How to Pack a Bowl

How do bowls work?
December 11, 2020 By Cody Marchant

Knowing how to pack a bowl is essential when you are smoking. Nobody wants to be the person in the smoking circle who doesn’t know how to pack a bowl when its their turn to. Don’t worry the “experts” at Helping Pot are here to teach you how. But before we give you the lowdown you need to know the difference between the two types of bowls and how they work.

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What is a Bowl?

A bowl can be one of two things in the smoking world, a hand pipe or a bowl piece attached to a bong or bubbler.

The bowl of a pipe or bong is essentially the rounded out hole where you put herbs in order to smoke them. It looks like a bowl that you would eat out of, which is most likely where it got its name. 

If you are looking to smoke out of any type of glass piece rather than a paper or wrap, you will need to use a bowl to do so. Bowls are great because they are small and compact, easily transported, and easy to use. They also allow you to use less weed than papers but get you high just as fast, if not quicker.

How Do Bowls Work?

As we mentioned, there are two types of bowls and they both work differently.

How Hand Pipes Work

Using a bowl is pretty simple, all you need is weed, a lighter, the bowl and you are good to go. In order to get the right suction and create a vaccuum bowls have a “rush hole” usually located on the side of the bowl pack. 

When you light the marijuana, you will need to take a drag while plugging the rush hole with your finger. Once you have the right amount of smoke in the bowl, let go of the rush (also known as the carb) and inhale.

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How Water Pipe Bowl Pieces Work

Bowl pieces in water pipes are similar to regular bowls but they must be removed from the water pipe in order to be smoked. You pack the bowl, light it, and once that bong is nice and milky you remove (or pull) the slide from the bong and inhale all of the smoke.

Since you can remove the bowl piece from the bong it is much easier to pack. Some stoners just dip their bowl pack into the shake like fun dip and it fills it right up.

Packing a bowl

How to Pack a Bowl 

Steps 1: Grind Your Bud

Begin by using a grinder to make your bud as fine as possible. The primary goal is to make sure that all of the pieces are relatively the same size. If you don’t have a grinder do it the old fashion way and break it up into small nuggets by hand. 

Grind your weed by placing a nug in the chamber. It should be about one fourth the size of the grinder. Place the cap on and twist it back and forth.  Don’t have a grinder and don’t want to break it up why hand? Use scissors. 

Step 2: Make Sure Bowl is Clean 

Before loading up your bowl, you need to ensure that there is no leftover ash in the bowl. If you do not clean this out then it will taste like burnt weed. 

If you tend to get bits of burning cannabis when you inhale then you can also use a screen (these are called Scooby Snacks). If you do not have pipe screens, you can also use wire or a screen from a faucet head.

Step 3: Pack the Bowl with Weed 

The next step is to physically pack the bowl with your ground up weed. 

Step 4: Pack Down the Weed 

With a lighter or your finger then lightly press down the bud. This is to make sure that it won’t spill out of your bowl pack. This is important while passing the bong, and so you can just fit more in. You can make it tight, but not too tight or you will not be able to take a drag.

Step 5: Light it Up 

All that’s left is to light it up and take a hit.

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How to Pack a Bowl in a Bong 

Packing a bowl in a bong is essentially the same as packing it into a pipe. Grind up your weed, fill the bowl, and then make sure it is packed enough to where it doesn’t fall out. Then light up, and after you take your hit, be sure to pull out the downstem in order to take your full hit.

Can You Pack a Bowl Incorrectly?

Packing a bowl is pretty easy but like most things, there is a wrong way to do it. Packing the weed down too tight will restrict the amount of air that will be able to pass throguh resulting in you having to suck really hard to get the rip you want. Nothing is worse than packing a full bowl only to realize it smokes like your thumb and most likely won’t get the job done. Make sure to pack your weed down but don’t stuff it like a suitcase into your bowl.

If you pack the bowl poorly then the smoke circle might get Scooby Snacks  which taste disgusting. This happens when the nugs are ground up too small near the hole of the mouthpiece so they get sucked down when you inhale. To prevent this from happening try to use a small nug to plug the hole so you don’t get any scoobies.

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Do You Need to Use a Grinder?

Using a grinder is nice because it keeps your hands clean and helps you avoid losing your herb. 

When you have your weed ground it will also make for smoother hits and can keep your bowl from getting clogged.

If you do not have a grinder then it is not the end of the world. Using your hands or scissors is fine, and smoking small nugs by themselves is alright too. If you do smoke little nugs, you should know that it will hit a bit differently than if you are smoking ground up weed. You may notice that you will also get the most from your weed if you choose to use a grinder. 

Tips for smoking a bowl

Tips for Smoking a Bowl 

If you are new to smoking it is important to know smoking etiquette. Depending on the size of the bowl, you should expect to get about four to five hits out of it. This means that there will be plenty enough to go around. Try not to be greedy because smoking weed is about enjoying each other’s company 

Tip #1: Always Corner the Bowl

When you are smoking with other people (especially when taking the first hit) you want to make sure that you do not torch the whole bowl when you take a hit. Instead, light only a small portion of the entire surface area. 

Try to smoke one-quarter of the bowl space each time. Leave some green for your friends to ensure that you aren’t smoking a layer of ashes, on top of unburnt weed, for the duration of your bowl.

Tip #2: Pass to the Left

As a new smoker, you might just pass the bowl to anyone that you want to, but this can actually be considered rude. You should always pass the bowl to the left of you in a rotation. 

Tip#3: Puff Puff Pass 

If you have ever heard of “puff puff pass” it originates from smoking joints in a rotation. Basically, it just means that you should take two hits and then pass the bowl to the next person in the rotation. 

Tip#4: Share the Greens 

When packing a bowl, you should always give someone else the first hit after the second round. This is to let them taste “greens”, and try your dank bud too. Even if you are the only one who brought weed, it is still nice to offer. You never know, next time you’re dry and they have weed they may let you have greens too.

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