Stoner-Friendly Activities for Christmas

Stoner Friendly Christmas Activities to Do While Your High
December 22, 2020 By admin

Christmas is the part of the year where it is time to get cozy in front of the TV and relax. It is one of the coldest months of the year, which naturally will limit your opportunities to do sports and other outdoor activities.

While Christmas, without a doubt, is a nice time of the year it can become very boring. What says “fun” more than blazing up with some friends? Sure, there are many activities you can’t do while high during Christmas. Fortunately, there are still a ton of fun, stoner-friendly activities you can do.

We  at Helping Pot made this list of smoking activities to do while you’re high during Christmas to help you make your holiday season fun and entertaining. You’ve probably already done a lot of the things on this list, but maybe you have never thought of doing them while high. Trust us, a little bit of weed can make all the difference. Hopefully, this article will give you some great new ideas you can try out this Christmas alongside your stoner family and friends.

30 Activities to Do While You’re High During Christmas

Things to do while your high during Christmas

1.) Smoke Trees While You Decorate Your Tree

Decorating the tree is a fun way for a couple or a family to do something together. It can, however, also become something that you just want to get done so that it is out of the way. Smoking trees while decorating your Christmas tree is a great way to keep the activity fun. It might also help you find some new creativity.

Things to do while your high - Hang Christmas lights

2.) Hang Lights

Why not hang up the Christmas lights high while you’re high? Lights are super inspiring when you are high and your creative ability to hang them up in different ways makes the activity even more fun!

3.) Make a Bong Out of Snow

Christmas is a beautiful time of the year where snow fills up the streets and makes this magical time of the year even more beautiful. It is possible to make a bong out of snow and this is a super fun way to smoke your weed. The cold snow lowers the temperature of the smoke, leaving you with a smooth, satisfying experience.

Christmas activities to do while your high - make a gingerbread house

4.) Make a Gingerbread House

Making gingerbread houses during Christmas is a tradition that’s been around for generations. It is a fun way to make a delicious Christmas treat. Why not do it while high? Doing it after smoking makes the activity a lot more fun and your gingerbread house might end up looking very unique. We’d recommend smoking away from the gingerbread through—unless you want it to taste like smoke.

Activities to do while your high - baked Christmas cookies

5.) Get Baked While Baking Christmas Cookies

Baking Christmas cookies is an excellent (and delicious) holiday tradition. Doing so while you’re high makes it even better. Plus, you’ll have something to satisfy the munchies later in the night.


6.) Make Edibles

While you’re at it, why not try making edibles? We make and eat more snacks and treats during Christmas than any other time of the year. Find some of your favorite weed or CBD products and try adding them to your favorite Christmas treats.  

Things to do while your high during Christmas

7.) Do Your Christmas Shopping (While High)

We do a lot of shopping during the Christmas season to buy presents for others and also for ourselves. While it might be super fun and nice the first couple of times, it can quickly become a daunting task after that. Doing your Christmas shopping while high keeps things light, fun, and can result in some pretty cool gifts.

Watch Christmas movies while high

8.) Smoke a Blunt and Watch Christmas Movies

There are countless great Christmas movies that we simply have to watch each year. They help get us into the Christmas spirit and are a lot of fun. Smoking a blunt while watching them makes them feel even cozier and happier.

9.) Make Snow Cones

Snow cones are another typical dessert that we make a lot of during Christmas. Why not make these delicious and colorful desserts while high? It will quickly become a super fun activity and they will taste even better.

Best christmas activities to do while your high

10.) Build a Snowman

Who hasn’t built a snowman at least once during Christmas? As we grow up, we typically stop building snowmen, but that doesn’t change the fact that it is a fun winter activity that really creates a Christmas-like atmosphere. Building a snowman while high presents a new challenge and is incredibly fun.

Stoner friendly activities to do during Christmas

11.) Have a Snowball Fight

Instead of building a snowman, you can also have a snowball fight. Snowball fights are a legendary winter activity that is a lot of fun. Gather a lot of friends, get high, and have an intense snowball fight. This is an excellent way to top off your smoke session.

stoner friendly christmas activities - wrap gifts

12.) Wrap Gifts

We have to wrap a ton of gifts during Christmas. One for our partner, some for our parents, for our friends, and so on. Instead of making this a boring task that you simply want to get done, why not get high while wrapping the gifts and have a ton of fun while doing it?

fun christmas activities to do while your high

13.) Decorate and Make Your Own Ornaments

Maybe you are one of those people that go crazy with the decorations during Christmas or maybe you don’t decorate at all. No matter what, there is no denying that a well-decorated house creates a unique Christmas feeling. Why not smoke some trees and then decorate your house with some homemade ornaments?

