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Best Stoner Starter Kit - Stoner Essentials
July 12, 2019 By Stoner

Have you ever met that one Stoner who has literally everything you could ever imagine that has to do with smoking? I’m talking that guy who is the Ranger Rick of smoking. The dude who would make Snoop Dogg say, “shut up and hit this blunt”. 

Maybe you are looking for a Stoner Christmas Gift for them, or perhaps you want to upgrade your own Stoner Starter Pack to have the right gear for any situation. Either way, there are definitely some Stoner Essentials that every Stoner should have.

At HelpingPot, we seek to create the best online resources and supplies for our Stoner friends. In this guide, we will discuss the 21 Stoner Essentials that every Stoner needs, featuring a few awesome products from each of these categories: 

  • Smoking Experience
  • Storing Your Stuff
  • Tools
  • Accessories
  • Getting Rid of Odor
  • Convenience
  • Cleaning

We based these categories off of what we think are the most important essentials for Stoners, in order to have a well rounded Stoner Starter Pack and be prepared for any situation.

21 Stoner Essentials – What Should Be in Your Stoner Kit?

Whether you are looking for Stoner gift bag essentials for your friends, or to begin creating your own Stoner Starter Kit, there are 21 Stoner Essentials you absolutely must have. Here they are: 

1. One-Hitter Dugout Combo – For the On-the-Go Stoner

For the on-the-go Stoner, this is the best piece you could ever hope for. With a place to store your herbs, a place to put your pipe, an airtight seal, and something that fits in the palm of your hand, it’s hard to think of a more important Stoner Essential than this one. And for under $15, you really can’t go wrong. 

Our Recommendation – The “Pinch Hitter” One-Hitter Dugout Combo

Why Every Stoner Needs This 

There are a few reasons why we think that every Stoner should have a one-hitter dugout combo. Overall, these pipes are: 

  • Extremely convenient 
  • Easy to conceal 
  • Cheap 
  • Available in a wide variety 
  • Durable 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Smooth to smoke
  • Smell proof 

Being able to carry around your stash and your pipe in one item is extremely convenient, and the fact that it doesn’t smell is even more so. Overall, I can’t see why any Stoner wouldn’t invest in one of these. 

2. Res Caps – Clean All of Your Pieces Easily

Res caps are one of those Stoner Essentials that tend to fly under the radar. This is mostly due to the fact that they are used for cleaning bongs and dab rigs, and most Stoners would rather purchase a new piece than clean an old one. Res caps are essentially little silicone circles that fit onto the ends of just about any size piece. They keep your cleaning solution inside of the piece without leaks, allowing you to easily let them soak without making a smell or mess, and allows you to shake them to clean those hard to reach places and get your pieces cleaned faster.

Our Recommendation – The Resolution Res Cap Pack

Why Res Caps Are a Must Have Stoner Item 

We recommend these res caps for a few main reasons: 

  • They are cheap 
  • They fit just about any size piece 
  • They last a very long time 
  • They are easy to clean 
  • They hold no odor 
  • They usually come in packs 

Overall, res caps are extremely easy to get your hands on, and they make for an extremely easy way to keep your bong or bowl clean for a very long time. For a price of usually under $15, the fact that they fit almost all size pieces, are odor proof, and that they help you clean your piece easily makes them a must-have for any Stoner Starter Pack.

3. Rolling Filters – Enjoy a Smoother Smoking Experience

We have all heard the argument of joints vs. blunts and other means of smoking, and the health concerns that come with smoking joints on a regular basis. Even if you are not worried about the health concerns, joints can burn your throat, and generally have a pretty nasty taste at times. To limit your exposure to health concerns from inhaling resin, bad taste, and burning your throat or mouth when smoking joints, rolling filters are the perfect solution. 

