Stoner’s Guide to Making Homemade One Hitter Pipes

Best Ways to Make a Homemade One Hitter Pipe
July 16, 2019 By Stoner

Stoners are notoriously some of the most resourceful people on Earth. Finding ways to make pipes out of all sorts of household items. You name it, we have probably found a way to make a pipe or a bong out of it. 

But sometimes, even that good old gravity bong won’t do the trick, and you need to whip up a homemade one-hitter to smoke on the go. Something discreet, that is easy to conceal, easy to pack, and that can be made out of household items you can find anywhere.

So how do you make a one-hitter out of household items? 

In this guide, we will outline tons of ways you can make one-hitters with all types of things you can find in your house. 

Table of Contents:

Warnings for People Smoking Homemade One-Hitter Pipes 

Before we get started, I just want to add that smoking in this “creative” way does come with a price. Often times, plastics and thin metals can be made with highly dangerous chemicals which tend to burn off and release fumes when heated to high enough temperature. We do not recommend smoking any type of plastic or metal if you can avoid it. 

We also strongly advise that before you do, you make yourself aware of the health concerns of smoking, understand the chemical compounds you are inhaling, and make an effort to avoid using these smoking techniques if possible.

Now that these disclaimers are out of the way, let’s jump into our Stoners Science lesson for the day and make some killer homemade one-hitters and how to make them.

3 Easy Ways to Make a One-Hitter Pipe (with Household Items)

So, in this article, we really wanted to focus on strictly homemade one-hitter pipes. If you are looking for other types of pipes you can make out of household items, such as bongs, bubblers, bowls, and more, this guide may be best for you. If not, let’s get started – MacGyver.

how to make a one hitter pipe out of a pen

1. Pen or Marker One-Hitter – Getting “Creative” 😉

This is probably one of the easiest homemade one-hitters to make. It is probably also the easiest to conceal, and the most realistic on this list. For that reason, we had to put it as out #1 spot on this list. 

Supplies You Will Need 

To make a one-hitter from a pen or marker, you will need the following supplies: 

  • Pen or marker
  • Knife or scissors 
  • Lighter 
  • Socket (optional)

As far as what type of pen you should use, it really doesn’t matter. Personally, I prefer a bit of thickness to it, which makes for a more sturdy one-hitter, and larger hits. But, almost any old pen will work. For the example below, I chose to use a Paper Mate. 

Ideally, you want something that easily screws apart, and If you don’t have a socket, you will want to use a pen with a metal bottom, in order to pack your herbs in, so you can smoke it without inhaling plastic fumes.

guide to home made one hitters

How to Make a One-Hitter from a Pen or Marker

There are a few basic steps to making a homemade one-hitter from a pen or marker: 

  • Remove the ink and other internal parts – You want to make sure that you remove all of the internal parts of the pen, while being careful to not spill any ink on yourself, or the inside – as this can be very dangerous to inhale. 
  • Inspect the holes – Once you have removed the internal parts of the pen, you want to make sure that you inspect the holes, and make sure that they will work with the design you are looking for. Usually, the top of the pen where you click it in is used as the mouthpiece, and the part of the pen you write with is used as the bowl. 
  • Create the bowl piece for your one-hitter – This can be done a few different ways. The first way to do it (if you are using a pen with a metal bottom) is to unscrew the bottom, and turn it upside down, then reinsert it into the bottom of the pen’s shaft. Usually, this will not stick perfectly, so you will either have to use your lighter to melt the plastic to fit it, and fuse them together, or use an adhesive like gum or glue. We don’t recommend glue because inhaling these fumes can be very dangerous. The other way to do this is to use a socket in the same fashion, and either adhere it or fuse it to the bottom of the pen in the same way, with the skinnier part of the socket facing out.
  • For markers only – One of the cool things about using markers is that they usually have a cap that can easily be fitted to the bottom of the marker and to a socket, making them very handy for whipping up quick homemade one-hitters. Simply take the cap, make a hole in the top of it, then fuse the socket to the bottom of it, and fuse the top to the rest of your marker, once you have made a reasonably sized hole in the shaft. 
  • Smoke it up – Once you have done this, you are pretty much done with the creation of your one-hitter, and it’s now time to smoke. This is not an exact science, every pen and socket is different, and everyone makes things differently. So, you may have to take a few tokes in order to figure out what needs to be adjusted and changed.  

