Chillums 101: Everything You Need to Know [+10 Best Chillums – 2020]

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April 21, 2020 By Kyle Broussard

When it comes to getting a convenience movie experience, they are our not too many pipes on the market that rival chillums. 

But, before you get your hands on one of these bad boys, it is important to understand what they are, how they work, and if they are worth it for you. 

At HelpingPot, we have spent a lot of time comparing hand pipes and one-hitters over the years. We wrote this complete guide to help you learn:

Let’s get started!

best types of glass hand pipes chillums

What is a Chillum? 

A chillum is a long, small pipe traditionally made out of glass or clay. It has a vertical design, with the full pack placed directly above the mouthpiece, and features a rush hole usually on the side. This type of pipe was first noted in the early 18th century, and became common in Stoner culture in the 1960’s. 

10 Best Chillum Pipes 2020 

1. The Original Monkey Pipe Best chillum pipe - the original monkey pipe
2. Prometheus Nano Chillum by Pyptekbest chillums - pyptek prometheus metal chillum
3. Skipping Stone Chillumbest chillum pipes - skipping stone chillum
4. Glow in the Dark ChillumBest one hitter chillum
5. Empire Glasswork's Turtle Chillumbest custom blow chillum
6. Rasta Themed Chillumbest glass chillums - rasta fumed chillum
7. “The Oregon Trail” by Monkey Pipelist of the best chillums - “The Oregon Trail” by Monkey Pipe
8. Liquid Freezable Glitter ChillumList of the best chillums - Liquid Freezable Glitter Chillum
9. Grav Silicone Tester Chillum
best cheap chillum
10. “Pinch Hitter” by Sesh SupplyList of the best chillum pipes and one hitter pipes - “Pinch Hitter” by Sesh Supply

#1 Best Chillum: The Original Monkey Pipe 

Monkey Pipe

This is probably the coolest pipe we have found in a long time. It fits in the palm of your hand easily, is completely airtight when sealed, and doesn’t look like a pipe at all, making it easy to conceal. The design helps smoke to cool well, and the bowl pack is huge. With more than 5 available colors, it is easy to customize, and with a low cost, it is perfect for smoking on a budget


  • 8 Color Options 
  • 1.75” Long 
  • 2 Ventilation Holes 
  • Made in the USA 
  • Wooden Pipe with Aluminum Bowl
  • Swivel Design 
  • 0.75” Tall 
  • Easily Portable 

What Makes this the Best Chillum Pipe? 

The fact that it is smoother than almost any chillum on the market makes it a clear winner. But then when you couple it with the fact that it is affordable, easy to customize, and fits in the palm of your hand, with an airtight seal, it is hard to imagine why any Stoner wouldn’t want one. Overall, this is the best chillum on the market by a long shot, and it would be hard to imagine a pipe with a smarter design.  

Best Metal Chillum: Prometheus Nano Chillum by Pyptek

The beauty of this chillum is that it has the durability of a metal pipe, coupled with the smoothness of a glass chillum. Pyptek combined a super sturdy aluminum exoskeleton with a traditional glass chillum in order to make one of the best chillums in the world. It is a bit expensive, but you will likely never have to buy another chillum. 


  • 5 Color Options 
  • Easy to Take Apart 
  • Borosilicate Glass 
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum Body 
  • Extra Rubber Gaskets 
  • 4.5” Long 

What Makes this the Best Metal Chillum Pipe?

Honestly what makes this the best metal chillum is that it is not made of metal at all. I mean sure, the outer body is, just for durability, but the inner tubing and bowl is made of thick borosilicate glass for supreme temperature control, durability, and amazing flavor. This pipe is known to take a beating, and is perfect for on the go Stoners who like smoking chillums, but find themselves breaking them too often. 

Most Unique Chillum: Skipping Stone Chillum

Best Chillum Pipes 2020

This is by far the most unique chillum we have come across. Unlike traditional pipe designs, this one has a circular shape similar to a skipping stone (hence the name). This shape also gives it the dual function of a roach clip that can hold those tiny roaches from joints or blunts that can burn your fingers. It is remarkably smooth for its size, and easily fits in a pocket, making it very portable. 


