Top Herb Grinder Brands 2019

Top 10 Weed Grinder Brands
May 9, 2019 By Stoner

When it comes to finding the best herb grinder, the most important thing is to understand what the best grinder brands are. This will help you sift through all of the reviews, options, and opinions out there in order to find the best solution for your needs and wants.

In this guide, we give our comprehensive review of the 10 Best Grinder Brands in 2019, including:

We also add some of our honorable mentions at the end, because there are plenty of top herb grinder companies that did not make our list, but are still worth checking out.

Before we get started, let’s just answer one quick question we get asked all the time.

What Makes A Top Grinder Brand?

We won’t go too in depth on this topic, because we already wrote about it in our Buyer’s Guide for Herb Grinders, but, the main factors we considered when reviewing these herb grinder manufacturers are:

  • Quality
  • Price
  • Customer Reviews
  • Product Variety
  • Uniqueness of Design

If you want to learn more about what makes for a good grinder, we strongly recommend you check out this guide, which answers dozens of grinder FAQ and explains what to look for in a new herb grinder.

To find out more about our top picks for the Best Grinders of 2019, we created this comprehensive guide to help you out.

best marijuana grinder brands space case grinders

1. Space Case Grinders

Space Case Grinders get the top spot on our best grinder brands list for a few major reasons:

  • Made in the USA
  • Tons of product options
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews
  • Great product features


As we mentioned above, Space Case has a wide variety of herb grinders to choose from, including:

  • 2-Piece Grinders
  • 3-Piece Grinders
  • 4-Piece Grinders
  • 2” Diameter
  • 2.5” Diameter
  • 3.5” Diameter

On top of these size options, they also have quite a few design options, with multicolored grinders as well as tons of color options.

Featured Product:

best weed grinders space case grinders 4 piece 2.5 inch grinder

Perhaps our favorite product from Space Case Grinders is the 2.5” 4-Piece Grinder. In our opinion, this is the perfect size grinder, and it really makes no sense to purchase one that does not have a Kief catch.

It comes with a scraper and is made of high grade anodized aluminum. Also, it has a magnetic lid and featured a Nylon O-Ring which prevents metal on metal scraping which can cause warping, and resin build up.


What Makes Space Case the Best Herb Grinder Brand?

For us, there is something to be said about finding quality herb grinders that are made in the United States. Purchasing products from overseas, especially in this industry, often leads to disappointment.

On top of that, we love Space Case because of their:

  • Wide variety
  • Perfect sizes
  • Affordable prices
  • Durable designs

Overall, they have an option for everyone, and also have some beautiful designs that are nice to look at as well.

top weed grinder brands reviews sharpstone grinders

2. Sharpstone Grinders

It was hard to put these guys at #2 on our list because in our opinion, there is hardly a difference between the quality of their grinders and Space Case. The reasons we like Sharpstone Grinder are:

  • Made in the USA
  • Lots of product options
  • Affordable prices
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews
  • 30-Day money back guarantee


Sharpstone Grinders has one of the largest and most interesting varieties of herb grinders on this list. Featuring products like:

  • 2-Piece Grinders
  • 3-Piece Grinders
  • 4-Piece Grinders
  • 5-Piece Grinders
  • Vibrating Grinders
  • Hand Crank Grinders
  • Hard Top Grinders
  • Clear Top Grinders

The vibrating grinder is one of the coolest things I have ever seen. It is battery powered, and can be set to vibrate in order to force Kief to the Kief catch must faster than other herb grinders.

Featured Product:

best weed grinders sharpstone grinders 5 piece grinders

Perhaps our favorite Sharpstone Grinders is their 5-Piece, 2.5” Diameter Grinder. This bad boy has an extra pollen catch above the other one. This extra chamber features wider holes in order to allow even more Kief to slip to the catch, and then be filtered even further for finer, more potent particles.

This 5-Piece Grinder by Sharpstone also features a scraper tool, magnetic top, anodized aluminum, and also has a very modest price point around $50 on average.


What Makes this One of the Best Herb Grinder Brands?

