40 Pro Stoner Tips + Tricks: For Beginners (Must Know)

40 best stoner tips for beginners guide
February 28, 2019 By Stoner

All Stoners were beginners at one point. Naturally, as you begin to smoke more, and hang out with more people who enjoy the same activities, you will begin to learn some Stoner Etiquette.

This guide is designed to show beginners 40 Pro Stoner Tips and Tricks that will help you to enjoy your smoking sessions more, and make more friends along the way. By the end of this guide, you will understand how to be a stoner.

1. Don’t Sit On the Blunt/Joint

One of the biggest mistakes that first time Stoners make is that they tend to “sit on the blunt”. This simply means that they begin to space out, or tell a story as they are holding a blunt or joint.

This could be extremely aggravating for a few reasons:

  • The joint may go out and need to be lit again
  • It wastes supplies
  • You could easily pass it, then tell your story

No worries, everybody has done this from time to time. In fact, some Stoners are known for doing it quite often. Just try to avoid when possible, in order to not frustrate your pro Stoner friends.

2. Prepare for Cotton Mouth

You’ve probably heard of the notorious cottonmouth by now. Let us be the first to tell you, this is absolutely a real thing.

After smoking, it is very typical for your mouth to get extremely dry, and have almost a cotton like feel to it due to the dryness and the way the smoke changes your saliva.

We strongly recommend that any beginner always prepares for a smoking sesh by bringing water, or another drink.

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3. Prepare for Red Eyes

They’re going to be times where you take a hit, and then go to the bathroom only to see that your eyes are extremely red – making your high very noticeable.

This can cause beginners to become very paranoid when going anywhere in public. A quick drop of Visine will easily relieve the red appearance, and make you look completely normal.

4. Corner the Damn Bowl!

Dudes, if you take one Stoner tip from this giant list, let it be this one. There’s nothing more annoying when smoking with friends then having one person in the group who does not understand how to corner a bowl.

It burns through herbs extremely quickly, and is not a very conservative way to smoke. On top of that, when supplies are low, it is a very easy way to ruin a group smoking sesh before it even makes it through one rotation.

To corner a bowl, simply try to use the lighter in a way that ignites the least amount of herbs possible. This will allow multiple people to continue smoking the peace, and can also get the bowl to “cherry”, which means that it will continue to stay with as you pass it to the next person.

This conserves even more herbs, and also makes it very convenient and easy to keep the rotation going steadily.

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5. Saving Crumbs Can Come In Handy

It’s easy to brush access off of your lap, or rolling station when you have a lot of Supply. But as you get to the bottom of your bag, you will quickly began wishing you had been more sparing with your supply.

Saving crumbs here and there is an effective way to make sure that you are using as little as possible, and that you still have some left when the time comes that you just can’t find more.

6. Save Roaches, It Adds Up

If you have a smell proof container, or a proper place to store roaches from blunts or joints, we strongly recommend that you do this. Over time, this really begins to add up.

Saving roaches has also become a small, but Universal part of Stoner culture. Many of your friends who smoke will also practice this. When you have enough, you can even take all of the roaches and on wrap them, to create a Grandfather Blunt.

7. Don’t Wet Lip the Joint/Blunt!

This might be one of the most annoying things that a beginner Stoner can possibly do. It is right up there with not cornering the bowl.

No one wants to take a hint of something that still has a noticeable amount of your saliva on it. So, be sure to not wet lip anything you are smoking with.

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8. Stop, Think, Relax, Forget Your Paranoia

Everyone gets paranoia, especially at the beginner stages of being a Stoner. This comes from a combination of factors, what is mostly related to how new the substance is to someone, and the CBD content of the strain.

When you feel paranoia setting in, it is important to take a second to stop, breathe, and think. Nothing bad is probably going to happen to you, and chances are you were overreacting.

We are all entitled to our brief moments of paranoia, but over time it can become extremely annoying to deal with when one of your friends constantly gets paranoid. Often times, this leads to people no longer smoking with you. So don’t be that guy, and learn to tame your paranoia.  

