Coolest Weed Smoking Tricks & Best Pieces for Them

November 12, 2020 By Cody Marchant

Smoking tricks are a great way to spice up your smoking experience.  Pass around a piece and have everyone in your smoking circle try a new trick. Most smoke tricks look difficult but for the most part, they are pretty basic. 

Some do take more practice than others but a few attempts every smoke session and you will become a smoke trick savant. 

That’s why we at Helping Pot, have decided to take a look at the coolest weed smoking tricks out there and teach you how to do them. So, if you’re ready to wow your friends next time you’re hitting the bong, keep reading.

Many of the smoke tricks below are beginner-friendly while others will take some serious practice to learn. Of course, practice makes perfect so make sure you are doing double sessions until you get them all down pat! 

Smoke Tricks for Beginners

There are many different smoking tricks out there and they can vary in difficulty. When you begin smoking for the first time and slowly become interested in doing smoke tricks, you will naturally have to start with some easier ones. Here are five smoke tricks that are great for beginners since they are very easy to learn:

  • French Inhale 
  • Ghosting 
  • The Smoke Tornado 
  • Smoke Rings (O’s)
  • Bull Ring

We’ll discuss how to do these tricks and what pieces you need to do them in detail. For now, remember that it’s okay to start small when you’re learning how to do your first smoke tricks. More advanced techniques will develop over time as you learn and practice.

What Pieces Are Best for Smoke Tricks?

Nowadays, there are many different ways to smoke your weed. So, the question that many people ask is: “What is the best piece to use for smoke tricks?”

First of all, vaping is very popular for doing smoke tricks because you can easily produce a cloud of thick smoke out of the vape to perform (or practice) a variety of tricks. Other than vaping, the two most popular pieces to use for smoke tricks are bongs and pipes. The effect you get from bongs and pipes are very similar but can also be extremely impressive.

Ultimately, choosing between a bong and a bowl depends on your personal preference. You want to have fun doing smoke tricks. So, if that means you prefer a vape, then choose that. If you like to use a bong, then don’t be afraid to try that either.

Coolest Weed Smoking Tricks

Included in our list of Smoke Tricks

How to french inhale

French Inhale

The French inhale is a very simple smoke trick to learn but is one that looks super impressive. It resembles a dense cloud of smoke falling out of the mouth and then a reverse waterfall as you inhale it back in through the nose. The French inhale is also called the Irish waterfall because it also looks like a waterfall falling out of the nose.

How to French Inhale

The way you do the French inhale is super simple. First, take a large puff of smoke and hold it in the mouth. Don’t inhale it into your lungs, just let it sit in your mouth.

Now, slowly open your mouth and let the smoke fall out on its own. Don’t exhale, just let it fall out. Then, use the bottom of your mouth and your tongue to push the smoke out and up while inhaling through your nose at the same time. If you inhale slowly, the smoke will create the reverse waterfall effect made famous by the French inhale. Try it a few times and you’ll be a master in minutes.

Best Piece to French Inhale: Acrylic Skull Bong

acrylic Skull bong

When you’re ready to try the French inhale, look no further than this Mini Acrylic Skull Bong. It allows you to generate a dense cloud of smoke and can even store your bud for you too!

Blowing O Rings

Smoke Rings

This is the perfect trick if you want to feel like a wizard. Blowing smoke rings is a super cool smoke trick that impresses everyone despite being relatively easy to learn. Made popular by pop culture figures like Gandalf, smoke rings are one of the oldest smoke tricks in the book.

How to Make Smoke Rings

To make smoke rings, first inhale the smoke. Instead of keeping it in your mouth, try to bring it partially into your throat. Now, pull your tongue to the back of your mouth and shape your lips into an O.

Gently push small amounts of smoke out through your mouth in quick intervals. Learning to blow smoke rings will definitely take some trial and error. However, once you get a hang of it you can do it super easily.

Best Piece to Blow O’s: Wooden Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock pipe

When I picture someone blowing O’s I think of someone using a sherlock style pipe. This Wooden Sherlock Hand Pipe by RAW is the perfect match for blowing O’s in classic style. 

How to Ghost Inhale

Ghost Inhale

Few smoke tricks are as impressive as the ghost inhale. It’s also one of the easiest tricks to learn so it is great for beginners. You can learn how to do it in just a few minutes.

How to Ghost Inhale

To do the ghost inhale, first take a large puff of smoke and let it sit in your mouth for a few seconds. Then, gently blow a large ball of smoke by forming an O with your lips and use your tongue to push it out. Immediately re-inhale the smoke. This creates an effect that looks like a ghost trying to escape from your mouth before you suck it back in.

Best Piece to Ghost Inhale: Lava Lamp Bong

Lava lamp water pipe

To do the best ghost inhale, you’ll want to use a bong. This allows you to draw in a mouthful of thick smoke that can be inhaled and exhaled multiple times. If you’re looking for your new favorite bong, check out this Lava Lamp Bong. Its funky retro style will spice up your next smoke session and make it easier to do cool tricks.

How to do the tornado smoke trick

Smoke Tornado

The smoke tornado looks amazing and but it can be a little tricky to master. Unlike some of the other tricks on this list, it doesn’t actually involve your mouth. Instead, you’ll want to find a flat surface to practice on. Although it is a little harder, the smoke tornado is one of the coolest tricks you can do.

How to Do the Smoke Tornado

First, take a large puff of smoke and store it in your cheeks for a little while. After that, pour all of the smoke out onto a small table or another flat surface. At this point, the smoke should pool and float on top of the surface. Now, quickly take one of your hands and swoop it into the middle of the pool of smoke and then quickly pull it upward. The combined motion will make the smoke spiral upward in a tornado shape that will hang in the air for several seconds.