Overall, we like Sharpstone Grinders because they have some of the widest variety of products out there. On top of that, we also like them because of their:

  • Affordable prices
  • Durable designs
  • Portable sizes
  • USA made grinders

At the end of the day, you will never be disappointed with a purchase from these guys. They may not have the best prices, but they are pretty realistic, and you can always bet on them coming with extremely high quality.

top weed grinder companies cali crusher

3. Cali Crusher

Cali Crusher makes the most beautiful grinders on this list. With dozens of colors and custom designs, their quality is only enhanced by the beauty of their designs. The main reasons we like rank Cali Crusher as one of the best grinder brands are:

  • Made in the USA
  • Lots of design options
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews
  • 100% Money back guarantee


Cali Crusher also offers a wide variety of grinders, such as:

  • 4-Piece Grinders
  • 3-Piece Grinders
  • 2-Piece Grinders
  • Hard Top Grinders
  • Clear Top Grinders
  • Crank Top Grinders

They also sell vaporizers, pollen presses, and other storage products. Overall, every one of their products carries with it their beautiful designs, and high quality.

Featured Product:

top marijuana grinders cali crusher 4 piece 2.5 inch grinder

Our favorite Cali Crusher grinder is by far their traditional 4-piece grinder. Mainly because we don’t understand the point of purchasing a grinder without a Kief catch, but also for a few other reasons.

First of all, this thing is made with some of the most durable aluminum on the market. Secondly, it comes with a scraper tool, magnetic lid, and grooved edges for an easy grip.

Cali Crusher does have a bit higher price point than some of the other brands on this list, however, they are based in the United States, and have some of the best quality and design of any grinder we have ever tried. Prices for their 4-piece grinders usually range between $50 and $90.


What Makes this One of the Top Herb Grinder Brands?

We consider Cali Crusher to be one of the best grinder brands because of their:

  • High-quality designs
  • Many color options
  • Wide variety of products
  • Money back guarantee
  • Homegrown manufacturing
  • Removable screens

The removable screen is so convenient, as this is usually one of the first things to go in a grinder due to clogging or breaking. Being able to take it out prevents against excess strain on it over time, and also allows for easy cleaning or replacement.

Overall, purchasing a grinder from Cali Crusher will always leave you satisfied, and besides, even if it doesn’t, you can always return your product for a 100% money back guarantee. This is just one more reason we consider them to be one of the best herb grinder companies.

best marijuana grinder brands kozo

4. Kozo Grinders

Kozo Grinders is one of the only brands to make this list that does not produce their products domestically. While this may raise concern for some Stoners, I assure you, they have the quality and reviews to back it up. The main reasons we consider Kozo to be one of the top grinder brands are:

  • Affordable prices
  • 100% Money back guarantee
  • Over 2,000 5-star reviews
  • Tons of color options


Overall, Kozo keeps their product line pretty simple, focusing on improving their top seller; the Kozo 4-Piece 2.5” Aluminum Grinder. They do have a few other designs, but nothing worth mentioning.

Featured Product:

top weed grinders kozo 2.5 inch grinder

As you may have guessed, due to their small selection of herb grinders, our favorite product from Kozo is their only one worth noting. We simply love this grinder.

It comes with a removable metal screen, making cleaning and replacement easy. It also is made from high-grade aluminum, which is safe for use, and extremely durable.

Lastly, the fact that this grinder is so cheap is what makes it one of the best herb grinders in the world. At just under $20, it is pretty hard to find a better grinder for a better price.


What Makes Kozo One of the Best Grinder Companies?

While Kozo may only have one main product, they have focused on it so much that they are able to deliver one of the best herb grinders in the world, at one of the best price points. Overall, we love this brand for their:

  • Solid design
  • Removable screens
  • Color options
  • Money back guarantee
  • Affordable prices
  • Durable designs

Overall, Kozo Grinders deliver a pleasurable smoking experience and grind consistently well. Their teeth are designed for superior shredding and do just that.

With low prices, high quality, thousands of solid reviews, and a money back guarantee, it is hard to argue against picking up one of these bad boys.

best weed grinder brands kraken grinders

5. Kraken Grinders

Kraken Grinders were once the pinnacle of American made herb grinders. They are still one of the best brands out there, but the recent influx of more affordable options has definitely put a hit on their sales. However, we still love Kraken Grinders and consider them to be one of the top grinder brands for a few reasons:

  • USA made
  • Amazing customer reviews
  • High-quality designs
  • Wide variety of products
  • Constant innovation


One thing that Kraken is heralded for is their constant re-envisioning of the grinder. Over the years, they have brought some extremely revolutionary and one of a kind ideas to the space, and continue to do so. They have a wide variety of products, including:

  • 2-Piece Grinders
  • 4-Piece Grinders
  • Clear Top Grinders
  • Small Grinders
  • Grinder Dugout Combo

Featured Product:

best weed grinders kraken dugout grinder combo

To be honest, while it is a bit unorthodox, one of our favorite products by Kraken Grinders is the Grinder Dugout Combo they dub as “Hermosa”.

