Types of Dab Rigs: Which One is Best for You?  

Best Dab Rig for you
April 8, 2020 By Cody Marchant

If you’re thinking about getting into dabbing, it may seem overwhelming. There are many different types of rigs and torches, it might feel like being in a science lab. 

The first place to start is by finding the right type of oil rig to get the smoking experience you’re looking for. Some types of dab rigs are designed to be portable, for on the go smokers, while others are designed to have more percolation for higher temp and smoother dabbing. 

This guide will help you understand the different dab rigs so you can make the best decision for the type of smoking you personally do.

5 Different Types of Dab Rigs

There are 5 main types of dab rigs: 

  1. Glass Dab Rigs 
  2. Mini Rigs 
  3. Silicone Dab Rigs 
  4. Recycler Rigs 
  5. E-Rigs 

Each one has unique features that slightly change your smoking experience. No single rig setup is better than another, it really all depends on your dabbing preferences and the setting you are in. The key to picking a dab rig, is finding the best type for your needs.

Where to get Glass dab rigs

Glass Dab Rigs

Glass dab rigs are the traditional type of rig. They come in many shapes and sizes that can range from 6” to over 12” tall. Typically, they’re made from borosilicate glass, which is designed to be stronger and more heat resistant – to handle the high temperatures of dabbing. 

Who Are Glass Oil Rigs Best For? 

Overall, this type of rig is best for people who: 

  • Are just getting started with dabbing 
  • Want a versatile, sturdy rig
  • Want a combination of quality and value 
  • Are looking for a wide variety of options 
  • Plan on getting dab rig accessories 
  • Value the flavor of dabbing concentrates 
  • Want a wide temperature range
  • Don’t mind cleaning once in a while 

If you’re not quite sure what you want, but know you want a lot of options – glass dab rigs are a great place to start. 

Pros & Cons of Glass Concentrate Rigs   

Pros Cons
Versatile – easy to add accessories to Cleaning – require cleaning if you dab often
Durable – made from thick, high-quality glass 
Variety – hundreds of options 
Value – best value for what you pay 

where to buy glass dab rigs online

Glass rigs are definitely the way to go if you want to get the best dabbing experience. They provide more flavorful and consistent hits while leaving the door wide open for upgrades and accessories. 

Where to buy mini dab rigs

Mini Rigs

Mini dab rigs are just smaller versions of dab rigs. They tend to stand under 7” tall, and are usually made of thick borosilicate glass, but there are also silicone mini rigs.

These little guys pack a massive hit, without sacrificing smoothness for convenience. The designs tend to be a bit more intricate, with more curves in the pipes for cooling, and additional percolators for filtration. 

Who Are Mini Rigs Best For? 

Overall, mini concentrate rigs are best for you if you’re looking for: 

  • A combination of convenience and variety
  • Tons of options 
  • Lots of percolation 
  • Great deals 
  • Portable, easy to set up dab rigs 
  • Standard sizes for accessories 

Mini rigs are great because they really don’t lose any of their performance from being smaller. Added percolation can even make some mini rigs even smoother than traditional ones at a smaller price point. They’re perfect for on the go smokers who are trying to keep things low key, while still smoking quality dabs on a great rig.

Pros & Cons of Mini Concentrate Rigs   

Pros Cons
Smooth – just as smooth as regular rigs Cleaning – can be more difficult to clean
Affordable – better deals 
Versatile – easy to accessorize 
Portable – easily take them on the go


Where to buy mini dab rigs online

Mini rigs are dope for dabbers who appreciate getting the most value for their purchase and who want extremely smooth hits. They provide a great way to smoke on the go, and are very easy to setup and take apart quickly.

They’re also usually made of thicker, more durable glass – which actually makes them more durable than most regular sized rigs.  

Where to buy Silicone Dab rigs

Silicone Dab Rigs 

Silicone dab rigs are the most convenient type of rig, and also the cheapest. Most are designed to work with glass and quartz accessories, and some are even able to be broken down for easy cleaning and packing. Our silicone rigs are nearly indestructible, dishwasher safe, and safe to smoke from. 

Who Are Silicone Dab Rigs Best For? 

Silicone rigs are best for dabbers looking for: 

  • A durable, long-lasting dab rig that is nearly indestructible 
  • An easy to clean dab rig 
  • Something portable and easy to take on the go 
  • A rig with hundreds of color options 
  • A dabbing kit that has everything you need 

Overall, they’re a great choice for anyone who is looking for a highly durable, long lasting, and easy to clean rig. You will sacrifice a bit of flavor to the silicone, and there is definitely not the same level of percolation, however some top of the line silicone dab rigs are 100% worth the purchase. 