Our Recommendation – Raw Rolling Filters


Why You Need Rolling Filters in Your Stoner Essentials Bag

Look, sometimes you want to smoke a joint, but just can’t deal with the harshness of it. This is where filters come into play. Overall, we like them because they: 

  • Help make a smoother smoking experience 
  • Are very cheap 
  • Are easy to use 
  • Come in high quantities 

Overall, one pack of these filters usually comes with anywhere from 100-500 filters and costs about $5 or less. For the small investment, they make a massive difference on your smoking experience. Unless you are a daily joint smoker, you will likely never need to refill your filter supply either. The little booklets they come in easily fit in your Stoner Starter Pack so you can easily take them anywhere.

4. Grinder – Quickly & Consistently Grind Up Herbs 

Grinders are another one of those Stoner Essentials that you never realize the true convenience of until you have not used one for a very long time. Breaking up herbs with your hands is time-consuming, smelly, and most of all – inconsistent. With some more sticky herbs, it can hard to get the right consistency when hand grinding, and with dryer herbs, they can simply crumble into dust your hands. But grinders give you a quick, clean, and consistent grind every time, making rolling and packing easy and wat less of a task.

Our Recommendation – Kraken Grinders


Why Grinders Are a Stoner Essential

At the end of the day, you don’t have to use a grinder when smoking, however, they just make the entire process much quicker and easier. Overall, they help to: 

  • Conserve herbs 
  • Collect pollen 
  • Grind herbs consistently 
  • Keep herbs stored well 
  • Be airtight and water-proof 
  • Grind herbs quickly 

At the end of the day, grinders do more than the name implies. The best grinders also act as a storage container for your herbs and also a way to collect pollen for later use. They also provide a smell-proof and water-proof place to store your herbs that you can count on. For the most part, you can find a solid grinder for under $50 that will last you a super long time, if you do your research, and keep it nice. 

5. Stash Jar or Stash Container – Eliminate All Odor When Storing 

This is one of those Stoner Room Essentials that every Seasoned Stoner really needs to have in their arsenal. Wherever you keep your supplies, making sure it is smell proof is always a good idea. Stash jars are the perfect way to keep the elements out, and the smell in. This keeps your herbs lasting longer, and also hidden. Some stash jars and containers even come in clever designs to make them look like ordinary objects – for the ultimate stash. 

Our Recommendation – Scotch Lint Roller Stash Container


Why Stash Containers Are a Must Have Stoner Item:

It should be obvious why you would want one of these, particularly why you would want a stash container that is disguised. But there are a few other reasons you should invest in one: 

  • Odorless transport and storage
  • Hard to find and get into 
  • Very affordable 
  • Long lasting 

Overall, this is something that you will probably only ever have to purchase once, and it will give you peace of mind, and dramatically reduce your chances of getting your stash discovered, no matter what the situation. 

6. Vaporizer – For the On-the-Go Smoker

There are plenty of different types of vaporizers. Some are meant for dry herbs, while others are made for concentrates and oils, and others are made to handle wax. Some legendary ones can handle multiple types of extracts or even all types in some cases. Vaporizers are great because they allow you to save tons of herbs in the long run, by being conservative and letting you et the most out of your smoking experience. On top of that, they are usually easy to conceal and very portable, as well as very inconspicuous because they often look like regular vapes. 

Our Recommendation – ThisThingRips OG Series Gen 3 Vape Pen Kit


What Makes Vaporizers a Stoner Essential? 

At the end of the day who can say they don’t like: 

  • Smoking on the go 
  • Conserving herbs
  • Having temperature control 
  • Keeping odors down 
  • Casually smoking 
  • Being able to use one piece for multiple purposes
  • Affordable, long-lasting smoking devices
  • Have a smooth and cool smoking experience every time

Probably not a lot of people. Sure, you don’t NEED a vaporizer, but for someone who likes to conserve their herbs, have a smooth experience, conceal their piece on the go, and have little to no preparation for smoking, this is one of the best pieces you can get for your Stoner Starter Kit. 