This might be one of the coolest grinder designs I have ever seen. It is about 3.5” tall, with a diameter of about 2”. The extra height is due to the fact that this grinder also functions as a one-hitter dugout combo!

It comes with a one-hitter that looks like a cigarette and has a specific carrying chamber for the pipe. It also comes with a scraper tool, and a tool to help pack the one-hitter and clean the dugout.

Overall, it is not a convenient size, but for someone looking for something new that is a convenient combo of a grinder and pipe, this is a solid fit.


What Puts Kraken Grinders in the Top 5 Grinder Brands?

There are a few main reasons why we consider Kraken Grinders to be one of the best grinder brands out there:

  • Quality Products
  • Constant Innovation
  • Decent Prices
  • Made in the USA
  • Great Reviews

Overall, Kraken Grinders has a solid variety of products with color options. They do not have the widest variety but are known more for their consistent quality and innovation in the space. We definitely consider them to be one of the best grinder brands and recommend any of their products.

best marijuana grinder companies review golden gate grinders

6. Golden Gate Grinders

Golden Gate Grinders is another California based grinder company that makes top-notch products. The main reasons we consider them to be one of the best are:

  • Affordable prices
  • Hundreds of 5-star reviews
  • High-quality products
  • Made in the USA
  • 100% Money back guarantee


GGG keeps it simple, mass producing their 4-Piece grinder. They offer it in a few different color options, but overall, this is their flagship product.

Featured Product:

best weed grinders 2019 golden gate grinders 2.5 inch 4 piece grinder

As you may have guessed, the featured product for these guys is their only product. Now, you may be asking yourself, “how can they a top grinder company if they only have one product?”. Well, you could ask the same thing about multiple billion dollar companies in the world.

The main thing that helps these guys make the list is the fact that they have some of the best reviews on the market. And the reason for this is because they deliver a quality grinder every single time.

Made from aircraft grade aluminum, these grinders are tough. On top of that, they have 49 razor sharp teeth that consistently shred herbs. A magnetic lid keeps things in place, and a fat Kief catch awaits pollen at the bottom.


What Do We Like About Golden Gate Grinders?

We like GGG for a few main reasons:

  • Great price point
  • Solid aluminum grinders
  • Color options
  • Hard, sharp teeth
  • Large Kief catch
  • Money back guarantee

Overall, Golden Gate Grinders is one of the best grinder brands because they consistently deliver an extremely high-quality product at a very low price point. On top of that, they are made in the USA, making them more trustworthy. Lastly, the money back guarantee takes all pressure off your first purchase, ensuring quality or your money back.

top marijuana grinder brands review 2019 zip grinders

7. Zip Grinders

Zip Grinders is one of the more unique companies to make our list, taking a different approach to selling their products, featuring dozens of box offerings that come with gear and grinders. Overall, Zip made the list for a few main reasons:

  • 90 Day limited warranty
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Affordable prices
  • Variety of products
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews
  • Made in the USA


Zip Grinders offers a wide variety of grinders, including:

  • Large Herb Grinders
  • Designer Grinders
  • Medium Grinders
  • 4-Piece Grinders

Overall, these guys have a decent selection of products. It is not too wide, but also not limited. All of their products are considered to be very high-quality in terms of design and functionality.

Featured Product:

best herb grinders guide zip grinders mega crusher 4 piece grinder

Of all the Zip Grinders on the market, our favorite is without a doubt the Mega Crusher. This a large grinder, that features a large chamber for herbs to stay. This one is only for our Super Stoners, the ones who just can’t put them blunts down.

It comes with 49 razor sharp teeth, a clear top and clear chamber. It also has a removable magnetic screen, making cleaning and replacement easy.

It is 2.5” in diameter and 3.5” tall. Most of this extra height is added in the chamber where herbs are held, which is why we recommend this one for the huge Stoners. At a $22 price point, you technically are getting a bargain deal even compared to cheaper 4-piece grinders when you consider the extra space for herbs.


What Makes Zip One of the Top Herb Grinder Brands?