9. What Comes Around Goes Around – Don’t Be Stingy

We all know that one guy who would never smoke up any of their friends in a million years, but every single time something is about to be rolled up he finds his way into the conversation.

It almost makes you feel as if they are a character from a TV show, not realizing that everyone around them can see exactly what’s going on.

Obviously, it all depends on the familiarity you have with the people you were smoking with, but at the end of the day you should be willing to help out people who need it, as it will always come back around to you later.

10. Invest in a High Quality Piece

Every beginner Stoner makes the mistake of going to a head shop and purchasing the cheapest item that they could find to smoke out of. This can result in many hilarious situations. A few that we have experienced are:

  • Burning our noses/fingers because a piece is too small
  • A piece breaking before you even use it
  • Impossible to clean smoking devices
  • Pieces that have a very short life span

If you are going to spend the money to purchase something to smoke out of, make sure that you are choosing something that has a high level of quality.

This doesn’t mean that you need to go out and purchase the most expensive bong or pipe, but it does mean that you should take the time to investigate the quality of the piece you are purchasing.  

In the long run, this will actually save you a lot of money. It will also save you the frustration of having to continually purchase pieces that you cannot rely on for long.

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11. Don’t Cough in the Bong!

It’s sad to admit, but we have all done this from time to time. Sometimes it is a friend that causes you to laugh as you are taking a hit, other times it is a reaction from taking too big of a hit.

While it can be unavoidable, you should definitely keep in mind that this is something I can happen during a smoking session that completely ruins it.

On top of the bowl being kicked and ashes being scattered everywhere, you also have to worry about bong water getting into the slide and all over the place.

In some cases, you even have to worry about dropping the bomb as you are coughing, which can cause it to break. Overall this is an expensive and annoying mistake to make, that first time Stoners should look out for.

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12. Don’t Get Your Herbs Wet

Sounds simple right? Well not entirely. Sometimes it will be a raining day, other times you may have no choice but to hide your stash somewhere with moisture.

However, no matter what the case is, you want to make sure that you avoid allowing moisture into your arms. This can be unhealthy for you to smoke, can ruin your smoking experience, and can also make things impossible to light.

13. Watch Out for Scoobies

This is one of the best stoner tricks that we can teach you to look out for. A Scooby is when you go to take a hit, and accidentally inhale parts of the bowl pack itself.

This can be extremely painful, as hot ashes can burn your tongue, mouth, or throat. On top of this, it is extremely unpleasant, as it leaves a disgusting taste in your mouth.

You can easily avoid this by learning how to tell when a bowl is kicked, and not hitting it after that. Another way to avoid this is also to purchase a screen, which does not allow smaller particles to be pulled through.

14. Don’t Pass Someone a Cashed Bowl

To follow up our stoner tip on Scoobies, trying to avoid passing people a cashed bowl. We understand that this can be hard for beginners to identify and that you don’t want to accidentally kick a bowl that still has smokable herb in it.

Typically, you can easily tell a cashed bowl by its color. If it is entirely black, or even white, the chances are that it is totally kicked. If you are not sure, simply ask the friend you were smoking with before they go to take a hit. This can prevent them from getting Scoobies, or just taking disgusting tasting hits.

40 best weed smoking tips 2019

15. Don’t Just Smoke and Leave

There are times where you will be invited to a smoking session while on the Run. Simply explain to your friends that you must go right afterwards, or don’t show up at all.

Smoking is a great time to form bonds with people, particularly through storytelling, jokes, music, and making memories. When just smoking and leaving, it is easy to make people feel bad, or send them the wrong message.

This is particularly true when people are high. Is easy for them to miss judges situation, or not understand the real reason that you had to leave, which can make them feel left out, or used.

The Simple Solution: Don’t rush through a smoking session. Enjoy it for what it is worth, and enjoy the presence of the people around you. If you must smoke quickly, let them know before the session starts.

16. Try to Avoid Smoking Alone if Possible

Another extremely important Stoner tip that we can give beginners is to avoid smoking alone. You should do this for at least your first handful of smoking experiences.