7. Domed Nail – Saves a Ton of Extract & Keeps Your Rig Cleaner

If you are new to dabbing, or even if you have been doing it for a while, you have probably noticed that dabbing using a nail can be a bit of a mess, and is usually not worth the trouble vs. using a quartz banger. They are inefficient, waste a ton of dabs, are messy, and don’t usually taste that good either. This is where domed nails come in. These bad boys help you to collect as much of the vapor from your dabs as possible like a banger carb cap combo, while still giving you the quick heating time of a nail. 

Our Recommendation – Glass Dome & Nail Combo from DHC 


What Makes Domed Nails A Stoner Essential?

If you are a dabber who is looking for a medium between smoking a nail quickly, without the titanium aftertaste, and keeping your dab rig clean while efficiently using your extracts, this is your best bet. Overall, domed nails are known best for being: 

  • Durable and long lasting 
  • Easy to use 
  • Very affordable 
  • Quick to heat 
  • Very tasteful 

This is probably the cheapest way to turn any bong into a dab rig, while not sacrificing a bit of quality in the process. 

8. Male to Femalhande Connector – Make Every Bong Accessory Universal

Ever had an awesome glass bowl attachment for your bong that you loved, but then your bong broke? It leaves you scouring through hundreds of search results for a similar bowl you can count on, and usually ending up disappointed. But, with a male to female connector (and similar connectors), you can easily fit your glass bowl onto almost any standard sized bong or dab rig. This is great for smoking sessions with friends, and people who love to collect a lot of glass, but don’t necessarily want to buy a bowl for every piece they have. 

Our Recommendation – Male Female Connector 


Why Every Stoner Needs a Male to Female Connector

This is one of those handy Stoner Gadgets that can really save you a ton of money over the course of your smoking sessions, especially if you are the type of person to get a new bong or dab rig every 6 months or so. Overall, these are really only a Stoner Essential for people who really like bongs and collecting them. However, because they are only about $5, it can pay to keep one in your arsenal. 

9. Pipe Screens – Never Get Scoobies Again

Let’s be honest, no one likes getting Scoobied. For those who don’t get the lingo, this is when you suck some nice hot ash through your bowl and it goes into your mouth. Usually this is a problem for people who smoke hand pipes and chillums often. Pipe screens help to prevent against these little buggers by adding an extra layer of filtration to your bowl. They are extremely cheap, help keep your pipe clean, and can usually be reused dozens of times.

Our Recommendation – Glass Pipe Screens


Why Pipe Screens Are a Must Have Stoner Essential

You really can’t have a Stoner Starter Pack without throwing some good old pipe screens in the mix. Why? Well, put simply, they make your smoking experience a lot better. We prefer them because they: 

  • Are extremely affordable 
  • Last a long time 
  • Eliminate scoobies
  • Are easy to clean 
  • Help you keep your bowl/pipe clean

Overall, they are super convenient to have around, and can be used for a variety of pieces such as bubblers, bongs, bowls, and even blunts or joints if you don’t have a filter. 

10. Dabbing Tools – Get the Perfect Sized Dab Every Time 

Dabbing tools are a super easy way to make sure you get the right sized dab every time, without burning your hands. Sure, you can use a spoon or a knife, or just about any other piece of metal to get the job done, but at the end of the day, dabbers were meant to be used for one purpose: dabbing. These little guys are very affordable, and usually durable enough to last you a very long time. They come in a few different types based on size, shape, and material. We recommend a double sided titanium dabber tool for your Stoner Starter Kit. 

Our Recommendation – 4” Titanium Dual End Dabber Tool


Why Does Every Stoner Need a Dabber? 

If you are into dabbing, or even thinking about getting into it, one of the most essential pieces you can have in your Stoner bag is a dabber tool. There’s a few reasons these little guys come in so handy: 

  • You can use them to scoop and smoke dabs 
  • They are easy to clean 
  • They are very durable 
  • They have a very high heat tolerance 
  • They help you get a consistent size of dab 
  • They prevent you from burning your hands 

Some people prefer ceramic dabbers over Titanium because it has less of an effect on taste, however, they are also a lot more fragile and heat sensitive. 