Pros & Cons of Silicone Concentrate Rigs

Pros Cons
Durable – you’d really have to try to break itFlavor – you do lose a bit of flavor 
Affordable – the best deals on dab rigs Accessories – not as many fit 
Cleaning – throw it in the dishwasher 
Portable – take it apart or on the go 


where to buy silicone dab rigs online

Silicone rigs are a great addition to any collection. If you dab on the go, but still prefer a rig over a dab pen, this is absolutely the best option out there.

Take it with you anywhere, and never worry about odor thanks to the material. Pack it up easily by taking it apart, or just bending it and folding it to fit in a pocket. 

Where to buy recycler dab rigs

Recycler Dab Rigs 

Recycler rigs are by far the smoothest way to smoke dabs. They get their name from their unique designs which allows them to recycle the smoke through the percolator and tubes multiple times before it reaches you.

Most are rather large, usually over 8” tall, and have beautiful designs that are amazing to watch in action. As a result of their extra percolation and glasswork, they tend to be more expensive than regular dab rigs. 

Who Are Recycler Rigs Best For? 

Recycler rigs are best for you if you’re looking for: 

  • The smoothest dabbing experience 
  • Beautifully designed glass 
  • Durable, strong glass 
  • A higher priced dab rig 
  • A more custom designed piece 

They’re really great for people who enjoy collecting high quality pieces of glass that are unique. Recyclers are the cream of the crop when it comes to percolation and smooth dabbing experiences.  

Pros & Cons of Recycler Concentrate Rigs

Pros Cons
Durable – you’d really have to try to break itFlavor – you do lose a bit of flavor 
Affordable – the best deals on dab rigs Accessories – not as many fit 
Cleaning – throw it in the dishwasher 
Portable – take it apart or on the go 


where to buy recycler dab rigs

If you’re a dabber who truly enjoys getting the smoothest and most flavorful hits from your piece, recyclers are your go-to. Nothing on the market will provide a cooler looking, smoother smoke than these massive, unique creations. 

Why E-rigs are so great

E-Rigs (Electric Dab Rigs) 

Electronic dab rigs or e-rigs are made to be the most portable and easy to use rigs available. They can easily fit in your pocket, and can be taken apart to fit in carrying kits or for cleaning.

E-rigs allow for superior temperature control, with some even allowing you to change temperature down to the degree. They also have rechargeable batteries that allow for quick and easy heat up, with very little mess involved. 

Who Are Electronic Dab Rigs Best For? 

E-rigs are best for dabbers looking for: 

  • Quick heat up times 
  • Easy to charge, long-lasting battery life 
  • Superior temperature control 
  • Portable dabbing experience 
  • Fair value for what you pay 
  • Variety of options and accessories 

It’s pretty impressive just how much such a small and convenient device can hold in it. The fact that e-rigs feature batteries that last over 8 hours, can heat in less than a few minutes, and give you insanely precise temperature control.

Overall, they’re a great fit for anyone looking for a super portable, and quick way to smoke dabs that’s smoother and more flavorful than dab pens. They can be a bit messy, but choosing the right one helps. Want to the know best portable dab rig? Check out this guide

Pros & Cons of Electronic Dab Rigs

Pros Cons
Portable – easy to take on the go and pack upNo Accessories – You can’t really switch things up with e-rigs 
Quick Heating Time – super quick to heat up Cleaning – can be hard to clean and can take a while 
Durable – These things can take a beating 
Temperature Control – control temperature within a degree 


E-rigs online

At the end of the day, e-rigs are made for two things: convenience and portability. They can be a bit messy, depending on how you load them – your best option is to go with one that’s easy to take apart so messes are easy to clean. 

Bonus: E-Nails (Electric Dab Nails) 

One other way to smoke dabs is to use an e-nail, also referred to as “electronic nails.” E-nails are less commonly used due to the fact that they are quite expensive and difficult to find.

Generally, e-nails are made up of a controller box, a coil and the nail itself. The controller box helps to deliver heat through the coil, and the coil is attached to the nail. The boxes allow for a better control of temperature in the nail which in turn allows great temperature control with the touch of a button.

E-nails are well liked because the unit can be quickly turned on and set to a specific temperature, and left on that exact temperature for as long as the user wants. E-nails also require basically no butane and instead use electricity.

This makes it easier to use in more locations, and is more accessible than constantly refilling with butane. E-nails mainly give an added level of control to the dabber without needing to heat up their rig more than once.

Qualities of a great dab rig

What Should I Look for in a Dab Rig?