The reason is, you really want to try and avoid putting yourself in situations where you may be uncomfortable. This can completely ruin your experience, and also cause you to make very poor decisions.

The best thing you can do is to smoke with someone who is experienced, or at least be around someone who knows how to deal with people who are under the influence. This will help avoid paranoia, and also help you enjoy the experience a bit more.

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17. Prepare – Have Snacks at the Ready

The munchies are so real. Especially for beginner Stoners. Right after you smoke, within the first 10 minutes you are going to want to devour any food item in sight.

Sometimes, when smoking with friends, it is not always comfortable to ask them for food. Other times, they may not have food that you like. Also, it is not recommended that you drive anywhere, which can make it difficult to satisfy your cravings.

Stoner Solution: Pack some snacks! Sure, you might look like a nerd opening up your backpack and pulling out snacks, but I promise all of your Stoner friends will be saying, “I wish I thought of that” by the end of the session.

18. Learn Some Great Ways to Conserve Your Stash

Over time, you will begin to look for ways to conserve herbs as you smoke. Some awesome ways to do this are:

  • Avoid smoking blunts/joints
  • Corner your bowls
  • Created a gravity bong

Gravity bongs, along with other homemade smoking devices can be a great way to conserve herbs.

Pro Tip: To learn more about how to make homemade smoking devices, check out this guide.

pro stoner tips

19. Don’t Forget the Smell

While you may not notice it after smoking sesh, you are going to reek. There’s almost no way to avoid this. So instead, you should plan for it.

Having a few supplies on you in order to minimize your odor is key. Some the best things you can carry on you are:

  • Cologne
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Gum
  • Breath mints
  • Lotion
  • A change of clothes

This Stoner tip will help you from getting caught, and also help you feel a little bit more comfortable when in public places after smoking.

best tricks and tips for smoking weed

20. Stop Burning Your Fingers or Dropping Blunts – Get a Roach Clip

We have all smoked a joint or blunt down to the point where it has burned our fingers. This is an unpleasant side effect of being a resourceful Stoner.

However, there is absolutely no reason that you have to stand for this. In fact, you can get something called a roach clip that will hold your joint or blunt once it gets down to this point.

These items are extremely cheap, and super handy to have around. And if you cannot afford one, or do not feel like looking for one on the internet, you can always create one out of something like a paperclip or chip clip.

21. Make an Awesome Playlist

Music changes everything. There is a reason why music was so groovy and different in the 60s.

While you are smoking, the sounds of music will begin to change, and take on different forms that you never thought possible. If you can have a playlist of really interesting and cool song set up going into your smoking experience, it can greatly enhance the results.

Often times, if you ask your Stoner friends, they will have playlist specifically designed for when they smoke that they are more than happy to share.

22. Don’t Get into Conspiracy Theories

Let’s be honest, when you smoke as a beginner, you are already paranoid enough. The last thing that you need is something like a conspiracy theory to compound this effect.

Sure, conspiracy theories are great. But please trust us, stay away from them after smoking. They will only lead you down a ton of rabbit holes, leave you extremely confused, and ultimately ruin your smoking experience.

Dirty Glass Bong

23. Clean Your Pieces Frequently

One of the main reason that people experience clogged or bad tasting pipes and bongs is because they do not take the proper time and care needed to clean them.

Depending on how often you smoke, you should probably clean your pieces at least every few months. This will help you to get much better hits, and much better taste during your smoking experience. It will also help your pieces last longer.

Pro Tip: To learn more about how to keep your piece as good as new, check out this helpful guide.

24. Know What Temperature to Smoke At

4 people smoking pipes, bongs, and joints, this is not something you will often have to worry about. However, for those who are smoking dabs, or smoking using a torch, it is important to understand what temperatures are safe to smoke at.

Temperatures that are too low will not properly ignite your herb, or melt your dabs, which can lead to a subpar experience and a goopy mess.

Temperatures that are too high can lead to damage to the mouth, tongue, lungs, and throat. They also make for a messy experience, as a causes the oil or herb to burn extremely fast, which leaves it brown and black.