11. Stoner Carrying Case – All Your Gear in One Safe, Portable Place

What could be more convenient than having all of your Stoner Essentials in one easy to access and transport carrying case? This is something we recommend to all Stoners for a few reasons: 

  • We are very forgetful people 
  • We tend to lose things easily 
  • Our supplies tends to smell 
  • We like to keep things out of plain sight 

For the most part, you can find very affordable, and very durable carrying cases that will keep your gear dry, airtight, and safe, even if you drop the case. 

Our Recommendation – The Space Case 2.0 


Why a Carrying Case is a Stoner Essential

Carrying cases make anything simpler. But the real advantage to having one as a Stoner is having a secure place to store your supplies where people won’t easily find them, no odors get out, no moisture gets in, and where you can find all of your things in one place. 

12. High-Quality Dab Torch – Consistent Heating Every Time

Obviously if you are into dabbing, you need a butane torch to get things rolling. However, a lot of beginner dabbers seem to mistake that all torches are the same – which simply is not the case. What you should really be looking for in a new dab torch is temperature control, and heat concentration. Basically, you want a torch that will allow you to have a wide range of temperatures, but that will also heat your quartz banger or dab nail evenly, so as to not wear it over time, or provide an inconsistent dabbing experience. 

Our Recommendation – Triple Jet Dab Torch by Cinder Witch


Why Investing in a Good Dab Torch is a Stoner Essential

If you aren’t into dabbing, this one is not for you. However, if you are into dabbing, you really want to make sure you pick up a quality torch for a few main reasons: 

  • They will last longer 
  • They put less strain on your dab rig 
  • They allow supreme temperature control
  • They have safety features 
  • They heat up extremely fast
  • They heat your rig evenly
  • They are easy to refill 

Overall, you can invest in less expensive and lower quality torches, but you will find yourself wishing you hadn’t after you burn through a few nails and bangers. Trust me, this is a small investment that will save you a ton of money, frustration, and time in the long run.

13. Silicone Bong – Indestructible, Affordable, & Dishwasher Safe 

Did you ever wish that you could drop a bong and it would survive the fall? Or maybe that when it gets too clogged and dirty to smoke from, you could simply throw it in the dishwasher without having to worry about breaking it? If this sounds like you, a silicone bong is exactly what you need. These Bad Larrys are completely safe to use (if you buy the right brand) and nearly indestructible. The best part? They actually hit very well, and have little to no taste of plastic.

Our Recommendation – The Roll Uh Bowl Silicone Bong


Why You Need a Silicone Bong

Put simply, it is one of the best bang for your buck products on the market. If you are looking to smoke on a budget and get a bong for under $50, this is your best bet. Overall, I love these things because they: 

  • Last a really long time 
  • Are super easy to clean 
  • Are very affordable 
  • Can be modified 
  • Can fold up to fit in your pocket 
  • Do not hold odors 
  • Are practically indestructible 

Overall, silicone bongs may not offer the percolation or cooling of some other bongs, but they still provide a very smooth smoking experience, for an affordable price, and in a super convenient piece that can be great for on-the-go Stoners. 

14. Rolling Tray – Quit Spilling Herbs & Losing Them 

You’re not a hardcore Stoner until you have a rolling tray. Sure, you could roll on a table, or perhaps an old car owner’s manual, but having a tray with you as you need it can really come in handy. These trays comes in all shapes, sizes, and designs, and can usually be found for under $10, which makes them a great addition to any Stoner Starter Kit. Overall, they make life easier by keeping all your herbs in one contained place while you roll, so you can collect them afterwards instead of having to brush them off your clothing. 