  • 2” Wide 
  • 1.75” Long 
  • 3 Color Options 
  • Sun Design 

What Makes this the Most Unique Chillum? 

We have never seen anything like it. The design makes it strangely inconspicuous, and also gives it the dual function of a roach clip. It is also very affordable, and has a cool design with a few great color schemes. 

Best One Hitter Chillum: Glow in the Dark Chillum

Smoke this chillum all night with its glow in the dark effects. You will have no problem finding this chillum in the dark. With a small bowl and a thin, tube like design, it is more like a one hitter than a chillum, but still has a large bowl pack which makes it great for long smoking sessions. It is also made of thick glass which makes it durable, and well worth the price point. 


  • 3.5” Long
  • Glow in the Dark
  • Rasta Line Design
  • Deep Bowl Pack 
  • Great for Travel
  • Straight Tube Design

What Makes this the Best One Hitter Chillum? 

It is hard to find a smoother hitting, glow in the dark one hitter pipe that has thicker glass and a more durable design at this price point. Overall, this pipe is a pleasure to smoke, and looks beautiful in both, the day and the night. 

Best Custom Blown Chillum: Empire Glassworks Turtle Chillum

best custom blow chillum

This turtle themed chillum is extremely creative and very different from everything out there. It is one of a kind, hand-blown in the USA and features a deep, wide bowl pack with a nifty loop for your finger to hold it. It hits great, and looks even better and is still very affordable. 

Empire Glassworks continues to dazzle us with these one of a kind, high-quality pieces with elegant designs for affordable prices – truly one of the reasons they are considered one of our top bong brands.


  • 3″  
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • 2.25″ Wide 
  • Hand Crafted in the USA 
  • One of a Kind Piece 
  • Turtle Themed Hand Pipe
  • Deep Bowl Pack
  • Stands Upright

What Makes this the Best Custom Blown Chillum? 

It’s hard to imagine more work going into a pipe for less money, especially one made in the United States. This is simply one of the most creative designs we have seen for a very affordable price. We love this pipe, it provides a great smoking experience and am ever better talking point. It also sits on the fins perfectly, to make it easy to place on flat surfaces unlike a lot of other chillums. 

Best Small Chillum: Rasta Themed Chillum

This tiny guy packs a huge hit! That’s why it made it to our list of the best chillums. It’s hard to find a smaller glass chillum that can fit more herbs in the pack. It also has a great design, and is made with thick glass, making it very durable. 


  • 3.5” Long 
  • Deep Bowl Pack 
  • Fumed Glass 
  • Easy to Conceal 
  • Wide Bowl Pack 
  • Rasta Color Scheme 

What Makes this the Best Small Chillum Pipe?

Aside from Monkey Pipes, and other non-traditional chillum designs, if you are looking for a regular glass chillum, this is by far the best option out there for small, compact smoking experiences that still pack a punch. The wide bowl, short length, thick glass, and beautiful color design make this one of our favorites. 

Best Wooden Chillum: “The Oregon Trail” by Monkey Pipe

Best Wooden Pipes

This is not only one of the best wooden chillums in terms of performance, but also in terms of design. The curved trail right up the middle of the pipe allows for the smoke to cool well, while also providing a great look to it while smoking. With a choice of black walnut or white oak, you get a few choices in color scheme. The sealable lid is airtight to keep your herbs dry, and the odor in. 


  • 3” Long 
  • Wooden Chillum
  • 2 Color Options
  • Plastic Cover 
  • Winding Road Design 
  • Sealable Lid
  • Airtight Chamber 
  • Deep Bowl Pack
  • Reliable Brand 

What Makes this the Best Wooden Chillum?

Put simply, there is not a complete wooden chillum on the market that rivals this one in terms of design, ease of use, overall performance, price point, or looks. It is beautiful, easy to use, smooth, and a great talking point for friends while smoking. This thing is a breeze to use, easy to clean, and has a deep pack for big smoke sessions. 

Smoothest Glass Chillum: Liquid Freezable Glitter Chillum

Yep, you read that right, you can actually freeze this chillum! This makes it insanely cool to smoke, and provides smooth hits every time. Made by Dream Pipes, this is a reliable pipe with a thick glass design, feet for sitting on flat surfaces, and a deep glass bowl for large packs. 