Pro Stoner Tip: To learn more about smoking at the proper temperatures, check out this complete guide.

40 best weed smoking tricks

25. Try to Avoid the Cross Fade

If you were attending a party, the opportunity will probably present itself to smoke and drink at the same time. Typically, we advise beginners to stay away from mixing the two in what is commonly called the “crossfade”.

While it can be extremely fun at first, it leads to dizziness, headaches, blackouts, vomiting, and an overall bad time. Know your limits before mixing the two, and if you must mix them, smoke first then drink.

26. Try to Avoid Driving if Possible

Honestly, there is nothing cool or safe about driving while intoxicated. On top of that, driving after smoking can be extremely scary.

Due to high levels of paranoia, and overall decrease the weariness, driving after smoking can be difficult for the driver. Israel, it is just a bad time waiting to happen, and you should avoid it at all costs.

This is one of the best stoner tips that we can give you, because it will keep you safe, keep other safe, and also help to give you a better experience.

27. Keep Everything on the Low

Look, while you are a first-time Stoner, it is super cool to enjoy a new environment and meet new people. But, you need to keep everything on the low.

You can’t just run around telling people how you smoked with so-and-so yesterday, or how you guys went on this adventure while high. Keep this kind of thing down to a minimum, as it can really offend some of your long-term Stoner friends.

Often times, knowledge that they smoke can give people a bad impression about them, even though there is no reason to have such an impression.

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28. Avoid Smoking in Public

A lot of beginner Stoners tried to smoke in spots that are way too casual. Chances are, if you smoke in public you’re taking a lot of risk, and you are also making anyone who encounters you extremely uncomfortable.

On top of this, you could be breaking numerous laws, which could result in fines and jail sentencing. Something that is hardly worth it at all.

Last week, you will likely experience increased paranoia, which will lead to you having a bad smoking experience. So overall, I try to avoid smoking in public if possible.

Top Stoner Tip: If you must smoke in public, you should definitely consider investing in and easy to conceal piece. Check out this list of the best travel bongs for some awesome pieces to use on the go.

29. Smell Proof Containers Will Change Your Life

This is one beginner Stoner tip that can really make a difference. Too many times, people who are new to smoking make the mistake of thinking that they do not need a smell proof container for their stash. This is just wrong.

No matter what, your stash is going to smell pretty bad. Weather traveling with it, hiding it in your house, or bring it to a friend’s house, you will want to try and contain the smell in order to keep everything conspicuous.

Purchasing a smell proof container is extremely cheap, and is a guaranteed way to make sure that your stash is safe.

Stoner Tip: If you are looking for a reliable smell proof container, it is worth check out our Sesh Supply Oil Slick Containers.

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30. Stealing Lighters – We All Do It Accidentally

Every stoner is guilty of accidentally Bic-ing someone. You don’t mean to, but somehow you end up with their lighter in your pocket and don’t realize it until you leave.

Try to stay mindful of this, and avoid taking any of your friends lighters, even though it is just an accident. Over time, friends who Bic often get a reputation as that person in the group. Usually this doesn’t mean anything bad, but you will get ripped on regularly.

31. Don’t Be the Tool Using Torches on Joints

We all have that one friend who if they could, they would like matches with a blowtorch. Look, it’s cool, we get it, you have a blowtorch. But that doesn’t mean you have to use it on every single thing you light.

In fact, this Stoner tip focuses around doing exactly the opposite of that. Only use blow torches or torch lighters on dab rigs. Otherwise, a few things can happen:

  • Waste supply
  • Burn your mouth
  • Get an awful taste
  • Break your piece

Extremely high temperatures caused by butane torches can be very dangerous, and can also break pieces that are not rated for that type of temperature. On top of that, they pretty much incinerate any herb before they get the chance to properly burn them slowly, resulting in a lot of wasted supply.

32. Use Hemp Twine to Light Up

Hemp twine is one of the coolest Stoner inventions in the last decade. It is literally just a string of hemp that is woven together in order to allow stoners to light their bowls in a more natural way.

