Is Low Temp or High Temp Dabbing Better?

high temp vs low temp dabbing
October 31, 2018 By Stoner

Let’s be honest, for most stoners, the dabbing process is as simple as loading up your rig, grabbing your torch, heating your nail up, grabbing some extract on your dabber tool, and then blasting off into dab world. As long as the job gets done, most stoners could care less about the steps and the process of getting there.

But what if we told you that the way you heat your nail up actually has a huge effect on the quality, intensity, and overall smoothness of your dab smoking experience?

Yup, that’s right, the temperature to which you heat your nail has a direct effect on every single one of these key details which makes up the dabbing experience. Interested in the process a bit more yet?

We thought so.  In this article, we compare low temperature dabbing vs. high temperature dabbing to uncover which is best. We also compare mid temperature dabbing in order to answer the question, “what is the perfect dab temperature?”

Let’s get to it.

low temperature rig

Low Temperature Dabbing

What is Considered Low Temp?

A low temperature dab of extract is between 350-400 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything below that can be too low, and not heat your extract hot enough to release the vapors you are trying to smoke.

What Are Low Temp Dabs Like?


Low temp dabs have the highest amount of flavor when compared to high temp or medium temp dabs. This is because in this temperature range, the terpenes are activated just enough to not burn the oils they secrete.


Low temp dabs provide a smooth and relaxing smoking experience. Higher temperature dabs can be much harsher on the lungs and even your mouth if too hot.


Low temp dabs are light on the lungs, and produce a more relaxed experience than those melted at a higher temperature. Your lungs and throat are less at risk from this type of dab, and you are also likely to experience a smoother high.

Pros and Cons to Low Temp Dabbing


  • Smoother experience
  • Not harsh on the lungs and throat
  • Produces cleaner smoke
  • Makes your dab hits more flavor
  • Better for your health
  • Less toxins released in the smoke
  • Conserves more of your extracts


  • Not hot enough for some people
  • Not fast enough for some people
  • Can leave more of a mess in your nail or quartz banger

mid temperature rig

Mid Temperature Dabbing

What is Considered a Mid Temperature Dab?

A mid temperature dab of extract is between 400 and 700 degrees Fahrenheit. Anything above this can be too high which can result in lung and throat damage, along with increased exposure to toxins and carcinogens.

What Are Mid Temperature Dabs Like?


Mid temp dabs have a more smokey taste, but the ones between 400-550 are still flavorful, once you smoke dabs at higher temperatures than this range, you begin to sacrifice flavor.


Mid temp dabs are a bite more intense than those done at a lower temperature. As temperature increases, so does intensity. Above the 650 range gets more intense than dabs in the 400-650 range.


The smoke in the low middle temperatures from 400-550 degrees Fahrenheit is still fairly smooth depending on the amount of extract you use. Anything above that through the 750 range becomes less smooth and the smoke becomes more harsh. Your experience is also a bit more intense in the mid temp range, increasing even more so towards the 600 range.

Pros and Cons to Mid Temp Dabbing


  • You can take larger dabs
  • They make less of a mess than low temp dabs
  • Can produce a more intense experience


  • Temperatures above 600F are more harsh
  • You can begin losing flavor once you get to the higher side of mid temp dabbing

high rig temperature

High Temperature Dabbing

What is Considered a High Temperature Dab?

High temperatures are anywhere upwards of 700 degrees. We recommend not going above 900 degrees because this will literally burn your dab, which can potentially damage your rig, will definitely make it very dirty, and ultimately will result in a horrible taste and experience you would probably rather avoid.

What Are High Temperature Dabs Like?


A lot of taste is compromised with high temp dabbing because the dab is being burned. This more or less just makes a mess of burned up carbon, which makes a blacker, more dirty smoke. The taste of this smoke overpowers any flavored dabs taste.


The intensity of your high from a high temperature dab is not very enjoyable. On top of this, your cottonmouth will be awful. We do not recommend high temp dabbing, it is not necessary and can be a harm to your health.