Overall, there are a few main reasons why we consider Zip to be one of the best in the game:

  • Huge grinders
  • Modest price points
  • Very sharp teeth
  • Lots of design options
  • Removable screens
  • Durable materials
  • Warrantees

Overall, Zip Grinders is one of the best grinder companies because they take extreme pride in what they do. Producing high-quality grinders that last a very long time at affordable prices.

When you factor in their 90-day money back guarantee and lifetime quality guarantee, Zip is easy to put on this list.

list of best marijuana grinder brands santa cruz shredder

8. Santa Cruz Shredder Grinders

Santa Cruz Shredder is another homegrown grinder company that has been making a splash in the industry. Overall, they are known for their:

  • Special edition grinders
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews
  • Affordable prices
  • USA made grinders
  • Wide variety of products
  • High-quality designs


Santa Cruz Shredder offers a fairly wide variety of grinders, including:

  • 2-Piece Grinders
  • 3-Piece Grinders
  • 4-Piece Grinders
  • Special Edition Grinders

On top of that, their products are available in dozens of color options, even including some grinders which feature multiple colors at once, such as Rasta themes and rainbow themes.

All said and done, these guys offer over 100 different styles of herb grinders on their website, which means they have something for everyone.

Featured Product: 

top grinder brands reviewed santa cruz shredder rasta 2.5 inch 4 piece grinder

Our favorite product from these guys is their Rasta Themed 4-Piece Grinder. This bad boy features the iconic Rasta colors and is otherwise the same as their other 4-piece items.

It is 2.5” in diameter and features 30 razor-sharp teeth ready to rip herbs to shreds. On top of that, this bad boy comes with a magnetic lid, scraper tool, and is made from medical grade anodized aluminum.

Lastly, the price point on this grinder is not too high considering the custom design. At around $75, this is still a great deal considering the quality and beauty of the design. A traditional colored 4-piece grinder from Santa Cruz Shredder will run you around $50.


What Makes Santa Cruz Shredder a Top Herb Grinder Brand?

We like Santa Cruz Shredder for a number of reasons, mainly:

  • High-quality aluminum
  • Revolutionary teeth design
  • Hundreds of designs
  • Scratch resistant finish
  • Extremely durable
  • Strong screens

Overall, these guys mean business. They take the design of their herb grinders very seriously and it shows in their final product.

Their tooth design allows for consistent and easy shredding, and their scratch resistant outer coating keeps grinders in great condition much longer than the competition. On top of that, their screens are tight and far less susceptible to breaking and clogging than others because of their high-quality design.

Lastly, Santa Cruz Shredders also have a very modest price point. Although it is a bit higher than some of the other brands mentioned on this list, it is still a great long term purchase. The wide range of design and color options also makes it easy to find a unique herb grinder that is perfect for you.

top weed grinder companies 2019 masterdam rolling supplies

9. Masterdam Grinders

Masterdam Rolling Supplies is a UK based company that specializes in producing high-quality herb grinders and rolling supplies. They are best known for their:

  • Wide variety of grinders
  • Thousands of 5-star reviews
  • High-quality designs
  • Durable grinders
  • Affordable prices


Masterdam has a decent array of herb grinders that they offer, including:

  • 2-Piece Grinders
  • 4-Pieces Grinders
  • 5-Piece Grinders
  • Crank Top Grinders

Overall, they have something for just about anyone, with very affordable prices and high-quality grinders.

Where their products really shine is the 25 razor sharp teeth, which are designed in a boomerang-like shape, helping them grind herbs effectively. Also, all of their grinders are made from highly durable CNC grade aluminum.

Featured Product:

best grinder brands 2019 masterdam 2.5 inch 4 piece grinder

Our favorite product from Masterdam Rolling Supplies is their 4-Piece Grinder. This piece comes with an awesome carrying case and holding case to keep it nice over a long period of time.

On top of that, they make their products with a scratch resistant outer anodized coating, keeping them nice for a long time, even for the clumsy Stoners out there.

The price point on all of Masterdam’s products is very reasonable, sitting around $25 to $45. They have a decent variety of colors and designs for each product they offer.


What Do We Like About Masterdam Rolling Supplies Grinders?

