adventures and get access to some Dank Deals on Instagram @BestGiftsForStoners.



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