The smoke itself is

High Temp Dabs Are Dangerous

We do not recommend that you smoke high temperature dabs as they can be hazardous to your health for multiple reasons:

  • The high temperature can burn your lungs and esophagus
  • The smoke has been shown to contain more toxins above 750 degrees F because certain gases are released at higher temperatures

By taking a high temperature dab you are ruining the taste, smoothness and quality of the dab, and only taking more risks.

Pros and Cons to High Temp Dabbing


  • In our opinion, there are no pros of smoking high temperature dabs other than the fact that the extract melts faster at higher temperatures


  • Can damage your lungs, esophagus, and mouth
  • Smoke has more carcinogens and dangerous chemicals in it
  • High temperature dabs taste very smokey and burnt
  • You will not have a smooth experience with high temp dabs

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What is too Low of a Temperature for Dabbing?

Anything below 300F will likely not likely make for the best dabbing experience.

Dabs below this temperature do not generate as much smoke. On top of this, the terpenes and extract itself are not activated as they should be to give you the best flavor and experience.

You can still smoke dabs between 275F and 300F, but they will be far more mellow than low temperature dabs, less flavorful, and less potent, but it can still make for a good experience.

When you go lower than 275F, you might not get much smoke or flavor. Taking dabs at this temperature is not really worth it.

Anything below 190F will not even light your dab at all, but just melt it into a messy goop that is tough to get out. This is the equivalent of taking honey and pooring it into a cold dab rig…

Dabs That Are Too High in Temperature

Dabs hotter than 900F are just too high!

You can seriously hurt yourself by burning your mouth and throat as well as your lungs and tongue.

On top of this, you can also damage your lungs and brain through inhaling significantly more toxins at this high temp dabbing range.

The experience is not fun. It is not smooth or pleasant.

What Type of Nail is Best for Getting the Perfect Dab Temperature?

how to clean your dab nail best quartz banger


Quartz bangers are good for medium to high temp dabs. This is in the 350-900F temperature range. Lower than this will result in a goopy mess in your rig, which will require cleaning. Temps higher than 900F for dabs will result a burnt mess.

Quartz nails and bangers do not hold temperature well and quickly cool down. If you are trying to take really long dabs or take multiple dabs without heating up your nail, these are probably not best for you. For quick heating time, they are ideal though, heating up quicker than titanium nails.

best titanium dab nails adjustable titanium nail


Titanium nails are in the middle when it comes to nails. They take longer than quartz nails to heat, but also hold heat longer and are capable of sustaining higher temperatures for a good amount of time. In terms of price, they can be a bit more expensive than quartz nails and bangers, but not a significant amount. TItanium nails make for a good stoner gift. There are arguments that titanium nails are not safe to smoke at high temperatures because of the chemicals they produce. There is no conclusive evidence of this as of yet, we will keep you posted!

best ceramic dab nails - adjustable ceramic nail


Ceramic nails hold heat better than quartz but takes longer to heat up. Ceramic nails are good at achieving high temperatures and holding them well, but take longer to reach them than titanium. They also do not give off as many chemicals as titanium nails when heated.

best nail for rig


E-nails heat up the fastest, and also are capable of holding very specific temperatures for as long as they are plugged in. This makes for a great dabbing experience that can last a long time and support the widest range of dab temperatures which allows you to really mess around and find what is the best dab temperature for you.

E-nails make very good gift for your stoner friends who enjoy smoking dabs.

You do need to keep in mind that they will stay on, which can be a hazard. You must remember to ALWAYS TURN OFF YOUR E-NAIL when you are done using it.

Low Temp Dabbing vs. High Temp Dabbing – Which One Do We Prefer? 

Personally, the HelpingPot team prefers medium temperature dabbing between then 350F and 650F range.

This is the zone where you get the best flavor, the smoothest hits, and the least amount of lung damage and exposure to harmful toxins.

At this temperature, towards the lower spectrum, you can make a mess with the dab as it dissolves, which can be a downside.

While dabbing at too high of a temperature, you are likely to burn your mouth, throat, tongue and lungs and get a very bad taste. On top of this, you will not have a smooth high, but more anxiety and haze in your mind.

Low temperature dabs that are too low are not going to cut it either if they are below 275F because they will likely not be hot enough to release a lot of the flavor containing terpenes which makes for a subpar experience.



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