Best Piece to Do the Smoke Tornado: Smoked Glass Bong


The key to a good smoke tornado is making a lot of smoke. You’ll need to have a sizeable pool in front of you for it to work. Using a bong or vape is the best way to make enough smoke. This Smoked Glass Bong is the perfect piece to use. You’ll be able to get thick clouds of smoke and the bong itself looks great on the table next to your whirling tornado.


The Jellyfish

The Jellyfish is another trick that is more advanced, but once you get a hang of it, it looks insanely cool. You might even remember it from the days of Vine since it was incredibly popular on the app.

How to Do the Jellyfish

 To do the jellyfish, the first thing you need to do is blow a perfect O ring. Then, push it forward by creating a gentle air current with your hands. After that, you exhale a new round of smoke right into the middle of the ring. This creates a flying jellyfish made out of smoke right in front of you. This trick is definitely hard to master so don’t be discouraged if you don’t get it on the first try.

Best Piece to Do the Jellyfish: Double Bubble Flat Top Bowl 



If you’re going to do a trick as cool as the jellyfish, you need an equally cool piece to go with it. This Double Bubble Flat Top Pipe is certainly fun enough to get the job done. You’ll look great while you’re taking a hit and while you’re making smoke jellies.


Bow Tie

The bow tie is one of the more advanced smoke tricks that takes some practice to be good at. Many people don’t know the bow tie, so this one often impresses people a lot. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced smoker, it is a good trick to add to your collection.

How to Bow Tie

To do it, you must first blow a couple of O’s in a row and then push them forward with your hands so that they get bigger. Then, gently move up to one of the O’s that you pushed forward and inhale the top of it, compressing it down to the bottom. If you are quick enough you will now have successfully formed a bow tie before the O splits. Once again, don’t get down if this doesn’t work right away. Timing is everything.

Best Piece to Do the Bow Tie: Hybrid Gravity Bong


When you’re doing the bow tie, you need to have enough smoke in your mouth to blow three sizeable O’s. That means you should use a bong for the best results. You might as well do it with one of the best pieces on the market. This Hybrid Gravity Bong will produce consistently milky, dense clouds that are perfect for smoke tricks.

How to perform bull ring smoke trick

Bull Ring

Smoking weed and nose rings seem to go together fairly often. Of course, there’s one trick that makes it a guarantee. The bull ring is a neat trick that, if done successfully, makes it look like you have a massive bull ring on your nose for a few seconds.

How to Do the Bull Ring

The bull ring is an easy trick to pull off. First, blow a dense O, and then immediately inhale the top of the O with your nose. This will create the illusion of having a bull ring on your nose. Be sure to inhale gently so you only break the top of the O and don’t disintegrate the whole thing.

Best Piece to Do the Bull Ring: Hydra by Cali Crusher

Bubbler for smoke tricks

You don’t need a ton of smoke to do a good bull ring. So, a pipe is an affordable option that many people love. The Cali Crusher by Hydra is basically indestructible and works as a high-quality bubbler but can also be used as a bowl for one-hit sessions.


Smoke Ring Ghost Inhale Combo

You can probably figure out what this trick looks like based on its name and the fact that we’ve already discussed these two tricks separately. Although the smoke ring and ghost inhale are cool on their own, combining the two makes the final result even cooler.

How to Do the Smoke Ring Ghost Inhale Combo

To pull off this trick, you first need to inhale a large puff deeply and then blow a smoke ring. Give the ring a second to form and then blow a ghost bubble in the middle of the ring. Then, quickly inhale both of them to create the ghost inhale effect.

Best Piece to Do the Smoke Ring Ghost Inhale Combo: Glycerin Coil Beaker Bong 

best bong for smoke tricks

You’ll need a pretty big cloud to do this trick properly. So, choosing a bong is the best option. This Glycerin Coil Beaker Bong is meant to be put directly in the freezer so that each hit can be icy and smooth—just like your combo trick.


Smoke Bubbles

Smoke bubbles are insanely cool and are actually very easy to make if you have the right equipment. For this trick, you will need a bowl, dishwashing liquid, and a straw.

How to Make Smoke Bubbles

The first step is to take a bowl and pour a few drops of dishwashing liquid into it. Then, pour a little bit of water into it. This is the mixture you will use to make the actual bubbles.

Now, take the straw and place one end in the soap mix. Take a deep inhale of smoke and blow it through the straw from the other end. Exhale carefully and slowly so that you do not burst the bubble. As you exhale, the smoke will get trapped inside the dish soap bubble, creating a neat effect.

Best Piece to Make Smoke Bubbles: Silicone Hand Pipe

best spoon pipes for smoke tricks

To make smoke bubbles, you’ll need to have a pipe with an open bowl so you can insert the straw. This two-pack of Silicone Hand Pipes is a great choice. You can set one pipe aside for smoke bubbles and keep the other one free of dish soap for regular hits.

How to blow smoke triangles

Smoke Triangles

This trick is probably the hardest one to learn and takes a lot of practice. It is, however, also extremely cool once you are good at it. When done successfully you will be able to make floating triangles of smoke that will wow just about everyone.

How to Make Smoke Triangles

 The first step is to blow a dense O. Then, push downwards to the side of your O three times in a fanning motion. This will make the O spin and slowly form into a triangle. Be sure not to actually touch the O as this will cause it to break. Again, this takes a lot of practice, but once you become good at it, it looks amazing.

Best Piece to Do Smoke Triangles: Mario Silicone Bong


For this trick, just about any piece will work. However, you can’t go wrong with a classic bong. If you’re looking for a cool piece to add to your collection, check out this Super Mario Bong. Yes, it’s shaped like everyone’s favorite plumber. Mario loves mushrooms; maybe he’s into smoke tricks too? 

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