Our Recommendation – RAW Mini Rolling Tray 


Why a Rolling Tray is a Must Have Stoner Essential

If you are a big spliff, blunt, or joint smoker, you know the inherent problems of rolling all the time. There’s never a great place to do it. Almost all surfaces are uneven and too small, you drop tons of herbs in the process, and you’re always worried about a gust of wind taking out your work of art. But with a rolling tray, you have: 

  • A consistent place to roll that is flat 
  • Edges to keep the herbs in and the wind out 
  • Something to roll on that you can take on the go 

At the end of the day, you can rely on a notebook or something else to roll. You don’t NEED a rolling tray. However, this is another one of those Stoner Essentials that you never truly appreciate until you have one, and once you have one, it is very difficult to roll without one, because they are just so convenient. On top of that, they last for a very long time, come in cool designs, and can be found for under $10, making them a great Stoner Gift.

15. Joint Roller – Roll a Perfect Joint Every Time 

Do you ever wonder how those people on Instagram roll near perfect joints every single time? Sure, some of them are just that skilled, but if you have to roll a ton of them up at once, it can be extremely time consuming, and your rolling abilities tend to fade after the first 5 or so. But, with a joint roller, you can save a ton of time by rolling a perfect joint every single time, in about 10 seconds flat. 

Our Recommendation – RAW Rolling Machine 


Why Every Stoner Needs a Joint Roller 

To be honest with you, I love the act of rolling joints. It is relaxing, and an interesting talent to try and improve on. But, there are times where I just want to smoke, and don’t want to have to wrestle with unruly rolling papers or herbs that are too sticky. Other times, I need to roll a ton of them to head to a concert or on a hike with a ton of friends. In times like these, it is best to have a joint roller available. They help you to roll consistent, high-quality joints in seconds.  

16. Roach Clip – Stop Burning Your Fingers 

As Stoners, sometimes you get down to the last of your stash, and know you will not be able to re-up for a while. This always leads to the most “resourceful” (desperate) types of smoking 😂. You know what I mean – those times when you are stuck smoking roaches, trying desperately to get that last hit without burning your fingers. Say goodbye to burning your fingers on roaches ever again with a roach clip. These tiny gadgets are so affordable and handy that I consider them a Stoner Essential.

Our Recommendation – Ooze Life Roach Clip


Why Are Roach Clips a Must Have for Stoner Starter Kits? 

Overall, I always suggest roach clips for a few key reasons: 

  • They help keep hard to remove odors off your hands 
  • They help you get the most out of your stash 
  • They reduce the risk of burning your fingers 
  • They are very affordable 

There are tons of different kinds. Some roach clips extend up to a few feet so you can easily hold them to your mouth. Others come in crazy designs that look like cockroaches. You can sometimes get them for under a dollar. When you combine this price point with the convenience of them, it is hard to see why any toker would not have this Stoner Essential.  

17. Bong Buddy – Never Lose a Lighter Again

I am not going to lie, this is one of those Stoner Gadgets that when I found out about it, I bought one almost the next day because I’ve literally lost hundreds of lighters. Since then, not a single one. Basically, the Bong Buddy is a small plastic ring that fits around your bong easily, and has a magnet or holding place for your lighter. This allows you to know where it is every time, and not have to scramble around for it every time you want to take a toke. 

Our Recommendation – The Bong Buddy 


What Makes the Bong Buddy a Stoner Starter Kit Essential? 

Be honest, how many lighters have you lost? Probably too many to count. The Bong Buddy comes in handy because it is: 

  • An easy way to keep track of your lighter 
  • Perfectly fitting to just about any bong 
  • Very affordable 
  • Durable and long lasting 
  • Customizable into tons of designs and colors 

This is a great gift for your Stoner friends for a birthday, Christmas, or just as a gag gift that they can actually use. 

18. Quartz Banger – Make Any Bong a Dab Rig 

Quartz bangers are probably my favorite way to smoke dabs. They offer a large base, for taking larger dabs, and have tall sidewalls, which prevent against splashback and wasting dabs. You can also get a carb cap for them, which allows you to easily make the most of every dab, and keep your banger much cleaner. On top of that, because of the quartz, there is no effect on taste like with titanium nails. Furthermore, as long as you have the right joint size, these dab rig accessories can be added to just about any bong to turn them into a dab rig. 

