Sesh Supply Brand Review

May 8, 2020 By Cody Marchant

Sesh Supply is dedicated to bringing premium scientific, funky and exciting glass. 

Sesh Supply designs their pieces in Savannah, Georgia, and manufacture them in a self-owned facility overseas.  

Each piece created is inspired by a creature or character from Greek mythology, which is quite the conversation starter! 

Sesh Supply boasts an impressive 67,000 followers on Instagram, where they show off all of their new creative pieces. This company prides itself on creating beautiful masterpieces, at an affordable price.

Whether you are a novice smoker or a long time veteran, Sesh Supply is made for all to enjoy!

Sesh Supply Products 

Sesh Supply offers a variety glass that is scientifically designed, made for smoking herbs or dabbing oils. 

Their product line can cover all of your stoner needs. Offering your traditional pieces like bongs, bubblers, and bowls to more creative pieces like percolators and glass blunts. 

What sets Sesh Supply apart from the competition is their extreme versatility to adapt between smoking herbs or dabbing oils in a few of their products.

By switching out your bowl with a ceramic nail or quartz banger, you can instantly go from herb to oil. Basically offering a two for one deal, accommodating herb smokers and dabbers alike. 

Sesh Supply Bongs 

Sesh Supply offers a variety of different types of bongs, as mentioned earlier most can be converted to rigs. Although Sesh Supply glass is imported from overseas it is still reliable thick glass that makes for a good quality piece. 

“Apollo” Fumed Recycler Bong

best Sesh Supply Bongs

One of the bongs that we at Helping Pot think showcase Sesh Supply’s skills is the “Apollo” Recycler Bong. Named after the Greek God of Archery, this bong is one for the ages. It showcases the attention to detail with the design and unique percolators that Sesh Supply is known for. This durable piece has a showerhead percolator located in the center of the beaker base of the bong. 

Sesh Supply Dab Rigs 

Sesh Supply offers some of the best dab rigs on the market. They are typically known for creating smaller and more intricate pieces, but are more than capable of producing large pieces. Sesh Supply focuses on providing clean, smooth hits for smokers so you don’t cough up a lung after a huge rip. 

Sesh Supply offers many different types of dab rigs, most come equipped with custom percolators that speed up the cooling process of the smoke. This is what sets Sesh Supply’s dab rigs apart from the competition. 

“Aphrodite” Dual Propeller Perc Fab Concentrate Rig

Best Sesh Supply Dab Rigs

A dab rig that best displays Sesh Supply’s talent would be “Aphrodite”.

Named after the well-known goddess of love, the “Aphrodite” Dual Propeller Perc Fab Concentrate Rig is beautiful as well as effective. With two-propeller percolators for smooth dabs, this piece sports beautiful colors within it’s spinning percs for maximum filtration and a stunning display.

Sesh Supply Convertible rigs

Most bongs and rigs that Sesh Supply offers can be used interchangeably if you have a nail or bowl attachment. With Sesh Supply, you get the added value of a convertible rig without sacrificing quality. All you need is an extra nail for dabs or a bowl pack if using flower and the piece will work just fine. 

Sesh Supply Bubblers 

While bubblers are not the main focus of Sesh Supply’s product line, they still manufacture them while staying consistent with their high quality standards. Sesh Supply understands how to make small portable pieces that still produce the quality of hit of a piece that you wouldn’t want to leave the house. 

“Cornucopia” Sherlock Bubbler


Best Sesh Supply BubblersA Sesh Supply Bubbler that stands out to us is the “Cornucopia” Sherlock Bubbler. This bubbler shows how Sesh Supply can take a simple design and fuse it with a creative touch to build a masterpiece. This bubbler combines the style of a Sherlock Pipe with the filtration of a bubbler.

Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

Like most glass companies, they emphasize the health benefits of smoking out of glass compared to smoking a blunt or joint. Only difference is, they did something about it. Introducing the glass blunt! 

This unique product is just another way Sesh Supply has proven their track record of innovation in the industry. Yes, most blunt smokers will be hesitant to switch but trust us, give it a try. The hits are consistent, taste great, and you don’t have to worry about the blunt canoeing with a glass blunt. 

“Sesh Slider” Glass Blunt

Sesh Supply Glass Blunt

The glass blunt offered by Sesh Supply is the “Sesh Slider”. This pipe style allows you to load any dry herb and smoke it as if it were a blunt or joint. Leave the papers and unhealthy tobacco wraps behind. Switch to the Sesh Slider. 


Sesh Supply does not only offer high quality bongs, rigs, and bubblers, they also offer accessories so smokers can customize their favorite pieces. Sesh Supply manufactures quartz bangers, dab nails, percolators, bowl packs, and even carb caps

What is Sesh Supply’s Specialty 

Most glass companies are similar, they make similar products with similar functions. In order to become successful, companies need to do one thing that separates them from the pack. They need to have a specialty. 

What separates Sesh Supply from the competition is not their distinct style, but their ability to create unique percolators within their pieces.

Sesh Supply has created many unique percolators such as the Spore percolator and Cube percolator. They are especially known for their Spinning Propeller percolator, which took a prize for Best Glass in 2018 at the NorCal High Times Cannabis Cup.

The percolators that are within their bongs and rigs are what take each piece to the next level. If you are looking for a smooth hit then Sesh Supply is the glass brand for you. 



Beautiful and Exciting designsGlass is made overseas
Great quality and value
Premium filtration
Versatiles Rigs 

Sesh Supply Review Score

Sesh Supply Brand Review

Despite the brand bringing beautiful pieces that double as works of art, the fact that the glass is not made in the U.S.A makes it less favorable than other brands. They do own and operate the manufacturing plant overseas where they create their products but we don’t know where the glass is from. 

Overseas glass has been known to be of less quality than domestic glass products and that is why we have to knock a few points off their score. 

In regards to looks, filtration, quality, and value we would have given this brand a perfect 10, but since their glass is produced overseas we have to bring the score down to an 8/10. 

Sesh Supply has many great products that are  extremely high quality and we at Helping Pot, highly recommend them!

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Where to Buy Sesh Supply Products – Helping Pot 

Looking for some great deals on some of the best glass on the market? Our online head shop has tons of great prices on some of the Sesh Supply’s best work.

Or, if you still want to learn more about Sesh Supply products or glass pieces in general before making a purchase, check out some of these other helpful guides we have created:

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