This prevents butane, propane, and other gases used in lighters from getting in your lungs or on your herbs.

return policy and broken

33. Always Put the Bong in a Safe Spot

We have lost countless pieces as a result of just being careless Stoners. One tragic mistake lots of beginners make is not properly putting away the bong before finishing up a session.

It is easy to forget about it, as you begin enjoying your smoking experience. But more often than not, forgetting to put the bong back can be a terrible mistake that results in the breaking or spilling of a piece.

Don’t let yourself become victim of this rookie mistake, and follow this Pro Stoner Tip to save yourself a lot of frustration.

34. Don’t Smoke Before Important Events

Smoking before important event is a great way to absolutely ruin both your smoking experience, and the event at the same time.

Put simply, take it from an expert team of Stoners, just don’t try to mix these two things together. It makes for a very enjoyable experience overall, and can ruin relationships and events altogether.

40 best tips for smoking weed

35. Sports and Activities Can Be Awesome

Every once in awhile, it doesn’t hurt to mix it up. Too many Stoners want to just sit on the couch and watch movies or listen to music while eating fast food.

While this is fun and relaxing, it can also be extremely fun to go out and play sports, or enjoy some form of physical activity after smoking.

36. Concentration Goes Out the Window

If you have just smoked, don’t even bother trying to do homework, study, or anything that is on the more productive and intellectual side of things.

At the end of the day, unless you’re focusing on something extremely artistic, or a puzzle, chances are that you will not be able to perform at the level you can when sober.

As a result, we strongly recommend that you don’t try to engage in anything that takes too much brain power after smoking. Not only will your results be poor, but you also get less enjoyment out of smoking.

37. Have a Plan Going Into the Smoke Sesh

One of the main reasons that beginner Stoners get extremely paranoid is that they fail to plan for the smoking session. So, when a group of friends breaks off, or they’re left without something to do, they get nervous.

One way to avoid this entirely is to plan out your smoking sesh. Have a safe spot picked out, snacks packed, and a few activities that you and your friends plan on doing.

Not only will this greatly improve your smoking experience, but it will also allow you to meet new people, and create lasting experiences with them.

38. Don’t Mess Up the Rotation

Two more serious downers, the rotation is everything. It is extremely annoying to try and constantly fix a messed up rotation after it has gone awry.

Be sure to pay attention who passed you the piece before passing it to the next person. This will allow you to know which direction it is going in the rotation, and who you should pass it to next.

39. Be Sure to Repay People Who Smoke You Up

Every once in awhile, you will hang out with a group of friends and they will smoke you out. Now, this is a friendly gesture, and does not always need to be met with repayment.

However, if someone smokes you up on a consistent basis, or just multiple times over a short time, you should make an effort to repay them for their kind deeds.

No one likes a mooch, especially stoners. Over time, you will run into many smokers who fit the same profile. They are always there when you re-up, and never around when the supply runs out. Don’t be that guy.

best marijuana smoking tips

40. Forget About the Phone

Texting while high is next to Impossible. Not only are you trying to focus on a phone, which has just about no interest to you and the state of mind, but you’re also trying to remember what conversation you were having and decide what to say next.

This makes for a terrible time emotionally, and also can be a huge time suck. Often times, you can look up and have spent 10 minutes sending a single text message.

It’s okay to take a break from your phone while you smoke. In fact, it will help you enjoy the presence of the people you’re smoking with even more, and help you build memories with them. Do yourself a favor, and put the phone down after you smoke.

Wrapping Things Up – Becoming A Pro Stoner

Over time, you will begin to pick up on more and more Stoner Etiquette as you smoke more and hang out with more of us. When you are smoking with seasoned veterans, be sure to follow these Stoner Tips and Tricks in order to get the most out of your experience and avoid making them mad.

As time goes on, you will see the mistakes that new Stoners make, and laugh at your old self that used to make the same ones. As always, thanks for reading, and we hope you enjoy your smoking sessions!p

If you are a beginner Stoner looking for your first piece, check out our list of the Best Bong Brands. Or, if you are looking for a great deal on a bong, check out our list of the Best Bongs Under $100.



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