Our Recommendation – ELEV8 Double Wall Thermal Banger

Why Every Dabber Needs a Quartz Banger 

Sure, quartz bangers can take a bit of time to heat up when compared with dab nails, but to be honest, they last a lot longer, have much better taste, and allow you to take dabs at a much wider temperature range. On top of that, they allow you to take larger dabs. 

19. Carb Cap – Get the Most Out of Your Dabs 

Carb caps are another one of those Stoner Essentials that you never truly appreciate until you have used it multiple times. These quartz gadgets work together with quartz bangers to help you maximize your smoke intake, and minimize the mess made by your dab rig. Basically, carb caps are used as a cap for your banger, which helps to direct airflow, and capture escaping vapors. They also help to keep your dab rig clean by helping you to burn almost all of your extract every time. 

Our Recommendation – ELEV8 Direction Quartz Carb Cap


What Makes Carb Caps a Stoner Essential?

There are a few main reasons I recommend that anyone dabbing gets a carb cap and quartz banger combo:

  • They last much longer than nails 
  • They taste much better than nails 
  • They help conserve a lot of extract 
  • They keep your rig a lot cleaner 
  • They let you get the most out of your extracts 
  • They help to cool the smoke

Overall, if you are into dabbing, and want to find your new favorite way to smoke them, I can almost guarantee that a quartz banger with a carb cap will be best for you. They are affordable, durable, and super easy to use. On top of that, they can be smoked at a wide range of different temperatures. 

20. Hemp Wick – Stop Inhaling Butane from Lighters

Believe it or not, inhaling butane (the gas used in most lighters) is actually extremely bad for your health. If you are a frequent toker, chances are you have inhaled quite a bit of it over time. This can be extremely dangerous, and is not necessary at all. Hemp wick is a twine-like rope made from hemp that is all natural and flammable. It burns slow and consistently, and allows you to easily light it with a lighter or match, then use it to light your bowls safely. One roll will last you a very long time, and is super affordable. 

Our Recommendation – RAW Unbleached Hemp Wick


Why Hemp Wick is a Stoner Essential

Hemp wick is one of those products that really belongs in every Stoner Starter Kit. It is cheap, lasts extremely long, easy to pack, and most of all, it keeps you safe from inhaling dangerous butane fumes. Overall, it is a very good investment that changes your smoking experience for the better without being a hassle. 

21. Smoke Buddy – Mask the Smell Anywhere, Anytime

We have all made a sploof out of a toilet paper roll and some dryer sheets in order to mask the smell of smoking for neighbors, friends, etc… It works, but not that well, and you typically have to remake them constantly. They are hard to take with you on the go, because even though they mask odor, they carry a lot of the smell with them. On top of that, any moisture ruins cardboard, making them hard to take a lot of places outdoors. The Smoke Buddy is essentially a sploof that you can take with you on the go anywhere. Simply blow your smoke into it, and experience no smell from smoking. 

Our Recommendation – Smoke Buddy Personal Air Filter


Why Every Stoner Needs a Smoke Buddy

We label this bad boy as a Stoner Essential for any Stoner Starter Kit because it: 

  • Is very durable 
  • Is easy to travel with 
  • Reduces odor completely 
  • Looks very casual 
  • Has changeable filters 
  • Is very affordable 
  • Comes in dozens of designs 

Overall, the Smoke Buddy is the only sploof you will ever need again, making it a must have Stoner Essential.

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Wrapping it Up – 21 Stoner Essentials for Your Stoner Starter Pack

Whether you are trying to make the best Stoner Gift Bag for your friends, or upgrade your Stoner Starter Kit to be more like the pros, these 21 Stoner Essentials are a perfect place to get started. 

At HelpingPot, we do our best to be one of the premier online head shops for our Stoner Community. We also do our best to keep you guys (and girls) updated with the best content on the web to help you find the best gear, and compare reviews of the top brands.

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