Overall, there is a lot to like about these guys. Some of our favorite factors are:

  • 100% money back guarantee
  • Scratch resistant finish
  • Sharp, custom designed teeth
  • Carrying case included
  • Affordable prices

These grinders are the perfect size to easily fit in pockets and bags, they have a great seal, awesome reviews, wide variety, and affordable prices. Overall, you can’t go wrong with one of these grinders. Even if you do, the money back guarantee is a way to ensure happiness with your purchase.

best grinder companies review kannastor

10. Kannastor Grinders

Kannastor has some of the most unique herb grinders on our list. These guys provide extremely high-quality products on a consistent basis and are also known for their:

  • Thousands of 5-star reviews
  • Wide variety of products
  • Detachable and replaceable screens
  • Lifetime warranties
  • Customization options


Kannastor offers the following types of grinders:

  • 2-Piece Grinders
  • 4-Piece Grinders
  • 5-Piece Grinders
  • Customizable Grinders

These guys offer one of the most amazing grinders on the market actually, with their GR8TR line, which we will address more in the next section.

Featured Product:

best weed grinder companies kannastor gr8tr custom weed grinder

Without a doubt, our favorite grinder by Kannastor is their GR8TR Jar Body Grinder. The point of this grinder is to be as convenient as possible for users. Each section comes apart on its own, and can be combined with other sections, to make the grinder larger or smaller, depending on what you prefer.

Overall, there are 4 chambers in this grinder. You can choose to use just the top section and storage, or just the storage and Kief catch. You can also use one of the 2 grinding chambers to turn this thing into a 2-piece or 3-piece grinder if needed. There are a lot of options for customization.

The best part about this grinder other than the way you can choose what to use is that it has replaceable screens, which you can purchase extras if needed. On top of that, this grinder features some of the best-designed teeth we have ever seen, for smooth and effective grinding each time.

Lastly, the GR8TR grinder has a huge chamber for herbs, making it great for you Super Stoners out there. It is a bit taller than most herb grinders, at 3.5” tall, but this is well worth it. The price point is also a bit high, around $100, but for the right person, it is well worth it.


What Makes Kannastor a Top 10 Herb Grinder Brand?

Overall, Kannastor is one of the best herb grinder brands because they are committed to quality, and have revolutionized the grinder game with their GR8TR line. The other reasons they made our list are:

  • Affordable prices
  • High-quality designs
  • Durability
  • Options for everyone

At the end of the day, we love Kannastor, and it was hard to put them only at the 10 spot on this list. They have some of the coolest grinder designs we have ever seen, and show a strong commitment to quality.

The money back guarantee they offer also ensures that you will be satisfied no matter what when you purchase from them.

Honorable Mentions

Because I know someday down the road I will come back to this comment section and see comments like, “Bro how did you not include this company?! They are the best!”, I thought it would be cool to include an Honorable Mentions section for the grinder brands that barely missed the list.

Overall, to think that there are only 10 grinder companies that do it right is absolutely absurd. It is hard to distinguish the best from these brands, especially when there is such a small window between features, design, and price point. So, here are 5 more grinder brands that could have easily made this list:

top weed grinder brands black tie grinders

1. Black Tie Grinders

Black Tie is a solid grinder brand. They have just a few product options, all of which are 4-piece grinders. Their prices are affordable, and their quality is undeniable. They also offer a money back guarantee, which is awesome for first-time buyers.

best grinder brands reviews phoenician engineering grinders

2. Phoenician Engineering

Phoenician Engineering is known for their high quality and elite herb grinders. They are a bit more expensive than most other grinder brands on this list, as they are more of a luxury brand. In fact, they have a gold plated grinder that retails for $1,500!

best grinder manufacturers g star grinders

3. G-Star Grinders

G-Star Grinders have similar quality and price points as the other brands on this list. They are known best for their high-quality teeth, and beautiful colored designs. Their prices are very affordable, and they always come with a quality product.

best marijuana grinder companies mendo mulcher

4. Mendo Mulcher

Mendo Mulcher produces some of the most interesting looking grinders on the market. You almost get that homemade, or small machine shop type feel from them, as you can see some of the lines left from manufacturing on most of their product. Some people like this, others don’t.

However, whatever your look preferences, Mendo Mulcher delivers high-quality products made in the USA, at the middle of the line price point. They have a wide variety of products.

top herb grinder brands platinum grinders

5. Platinum Grinders

Platinum Grinders is another highly reviewed grinder company that does most of their sales through Amazon. They have a small variety of products, but each one is very high quality.

find the best weed grinders cheap

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