Pros & Cons



Quick to makeSlightly poor taste
Cheap to makeCan be dangerous if using plastic 
Few supplies neededCan be dangerous if smoking ink
Lasts long
Can be easily adjusted

Our Thoughts 

Overall, for people who are just learning how to make a one-hitter pipe at home, this is the easiest solution for a few reasons: 

  • It is easy and quick to make 
  • Almost everyone has the supplies
  • The supplies are extremely cheap 

There are a few concerns about inhaling plastic and metal fumes. You should definitely research these first before you smoke out of this type of one-hitter. Overall though, as long as you avoid using harmful adhesives, and you try to keep your herbs in a metal fitting that does not burn or melt the plastic around it, you should reduce a lot of the risk. 

How to make a one-hitter pipe out of household items

2. Making a Steamroller from Toilet Paper Rolls – Getting Down and Dirty 😆

This might be my second favorite homemade one-hitter because it is just hilarious to think that you can literally smoke out of cardboard toilet paper rolls. On top of that, they are super easy to make, relatively safe to smoke, and get the job done very well if you know what I’m saying.

Supplies You Will Need 

To get started making your steamroller one-hitter, you will need: 

  • Toilet paper roll or paper towel roll (for you hardcore Stoners) 
  • Socket, glass bowl, or tin foil bowl 
  • Lighter
  • Pen, knife, screwdriver or scissors

You are probably a bit confused about the last line of supplies. Basically, you just need something that can puncture a hole in the cardboard to insert your bowl. Depending on the size of the bowl you are using, and the level of precision you have using tools, you may be better off using one over the other. 

How to Make a One-Hitter from a Toilet Paper Roll

Once you have your supplies, there are only a few simple steps you will need to make your homemade one-hitter pipe: 

  • Poke a hole in your toilet paper roll – Be sure to keep in mind that this will be a steamroller. So, you will probably want to make the hole more towards one side of the pipe, rather than in the middle. This will allow you to accumulate smoke easier when smoking, and give it some time to cool by the time it reaches you. It will also help to prevent against Scoobies. 
  • Take your bowl and fit it to the hole – This may take some adjusting to get just right. Ideally, you want to make the hole with the size of your bowl in mind. Tracing around it on the cardboard will make your life a lot easier. Always try to make the hole smaller than you need it to start – you can always make it bigger, but you can’t put the cardboard back once you have cut it out. 
  • Put the bowl in – Once you have a hole, simply jam your bowl attachment into it, and you are good to smoke. One thing you will want to be sure of is to make sure that you leave at least ½” between the cardboard and the top of your bowl, so that you can avoid burning the cardboard directly when lighting it. 
  • Light it up! – You have completed your homemade one-hitter project! Now all that is left to do is try it out. Be careful with these ones, they creep up on you. It always seems like you aren’t getting a lot of smoke until you move your hand off the rush hole and get obliterated. 

Pros & Cons



Super easy to make Kind of big for a one-hitter 
Easily accessible supplies Usually very smelly 
Very cheap supplies Doesn’t last long 
Very smooth hits 
No effect on taste (except based on bowl)

Our Thoughts 

Overall, a homemade steamroller is a cool little project you can finish in less than 10 minutes with the right supplies. Knowing how to make a one-hitter like this can make life very easy because the supplies can be found anywhere. 

These homemade one-hitters are hard-hitting, easy to make, and far less dangerous or bad tasting than smoking from any metal or plastic – especially if you attach a glass bowl to them. They can be a pain because cardboard tends to hold smells for a long time, and any amount of water or moisture will pretty much ruin your pipe entirely. 

How to Make a Home Made One Hitter Pipe out of an Apple

3. The Apple Pipe – Johnny Appleweed 😛

To be honest, this is my favorite way to smoke besides out of a nice clean bong. The main reasons for this are: 

  • They are extremely casual and easy to pass off as a fruit 
  • They taste amazing 
  • They last a decent amount of time 
  • You can easily dispose of them in the woods 
  • They are super easy to make 

Overall, you should be wary of the fact that apples exposed to air and moisture for too long will begin to rot and start building up bacteria and mold. So, you should never smoke out of an apple one-hitter for more than a few days before making a new one, otherwise, you are exposing yourself to a lot of problems that can come from inhaling mold or bacteria. 

Supplies You Will Need 

To make this homemade one-hitter, all you need is: 

  • A pen or pencil 
  • An apple 

This is the beauty of making this type of one-hitter. All you literally need is an apple and a pencil and you can be on your way to smoking in no time. This makes it a perfect solution for college students, and people who have to try and remain inconspicuous while smoking on a budget.

