How Do I Use My One Hitter? Stoner’s Guide

How to Use a One Hitter Pipe - Complete Guide
September 30, 2019 By Kyle Broussard

So, you’re thinking about purchasing a one hitter, or you already have. But you have no idea how to use it, or if you are using it right. 

No worries, it’s actually a lot easier than you’d think, and only takes a few simple steps. In this guide, you will learn: 

Alright, let’s get started so you can get to smoking your one hitter! 

How to smoke a one hitter

How to Use a One Hitter – 4 Easy Steps 

All you need to get started is your pipe, dugout, and a lighter. Then, simply follow these steps. 

1. Grind Your Herbs & Pack Your Dugout 

Use your grinder to grind up your herbs evenly. Then, gently pack your dugout until it is nearly full. Be sure to leave a bit of room at the top so it can easily seal without overflowing. Also, be sure to not pack it too tight in your dugout, as this can make for a sticky mess that can be hard to remove without ruining the herbs.

2. Pack Your One Hitter 

Now, take the end of your pipe with the bowl pack, and slowly dip it into your dugout. Then, apply a little bit of pressure and twist until it is packed full. Alternatively, you can simply take your herbs and pack your one hitter by hand. This really all depends on your preference, and if you have a dugout or not. We recommend one hitter with dugouts because they are super easy to use, help you store your pipe and herbs, and also makes your life a lot easier. 

3. Light It Up & Smoke it Down

Once your one hitter is packed, it’s time to smoke it down. Take your pipe, put it in your mouth, and light it up. This is the easiest step. More often than not, you should only get one hit out of it, no matter how much you try to corner your bowl or use it wisely. Hence the name – one hitter. No worries, you can always pack another one 😉 . 

4. Clear & Seal for Later 

Once you are done smoking your one hitter, be sure to clean it out quickly to prevent ashes from getting stuck in there and clogging. Resin will still build up slowly over time, but this will help to keep it to a minimum, and will also leave a ready to pack pipe for your next smoke sesh. If you want, you can even pack one for next time as a surprise to yourself. That is always sure to put a smile on your face. Be sure to place your pipe face up in your dugout and seal it to keep the odor to a minimum, and keep moisture out. 

How to Pack a One Hitter – Some Helpful Tips 

Packing a one hitter pipe is a pretty straightforward process, but here are a few simple tips to make your smoking experience a bit better: 

  • Don’t pack it too tight – it will cause more resin build up over time and also reduce airflow, making it impossible to smoke sometimes.
  • Give it a few minutes before smoking another one – Because one hitters are so small, we tend to underestimate the experience they deliver. Give it some time to kick in before you wind up smoking 3-4 and wind up smoking too much. 
  • Twist and apply pressure – Don’t pack with your hands, it makes a mess, wastes herbs, and makes your hands smell. Simply twist and push to pack effectively. 

How to smoke a one hitter

How to Smoke a One Hitter – A Few Tips 

Smoking your one hitter is also pretty easy, but you should be careful to follow these tips to get the most out of your experience: 

  • Don’t light it for too long – This can be problematic for a few reasons. For starters, it can heat it up too much and burn your hands or mouth. Secondly, it can cause high temperatures that can cause dangerous fumes from some types of metal pipes.
  • Try to get a glass one hitter if possible – Glass one hitters may be more fragile, but they provide a much smoother smoking experience. Also, they are less dangerous to smoke, and tend to last longer if you keep them nice. They are also easier to clean. 
  • Only light it very quickly – One hitters hold a very small amount of herbs, so you don’t need to light them for a long time, just a second or two. Otherwise, you risk burning yourself, and inhaling a lot of dangerous butane gas in large quantities. 

best one hitter dugout combo sesh supply pinch hitter one hitter pipe

How to Use a One Hitter Dugout – Get the Most Out of Yours

One hitter dugouts are super convenient, but you should know a few tips in order to get the most out of yours: 

  • Don’t pack your dugout too tight – This can make it very hard to get your herbs out, and can turn them into a giant cake of dust over time. It’s still smokeable, but takes a bit of effort to get out.
  • Don’t fill your dugout too much – Filling your dugout to the brim may be a good way to conceal your herbs and carry them, but it can also be an easy way to clog it up over time and make it too tightly packed.
  • Loosen things up every now and then – Every once in a while, take some time to loosen your herbs up with a poker or a knife, in order to make sure it doesn’t get to caked up. Also, it can help you get some great kief.

More One Hitter FAQ 

Before we wrap things up, we wanted to answer a few more frequently asked questions about one hitters that we get often from community members. 

Are dugouts smell proof? 

Yes and no. At the end of the day, most of them are made of wood. While they are usually sealed airtight, if you have some serious dank in there, some odor will still get through on occasions. If you purchase a solid one hitter dugout though, and keep it nice, this won’t be a problem. We suggest this pipe as our #1 best one hitter

How do you clean a clogged one hitter? 

This is actually easier than you may think. Simply take a plastic bag, fill it with Isopropyl alcohol, and mix in some salt. Then, put your one hitter in the bag, seal it, and let it sit for at least 30-60 minutes. Then, take it out, rinse it off with water, and use a pipe cleaner to get the remaining resin out. You can also clean your dugout the same way. For a more comprehensive guide, check out this post we made about cleaning one hitters.

Are metal one hitter pipes safe? 

It all depends. Generally speaking, pipes made with what is known as Type 2 Titanium are considered to be safe to smoke out of. However, there are still concerns of carcinogens and other vapors being released from metals at certain temperatures. While there is no evidence to suggest that smoking metal one hitters are dangerous, we suggest investing in a glass one to be safe and to get a smoother smoking experience with better flavor. 

What is the best one hitter? 

“Pinch Hitter” – One Hitter & Dugout Combo

best one hitter pipe and dugout combo

We tend to lean on the “Pinch Hitter” One Hitter Dugout Combo by Sesh Supply. We prefer this bad boy for a few reasons: 

  • Airtight seal
  • Deep dugout 
  • Different design options 
  • Different size options 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Perfect size 

However, if you want to compare more options, we wrote a complete guide to the Best One Hitter Pipes here. 

Next Steps: Finding the Right One Hitter for You

Looking for the best one hitter for you? Check out our collection of one hitters and chillums here in our online headshop.

Or, for even more options, be sure to check out some of these awesome guides we have created to help you browse your options: 

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Thank you for reading along with us! Hopefully this guide helped you to understand how to smoke a one hitter cigarette, and taught you a few new tips along the way. 

We hope to see you again soon. Until next time, stay up 😉 ! 



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