There are 3 main qualities to look for in a dab rig: Size, Filtration, and Durability. 


Smaller rigs are known for giving more flavor while larger rigs are known for bigger hits. Once again, if you are looking to taste your vapor, you should choose a smaller rig. If you want to be able to take larger hits, a bigger rig would be recommended. 

The size of the mouth piece has a great effect on how well you can taste the vapor. Small mouthpieces will allow you to taste the vapor better compared to larger mouthpieces. If you want to taste your dabs, try to look for a smaller mouthpiece.


Some rigs can be used without water, but you should never buy a dry rig. Dabs are too hot to be taking dry hits, it can burn your lungs. Water cools the smoke down as it travels through the piece for a more enjoyable and safe smoking experience. You need a rig with water filtration.

Percolation is vital in getting those smooth hits. Percolators are another line of defense the smoke needs to go through which cools it down even more. Percolators come in all shapes and sizes. Some rigs only have one percolator while others have multiple. For the smoothest hit possible look for a rig with two to four percolators.


Durability is one of the most important qualities if not the most important quality when looking for a dab rig. A rig can be the most aesthetically pleasing object you have ever seen but if it breaks within two weeks, well, you’ll never see it again. 

Yes, quality, durable rigs may cost a little more than you anticipated spending but they will last much longer. You want a dab rig made of high quality materials that is built to last. 

3 Preferred Ways to Dab 

Quartz Bangers for Quality 

The nail on a dab rig is responsible for heating up the concentrate. Made from quartz crystal, a quartz banger is a dab nail that is known for bringing out the terpenes in the cannabis oil that you dab. The user is known to taste nothing but the full flavor of the oil when using a quartz banger, which makes it a high quality dab. 

E-Nails for Consistency 

Since E-nails use a titanium nail attached to a heating coil, they only need to be heated up electronically once to your desired temperature. This allows for a consistent temperature that will give you better flavor and easy accessibility to dab multiple times. 

E-nails will also help you to conserve your product due to it never cooling off inside of your banger, vaporizing instead of burning your substance.

Recyclers for Smoothness 

Recyclers are a form of dab rig that uses two chambers as well as an intake tube. The water in the chamber is transported through the intake as vapor up through the device, and is then recycled back down. Recyclers are known for one of the smoothest hits available.

Recommended Dab Rigs 2020

What Type of Dab Rig is Best for Me? 

Picking a dab rig that is best for you will depend on your dabbing tendencies. 

If you are a new user you may want to lean towards a glass dab rig. If you plan on getting dab rig accessories, you might look for a glass or mini dab rig. 

Maybe you are looking to take your dab rig to a friend’s house or on a vacation, then you should look into a mini rig, e-rig or silicone rig. One of the biggest decisions is if you want to use butane or electricity. In the case of electricity you have one option, an e-rig, but otherwise any other dab rigs will work off of butane.

Dab Rig FAQ 

What is the Best Kind of Dab rig?

Generally glass rigs and recyclers (usually made of glass) are known to be the best types of dab rigs. This is due to the clean hit and ability to clean. E-rigs are also known to be a good type of rig due to their value for money, lack of butane and continuous heat. 

Are Smaller Rigs Better for Dabs?

Smaller rigs are known to be better as they are known to provide more flavor. This is due to compact rigs keeping the vapor condensed and potent. It is known that the shorter the path from the nail to your face, the harder you will experience the hit.

How Big Should a Dab Rig Be?

When buying a dab rig you should be looking for one from 3-12 inches, which will also be portable. If you are looking for a more permanent dab rig to leave in your home then you might consider one larger than 12 inches, but you might be sacrificing thick vapor for size.

Are Dab Rigs and Bongs the Same?

No, Dab rigs and bongs are not the same. The main difference between dab rigs and bongs is what you actually put in them. Bongs are normally used with dry flower, tobacco or herbs, while dab rigs are generally used with concentrates such as oil, wax or honey.

What is the Best Portable Dab Rig?

The best portable dab rig is known as the Dr. Dabber Boost. It retails for $159.95 and is an excellent value for money due to its excellent temperature control and solid battery life. 

Another great portable dab rig is the KandyPens ICON Kit. Retailing for under $100, this is an affordable e-nail for portable dabs. It gives you everything you need to begin dabbing along with long-lasting battery life. 

For more of our top portable dab rig picks, check out our Stoner’s Guide to the Best Portable Dab Rigs.

Where Can You Buy Dab Rigs Online? – Helping Pot

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Or, if you still want to learn more about dab rigs before making a purchase, check out some of these other helpful guides we have created:


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