  • Made in the USA 
  • Freezable Chillum 
  • Glow in the Dark 
  • Liquid Filled 
  • Thick Glass 
  • 3.5” Long 
  • Deep Bowl Pack

What Makes this the Smoothest Glass Chillum?

Have you ever seen another chillum you could actually freeze? Me neither! What more is there to say? It has a thick glass body, deep bowl, and lastly, it even glows in the dark for night time smoking sessions underneath the stars! 

Best Cheap Chillum: Grav Silicone Tester 

Looking for a chillum that you can depend on for a long time? Something durable, yet still small, stylish, easy to clean, and affordable? 

The GRAV Silicone Sleeved Tester is all you will ever need. With a silicone sleeve protecting the 12mm thick glass from any outside harm around the edges and mouthpiece, this thing can take a beating. 


  • 5 Color Options
  • 12mm Thick Glass 
  • Removable Silicone Sleeve 
  • Easy to Clean 
  • Durable 
  • Smooth Smoke

What Makes this the Best Cheap Chillum?

It is made by a brand you can count on. A lot of cheap chillums out there are made overseas by cheap manufacturers and break after a few uses. These guys make their products right and supply quality every single time. 

Best One Hitter Dugout Combo: “Pinch Hitter” by Smoke Cartel

guide to the best hand pipes sesh supply one hitter and dugout

Again, I suppose it isn’t the best tactic to shoutout the competition when it comes to these types of things, but you have to give credit where it is due, and Smoke Cartel definitely deserves it for this masterpiece dugout and one hitter combo. It is deep, airtight, and very affordable. All you can ask for in a one hitter.  


  • 2 Color Options 
  • 2 Size Options – 3” or 4” 
  • Comes with Aluminum Cigarette One Hitter Pipe 
  • Deep Dugout 
  • Airtight Seal
  • Smoke Cartel Logo

What Makes this the Best One Hitter Dugout Combo?

Overall, it is affordable, easy to clean, comes with a deep bowl pack, and has one of the best seals out of any dugout we have ever used. At the end of the day, it is a good product from a reliable brand at a very low price. It lasts a long time, and replacement one hitters are easy to find and cheap. 

5 Different Types of Chillums 

 believe it or not, there are actually quite a few types of chillum pipes. Over the years, they have evolved as people have tried to find new and creative ways to make them and improve them. 

1. Stone Chillums 

Owning a stone chillum is not very common, and can be extremely hard to find. However, they are long-lasting, easy to clean, and provide a very unique smoking experience. While they are heavier than most glass, clay, or wooden chillums, they are also far more durable.

2. Wooden Chillums 

Wooden chillums we were once very common before glassblowing became more of a refined are, and are making a comeback now. They often feature intricate designs and unique shapes and provide a smooth smoking experience overall. They are very durable, and typically do not track odor with them. This type of chillum is also very affordable and comes in a wide variety. 

3. Glass Chillums 

Glass chillums are the most common type of chillums, as they are the easiest to mass-produce and therefore the easiest to find online. This type of chillum is less durable than wood or stone, but is also easier to clean, and usually lasts longer than wood if you keep it nice. More often than not, you can find this type of pipe at very affordable prices. 

4. Metal Chillums 

Metal chillums have become very common in the last few years, as they are extremely easy to mass produce and are very affordably-priced. This is probably the cheapest type of chillum pipe, but it also provides one of the worst smoking experiences, as metal pipes are known to taint the flavor of the smoke. 

5. One Hitter Pipes 

Some people consider one hitter pipes to be chillums, while others do not. On a technical basis, a one hitter is distinctively different from a chillum in terms of design – with one hitters usually being far skinnier, and not having a tulip-shaped bowl. However, the reason some people get the two confused is because you can often smoked an entire chillum in one large hit. (For expert Stoners only)

Other Types of Chillums 

There are also a few other notable types of chillums:

  • Clay 
  • Homemade 

While clay chillums were the original design, a lot of modern pipemakers have strayed away from using clay, as it is fairly brittle, takes a long time to make, and does not allow them to consistently maintain the same quality. Substituting for glass has enabled them to mass produce large quantities of chillum pipes that are still high quality – at affordable prices. 