How to Make a One-Hitter from an Apple

To make this pipe, all you need to do is:

  • Make the bowl in your apple – Simply take your pen and make at least two holes – one in the direct top of the apple. Twist the stem off, and poke a hole as straight down as you can, as if you are trying to poke a hole through the exact center. This top part will be your bowl pack, as it is already the perfect shape. Make sure you don’t stick it all the way through the bottom of the apple, or you will ruin the vacuum and potentially split the apple right down the middle.
  • Make your rush hole – Then, take your pen and make a hole on the side that intersects this first hole. Try to do this towards the middle of the apple’s mass, as this will make it easier to smoke. Poke this hole all the way through the apple. One side will be the mouthpiece, the other will be the rush hole. You can choose to not make a rush hole to save time – I often do this if smoking an apple bowl alone, because there is no need to pack a large bowl and you get more out of one hit this way by torching the whole thing until it is gone.

Pros & Cons



Super easy to make Doesn’t last long 
Very inconspicuous 
Smooth hits 
Great taste

Our Thoughts 

Honestly, this is my personal favorite homemade one-hitter because it is so damn smooth. Nothing you can make, short of a full-blown homemade bong will even come close to the smoothness of this smoking experience. On top of that, it has stellar taste compared to your other options. 

It is a bit short-lived, which is definitely a downside for sure, and in some people’s eyes, it is also a waste of a super tasty apple. However, you can take a few last bites before hucking it into the woods to make your breath smell better. But, if you do this, trust me, ONLY EAT FROM THE OUTSIDE, otherwise, you will find a very bad taste very shortly. TRUST ME, this is a lesson I only had to learn once. Imagine the taste of drinking bong water. That’s essentially what it is since an apple is roughly 96% water. Mix it with resin and you’ve got yourself a barf bomb waiting at the center of your tootsie pop. 

How to Make a One-Hitter Pipe from Home: Takeaways

Look, I am not going to sit here and tell you that these are the ONLY ways to smoke a one-hitter you’ve made at home. There are dozens of other ways you can make homemade smoking devices. 

As you probably know, Stoners are very resourceful when it comes to smoking, which means just about anything can be turned into a smoking device. I’ve even seen wiffle ball bats and Starburst turned into bongs and one-hitters. But, this guide is designed to show you specifically how to make a one-hitter quickly, easily and resourcefully, while still keeping it small enough and inconspicuous enough to be a good travel pipe.

We chose these specific homemade pipes because they are very easy to make, safer than a lot of other alternatives, realistic, and relatively small and portable compared to the more dangerous alternatives.

Other Ways to Make a One-Hitter Pipe

There are literally hundreds of ways to make a one-hitter pipe. Heck, someone has probably come up with a new way while you are reading this. To learn how to make some of the coolest, most effective, and overall best homemade pipes, check out our guide on How to Make Homemade Pipes that we wrote.

why invest in the best one hitter pipes

3 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Legit One-Hitter 

I get it. You’re on a budget, and are trying to keep your smoking costs down. On top of that, you may not have an easy or safe place to store your one-hitter, and have to keep your smoking on the down low. But even if that’s the case, you can still get a ton of value out of some of the best one-hitters. 

I have smoked on homemade devices for a while, and honestly enjoy switching it up every once in a while and making an adventure out of it. But overall, for a regular smoker, it is way more convenient to have a one-hitter you can go to every time and count on. Overall, there are 3 main reasons why I think EVERY STONER SHOULD HAVE A ONE-HITTER: 

Reason 1 – They are insanely convenient. ⌛

You never really realize how easy and convenient smoking can truly be until you just spend the $10 and treat yourself to a great one-hitter instead of making them from home every time. Most one-hitters come with a dugout, which makes them extremely easy to conceal and carry with no smell.

Reason 2 – They are unbelievably cheap. 🤑

Don’t take this the wrong way, but if you don’t have the money to buy a one-hitter online for under $15, you really probably should not be spending money on other smoking supplies. Take some pride in your smoking experience, invest in a one-hitter, and be thankful you did forever afterward. 

Reason 3 – They last a very long time. 💪

If you purchase one of the best one-hitters, it can seriously last you a lifetime as long as you are willing to clean your pipe once in a while, and you don’t drop it or break it. I have had my one-hitter for over 4 years, and it still looks almost brand new because I clean it every 3-6 months.

Our #1 Recommended Best One-Hitter for the Stoner on a Budget

“Pinch Hitter” One-Hitter Dugout Combo 

best one hitter dug out combo

This beautiful design features an airtight wooden carved dugout with an aluminum one-hitter pipe that looks like a cigarette. With two color options and extremely durable design, this is one of the best one-hitters on the market, available at an affordable price.


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If you have tried any of these techniques, please let us know how they went for you, and which ones you prefer! Feel free to share with us other methods you have heard of or tried as well! We always love to learn more about what you guys like to smoke out of! 

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