Making paper snowflakes while you're high

14.) Make Paper Snowflakes

Paper snowflakes are an easy and beautiful decoration that will make your house stand apart from all the others. If you are bored one day during Christmas, you could get high and start making some paper snowflakes. Turn the simple craft into a fun activity.

15.) Make a Snow Fort

There is nothing more fun than building a snow fort and then having a massive snowball fight. While you might think that you are too old to build snow forts, there is no doubt that it’s still a lot of fun—especially if you are high while doing it!

16.) Host a “Kushmas” Yankee Swap (White Elephant)

A Kushmas yankee swap party with all of your friends can be a great twist on a typical Christmas gift exchange. It’s also a perfect excuse to get high with your friends. Hosting a Kushmas yankee swap is a great way to have some fun while high during Christmas.

Things to do while your high during the christmas season

17. Make Hot Chocolate or Egg Nog

Who doesn’t love hot chocolate or egg nog during Christmas? These have become typical holiday treats that everyone loves. Why not make a delicious cup of hot chocolate or a nice cup of egg nog. Better yet, add a few drops of CBD oil and you’re in for an extra relaxing evening.

18.) Go Ice Skating

The cold weather and the falling snow during winter give us the opportunity to do a lot of ice skating. It can get pretty boring, though, unless you’re good enough to do tricks or play hockey while out on the ice. Getting high while ice skating will turn this event into a formidable one that will lead to plenty of laughter.

Stoner friendly activities during the winter season

19.) Go Sledding

Sledding is similar to ice skating in the sense that it can get boring quickly. However, it is a fun way to take advantage of a good hill and a fair amount of snow. Sledding while high lets you put a fun new twist on this classic winter activity.

20.) Jam Out to Christmas Music

There is so much great Christmas music out there to create a unique atmosphere of happiness. Jamming out to Christmas music while high is something you must do this season. Combining familiar tunes with a great smoke session is an unforgettable experience.

Fun things to do during the christmas season - look at christmas lights

21.) Go for a Drive/Walk to Look at the Christmas Lights in Your Town

Every Christmas, cities get decorated with a ton of Christmas lights and it looks amazing. It’s even more amazing when you’re high and looking at the lights. You can admire their sparkling glow for hours when you’re high and we promise you won’t regret it.

22.) Play Video Games

Christmas is a time of year where you are indoors more than outdoors due to the cold weather. An upside to this is that it gives you a good excuse to play more video games. Smoking a blunt while doing so can help calm your nerves and get rid of that gamer rage. Plus, the colors and animations look even better.


23.) Practice Your Awesome Smoke Tricks

There are many cool smoke tricks that are very easy to learn. Why not practice these during the cold months of Christmas? We have a great article on beginner smoke tricks that you can check out if you want to learn some this Christmas.

24.) Play With Cards

Bust open your deck of cards and play some of the best games this Christmas. There is a reason that card games have existed for so many years—because they are a lot of fun. Invite some friends, get high, and play some of your favorite card games. It makes for a perfect winter evening.

Activities to do while your high during winter

25.) Go on a Sleigh Ride 

A sleigh ride is a great way to really appreciate the beauty of the Christmas season. A night time sleighride through a path illuminated with Christmas lights is a great way to get into the Christmas spirit. A sleigh ride is all the more fun when you are a little high. 

26.) Read a Book

Maybe you like reading, or maybe you think it is super boring. During Christmas, we typically have a lot more time to read. So, why not try grabbing that book you have wanted to read for so long but never have gotten around to? Then, light a joint and start reading. You might find that it helps your imagination run wild.

Fun things to do while your high during Christmas

27.) Host an Ugly Sweater Smoke Session

Everyone loves an ugly sweater party. The chance to dress up in a ridiculous outfit to impress your friends never fails to be a good time. Combining an ugly sweater party with a smoke session is a perfect way to celebrate Christmas in a stoner-friendly way.

What to do while your high during winter - hot box a blanket fort

28.) Hotbox a Blanket Fort

When the weather outside is cold, you want to find ways to stay cozy inside. Making a blanket fort helps you do just that. You can snuggle in and then hotbox your blanket fort for an even better experience. You’ll be snoozing happily in no time.+

Fun things to do during Christmas while you're high

29.) Smoke While Watching the Snow

We all know that lights are mesmerizing while you’re high. Watching the snow fall during a snowstorm is just as captivating. Light up a joint, pick a comfy spot next to the window, and watch the flakes fly this Christmas.

30.) Unwind in the Hot Tub

Many people associate the hot tub with tropical locations or a poolside retreat. However, relaxing in the hot tub while the air around you is freezing cold is an unreal experience. Bonus points if there is snow falling. Relaxing in the hot tub while smoking amplifies every sensation and makes it even more relaxing. It’s the perfect way to celebrate Christmas. 



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