Stoner’s Honest Review of Genius Pipe

Genius Pipe Review
April 26, 2019 By Stoner

You may have heard of the new hit sensation taking the smoking world by storm – the Genius Pipe. You probably have plenty of questions like:

At HelpingPot, we like to get our hands on just about anything that has to do with smoking, so we had to give the Genius Pipe a try. And it did not disappoint!

In this Comprehensive Genius Pipe Review, we go in-depth to answer each one of these questions in order to help you figure out if this is the right pipe for you. You can click on the table of contents above to easily navigate to the next section.

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A Bit About Genius Pipe – Company Background

This modern feat of smoking engineering was created by Engineers Dyan Ferman and Stas Gulinsky.

Since around 2008, the two fiddled around with vortex cooling and worked hard to develop the Genius Pipe. In 2014, version 1.0 was born and has since been making history.

How Does the Genius Pipe Work?

This quick video from our friends over at Smoke Cartel helps show how the Genius Pipe works, how you can put it together, and the basic design behind the performance of this piece.

As you can see, the Genius Pipe is comprised of 3 main sections:

  • The Filter
  • The Pack
  • The Slider

Each of which easily slides together with a magnetic seal to keep them together when you need, but easily allow them to come apart for cleaning and packing a new bowl.

There is a bit more to how this design works than meets the eyes though:

Patented Vortex Technology – The Tech Behind the Smoothest Hitting Hand Pipe

genius pipe review best hand pipe 2019As you can see in the picture to the right, the bottom layer of the Genius Pipe is designed with hundreds of small dimples in the anodized aluminum cover.

This allows for the smoke to generate thousands of tiny vortexes as they pass through the bowl, allowing the smoke to be cooled and filtered for a smooth, and extremely cool hit (for a hand pipe).

Essentially, this is the same diffusion that occurs inside of a bong when you take a hit. This is what truly makes Genius Pipe one of the best hand pipes in 2019 – the superior smoking experience it gives you over nearly every other hand pipe you have ever used.

What Is It Made Of – Is It Safe To Use?

Yes, this pipe is entirely safe to use. Each layer is made from anodized aluminum, the same material used in most common pans, pots, and cookware. It can withstand very high temperatures, discourages microbial growth, and is extremely light and durable.

How Can I Clean It?

Cleaning the Genius Pipe is as simple as taking it apart, and going through all the steps to properly clean your pipe.

The top section is simply a slider to keep herb safe and select your smoking preferences, so you do not have to worry about cleaning it too much.

The middle section is where the herb is stored. Because it comes with small screens for your herbs, it rarely ever gets clogged. When one does become too gross or old, you can always purchase a replacement, or just wash it until it is clean again.

The bottom section will likely be the dirtiest, as this is where the smoke is pulled through the vortices before reaching your mouth. Even this section is super easy to clean. As long as you take the proper steps you would with cleaning resin off of any other piece, your Genius Pipe will be clean as new in just a few hours or less, with very little work.

Stoner’s Tip: To learn more about how to properly keep your pipes as clean as new, check out this comprehensive guide we wrote.

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Is the Genius Pipe Really Better than Traditional Glass Hand Pipes?

Yes. If you are a seasoned Stoner, there is really no denying this at all. Once you smoke it, you will understand why. Obviously, you have not smoked it yet, so in the section below, we break down why the Genius Pipe is better than glass hand pipes.

What Make the Genius Pipe So Great? – 7 Reasons You Need One

There are 7 things that really make the Genius Pipe stick out above a lot of the glass pipe alternatives on the market. Let’s explore what makes this pipe so amazing.

1. Smoother, Cleaner, Healthier Smoking Experience

This piece is without a doubt multiple times smoother than smoking a glass hand pipe. In fact, I would say that it honestly compares more to a bubbler in terms of how smooth the smoke is.

By the time the smoke reaches your mouth, it is cool and well-filtered, never giving you a smokey taste in your mouth or a rough hit.

The Genius Pipe has the convenience of a one-hitter, the bowl size of a hand pipe, the smoothness of a bubbler, and the taste of a vaporizer – without the heat.

All of this adds up for a healthier smoking experience as well, as hot and poorly filtered hits can lead to more damage to the lungs and esophagus.

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2. Cheap, Easy to Find Replacement Parts

Everything in the Genius Pipe, from the slider, to the aluminum screens, to the filter section on the bottom is completely replaceable.

On top of that, you can easily find replacement parts that will last a very long time at extremely affordable prices.

Also, you won’t ever really have the need to purchase replacement parts – so long as you don’t lose them, or don’t mind spending a small amount of time to keep them clean.

