China Glass: The Definitive Guide to a Bong Brand Rooted in History

China Glass Brand Review
October 2, 2020 By Cody Marchant

When it comes to bongs, water pipes, and other smoker’s glassware, the brand matters. Bongs aren’t all alike and they certainly don’t all function the same. To find the best bong brand for you, it’s important to do a little research. When you finally find the high-quality glass piece that you’ve been looking for, you’ll know the research was well worth it. One high-quality brand that just may be the one you’ve been looking for is China Glass.

Who is China Glass?

China Glass is a simply-named bong and water pipe maker from the Hebei Province in China. These master artisans specialize in artistic, durable, vase-like bongs and pipes. The Hebei Province is a northern Chinese Province along the east coast.

Historically, this province has been known for their gorgeous porcelain artwork. Plates, bowls, cups, figurines, and vases of staggering beauty were made by the artisans of this province 1000 years ago. Today, those artisans are making something a little different.

While it may be difficult to first overcome the stereotype of low-quality glass products being “Made in China”, it’s absolutely essential. No two bong makers are the same. High-quality bongs and pipes can be found anywhere in the world. China Glass is definitely not a brand you want to miss out on. 

Why You Should Buy China Glass

Why Buy a China Glass Bong?

Ancient Chinese Teachings

The master artists at China Glass utilize centuries-old techniques when crafting their exquisite glassware. These methods are meticulously followed and have been handed down generation after generation. Over the years, they have been perfected and protected, ensuring a quality and beauty unlike any bong brand. The result is a bong or water pipe that is as beautiful as any work of art with a strength and durability that may surprise you.

Quality and Strength

The artisans who create these beautiful bongs and glassware take great pride in their work. The strong borosilicate glass they use is handblown and crafted to be as strong as the pieces are beautiful. Not only that, but every handmade glass bong and water pipe that passes through China Glass goes through a unique and rigorous series of quality tests. This ensures that every glass piece from China Glass is of the highest quality and strength.

Stunning Centerpieces

When looking at a glass piece from China Glass it’s hard to believe that it’s a bong. These ornate pieces look more like a Chinese porcelain vase than a bong. The elaborate designs and various shapes of China Glass bongs are incredibly unique. Most of their pieces come in black or white, with intricate floral and avian designs. The inlay designs come in either blue or real gold leaf, giving your bong an air of elegance that you wouldn’t expect.

Best Bongs and Water Pipes From China Glass

Taizong Dynasty Vase Beaker Bong

Best China Glass Bongs

One of the best small bongs is the Taizong Dynasty Vase Beaker Bong. This gorgeous bell-shaped bong makes a unique and stunning addition to any glass collection. The intricate floral inlays give this small bong a flair of elegance. The black and gold version of this bong is an absolute show-stopper.


  • 8.5” tall
  • 14.5mm female joint
  • 14mm male glass bowl
  • $110 – $150

Genghis Standing Bubbler

Best China Glass Bubblers

If you’re looking for something with the portability of a hand pipe and the filtration and diffusion of a water pipe, then the Genghis Standing Bubbler might be the one for you. This lovely bubbler, standing at a modest 8” tall, is the perfect small water pipe. The elegant designs and incredible craftsmanship of China Glass make the Genghis Standing Bubbler one of the best bubblers to buy. 


  • 8” tall
  • 14.5mm female joint
  • 14.5mm male glass bowl
  • $110

Huangdi-Qin Vase Beaker Bong

Best China Glass beaker bongs

The Huangdi-Qin Vase Beaker Bong might just be the best discreet bong on the market. This round bottom glass piece looks more like a vase than a bong. With the addition of a few flowers, you could have this sitting out on your kitchen table for your next gathering and no one would know the difference. Don’t be fooled though, this 9” bong is wider than it looks, allowing it to deliver a surprisingly big hit. 


  • 9” tall
  • 14mm female joint
  • 14mm male glass bowl
  • $200

Nan Dynasty Vase Bong

China Glass Dynasty Series

Another excellent, ornate bong from China Glass is the Nan Dynasty Vase Bong. This beauty is the largest on our list, standing at 15” tall. The elaborate, curvy design makes this one of the more unique and beautiful bongs on the market. The curving profile helps cool and diffuse the smoke through the water while the narrow neck and flaring mouthpiece help direct that perfect hit right where it needs to go.


  • 15” tall
  • 14.5mm female joint
  • 14mm male glass bowl
  • $170

Cao Cao Dynasty Vase Bong

best birthday gifts for weed smokers cao cao bong by china glass

The perfectly sized Cao Cao Dynasty Vase Bong is a thing of beauty. At 12” tall, even the most experienced smokers can get the perfectly-sized hit. The Cao Cao Dynasty Vase Bong has a simple yet elegant design and a sturdy, flat disc stand for exceptional support. The beautiful white design with blue floral inlays is a must-see.


  • 12” tall
  • 14mm female joint
  • 14mm male glass bowl
  • $120 – $160

Song Dynasty Vase Water Pipe

Best China Glass Bongs 2020

The gorgeous Song Dynasty Vase Water Pipe is absolutely one of our favorite bongs. This 10” bong is sleek, simple, and unique. The beaker base curves up into a rounded top, helping the smoke cool and diffuse through the piece. The black version with blue floral inlays is an absolute masterpiece.


  • 10” tall
  • 14.5mm female joint
  • 14mm male bowl
  • $120

Tang Dynasty Vase Bong

china glass bong review the tang dynasty vase bong

Finally, there is the Tang Dynasty Vase Bong. The distinctive design makes it look more like you should be playing it for a cobra than smoking weed out of it. The large, round bottom allows the smoke to diffuse and percolate through the water before travelling up to the second, rounded chamber for an extra step of cooling. The final result is a glorious hit from a beautiful piece. The black version with real gold leaf inlay is pretty enough to put on display.


  • 11” tall
  • 14.4mm female joint
  • 14.4mm male glass bowl
  • $120 – $160

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