There are also plenty of Stoners who enjoy the task of creating homemade smoking devices. Just can include homemade one-hitters and chillums. 

Where to Buy the best Chillums

What Should You Look for in the Best Chillum?

For the most part, chillums are pretty basic, so there isn’t too much to worry about when looking for a new one. But, there are still a few things you should look for in a new chillum pipe:

1. Durability 

Chances are, you are probably looking for a glass chillum. If so, you want to make sure that you pick one that is made of thick, durable glass. This will help it to withstand a few drops, some high temperatures from smoking, and last you throughout the years. If you take care of your pieces, a solid chillum should be able to last you years and years.

2. Design

Chillums are meant to be basic by nature. They are a piece that you can quickly pick up, pack, smoke, and put away in a matter of a few minutes. The more complex they get, the worst their performance tends to be, with a few exceptions. Look for one that is simple and that does not look to revolutionize a trusted design.

That being said, there are a few custom hand blown chillums out there that are created by some of the best glass blowers. If you are into collecting glass, there are also some highly functional, high-quality chillums on the market for you. 

3. Price

For the most part, a regular glass or wooden chillum will run you about $20-$50, with a few exceptional brands running slightly higher. Obviously as you get into custom blown glass, the prices tend to increase dramatically. 

Chillum FAQ 

Let’s take a second to answer some other frequently asked questions we get about chillums. 

How Do You Clean a Chillum? 

Cleaning a chillum is actually easier than you might expect. To get started, you will need the following supplies: 

  • Salt
  • Isopropyl alcohol
  • A container 
  • Water 
  • Q-tips 
  • Pipe cleaners 

From there, you will want to follow these steps carefully

  1. Mix the salt and isopropyl alcohol together in your container
  2. Soak your chillum in the solution for 30-60 minutes 
  3. Take it out and rinse it off thoroughly with warm water 
  4. Use the pipe cleaner and q-tip to remove any excess resin
  5. Rinse again and soak more if needed 
  6. Repeat steps as needed 
  7. Rinse one last time and let dry before smoking again 

If you want a complete guide on how to clean a chillum, we wrote a step-by-step post about it here.

How Do You Smoke a Chillum? 

Smoking a chillum is very easy and straightforward. All you have to do is

  • Pack your chillum – Be sure to not pack it too tight or too loose in order to get optimal airflow.
  • Light it the bowlWith your finger on the rush hole, light your bowl and try to get it from the corners – in order to preserve herbs and make the pack last longer. 
  • InhaleTake a hit of the pipe with your finger still on the rush hole. Once the herbs are lit, take the lighter away and stop lighting it. Otherwise you risk inhaling butane and wasting herbs. 

How Much Does a Chillum Cost? 

A good chillum usually costs between $20-$50, with more intricate and custom blown chillums costing more. Usually, you can even get wooden and glass chillums well within this price range. 

Are Chillums Worth it? 

Yes. For someone who needs a quick pipe to smoke on the go, this is one of the best options. There are dozens of other travel pipes on the market, but very few besides one-hitters stand up to the convenience of having a chillum around. 

How Does a Chillum Work? 

Just like any other pipe, chillums work by creating a vacuum in the inner chambers, while the use sucks air through the pipe. This oxygen then gets sucked through the herbs and fuels the flame, creating smoke. The rush hole regulates the vacuum, allowing you to build smoke up in the chamber while hitting it with your hand over the hole, and then inhale to take a hit once you have removed your finger from the hole. 

Want to Learn More About Chillums? 

Still have more questions about chillums even after reading this guide? No problem, we have all the resources you will need right here: 

Where to Find Great Deals on the Best Chillums 

Looking for some great deals on some of the best chillums? We have a huge selection of one-hitters and chillums in our online headshop!

There you will find great deals on some of the best glass pipe brands and pipes on the market. 

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Thanks for reading, we hope that this guide helped you to get an understanding for what chillums are, how they work, and where you can find the best ones. If you have any questions we didn’t answer, please ask away in the comments below. For more Stoner content, be sure to check out our blog also, where we drop helpful guides like this every week. 

Until next time, stay up 😉 .

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