Lastly, there are even additional parts you can purchase to enhance your smoking experience, such as colored sliders, carrying cases, and G-stones, which are small ceramic sponges used to soak up concentrates, which can then be heated to turn the Genius Pipe into a Dab Rig or Vaporizer!

3. Easy to Clean

As we talked about earlier in this article, cleaning the Genius Pipe is a dream come true for most Stoners. Simply take it apart, along with all of its components, and wash the screen and filter section. Because this pipe is made of anodized aluminum, it can simply be put in the sink and washed with traditional dish soap if necessary.

Then once you have cleaned it out, all you have to do is snap all the parts back into place, let it dry, and you are ready for your next smoke sesh.

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4. Conserves Herbs

Another great thing about Genius Pipe is that it helps to conserve a lot of herbs because of its genius design.

The slider on the top section of the pipe allows you to open the slide completely for an exposed bowl pack, or move it up in order to select a smaller hole to smoke through. This can help you conserve herbs by not torching the entire bowl pack, a rookie stoner mistake.

On top of that, because of the way the slider can be used to completely cover the herbs and make an airtight seal that is virtually smell proof, you can smoke half a bowl and save the rest for later – something that can be a pain in the butt with regular hand pipes.

5. No Mess, No Hassle Smoking

Have you ever clogged up your hand pipe and had to go through the trouble of finding something to removed caked up resin, just so you could smoke?

How about had to ash a bowl pack, but it simply would not come out of the pack, so you had to hit it on your hand multiple times?

We have all been there. It sucks. But with the Genius Pipe, you can literally take it apart, ash it out, and pack another bowl in seconds.

This is one of the most convenient things about this pipe because, for people who use the same piece often, clogging can be a real issue, and cleaning is something no one wants to take the time to do.

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6. One of the Best Travel Pipes

The Genius Pipe is without a doubt one of the best travel pipes money can buy. This is because it is:

  • Light
  • Durable
  • Smell Proof
  • Air Tight
  • Easy to Clean
  • Small
  • Doesn’t Look Like a Pipe
  • Light

It has everything you could ask for in a hand pipe. Sure, at 6” long, it is a bit longer than most hand pipes, but it makes up for this in its sleek design, standing at only about ¼” tall.

On top of that, it really doesn’t even look like a hand pipe, which can be a big plus for some Stoners. Not to mention, when sealed it is virtually airtight and does not let out much odor (if any at all).

Lastly, it is made out of very strong material and can handle being dropped without breaking or being dinged up.  

7. Versatile – Multiple Functions

It is very rare that you come across a hand pipe that can also be a dab rig or vaporizer. And if you do, chances are it is either extremely expensive, big and bulky, or both.

The Genius Pipe allows you to purchase a few affordable accessories that easily converts your pipe into a vaporizer that can accept oil concentrates at both high and low temperatures.

When you combine this with the price point and other perks of this hand pipe, it almost seems like a no brainer to pick one up.

Pros & Cons of the Genius Pipe

Let’s take a minute to review some of the advantages and disadvantages of the Genius Pipe.

Easy to CleanLonger than Glass Pipes
Safe Materials Used
Smooth Smoking Experience
Great Travel Pipe
Conserves Herbs

Overall, this is definitely a pipe worth having in your arsenal. Even the one con we came up with is a bit of a stretch, as the Genius Pipe can easily fit in your pocket, purse, or bag better than any traditional hand pipe – and with less odor too!

If size is really a problem, you can always look into the Genius Pipe Mini, which is about 2 inches shorter for about half of the price. It offers the same exact features and smoking experience in a more compact package.
pros and cons of the genius pipe

Genius Pipe Review  – Overall Grade: A+

At HelpingPot, we have been doing in-depth product reviews for a while and have never given the grade of A+ to a single one. It seems like when they designed it, the team did everything just right, and put exactly what Stoners are looking for all into one amazing piece of art.

The Genius Pipe is truly worthy of this grade because it is:

  • Ingenuitive
  • Safe
  • Smooth
  • Great for Travel
  • A Healthier Way to Smoke
  • Airtight
  • Easy to Clean
  • Durable
  • Customizable

Overall, it is hard to find something wrong with this pipe, or a reason why any Stoner would not consider purchasing one.

We strongly recommend the Genius Pipe to anyone who is looking for a long lasting pipe that provides a high-quality smoking experience, and that is extremely convenient.

Where to Find Great Deals on the Genius Pipe

best deals on the genius pipe

Looking for a great deal on the Genius Pipe? The easiest way to get the best prices on this amazing hand pipe is by going to the Genius Pipe website and checking out their other products.


We do not carry their products yet, but are always working to improve our online headshop for our Stoner community!

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One last thing before you go! If you found this information helpful, or have purchased a Genius Pipe, please let us know your thoughts on it and share some of your experiences with us in the comment section below.

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