The Best Way to Take Your CBD

what is the best way to take cbd in 2020 - complete beginners guide
January 28, 2020 By Kyle Broussard

If you’ve read up on CBD – chances are you’ve noticed that there are tons of ways to take CBD. To be honest, as a beginner, it’s a bit overwhelming.

At the end of the day all you want to know is, “what’s the best way to take CBD”. But, the answer’s not as simple as you might think.

Depending on a lot of factors like the dosage you need, how often you take it, what symptoms you’re suffering from, etc… different types of CBD products may work better for you. 

At HelpingPot, we believe in helping you get the right information in order to make the best decision – and find the best relief for your needs. We created this guide to help you learn the best way to take CBD – no matter what your needs are. 

In this guide, you will learn: 

Let’s get started!  

best way to take cbd - what you should know about cbd first

First: A Little About CBD

Without going into too much depth, here’s what you need to know about CBD: 

  • CBD is a cannabinoid → a chemical compound found in hemp plants that affects your endocannabinoid system (ECS) – learn more about CBD here
  • Your ECS plays a key role in → sleep, inflammation, fertility, reproduction, mood, and stress 
  • CBD does not have psychoactive effects → it will not make you feel “high” and also won’t show up on a drug test – learn more about how CBD makes you feel here
  • CBD is federally legal in the United States → some states have strict rules about it, but for the most part, it’s legal – learn more about CBD laws here
  • CBD is known for treating pain, stress, and inflammation → associated with many health conditions – learn more about the benefits of CBD for health conditions here
  • It has very few known side effects and is non-toxic → minor side effects include nausea, fatigue, anxiety, and headaches 
  • You can easily find out what’s in your CBD products → while the industry is still unregulated (for now), lots of trusted CBD brands report on a regular basis exactly what’s in their batches 
  • There are tons of different CBD products → no matter how you need to take it or how you prefer to take it, there’s something just right for you – browse the best CBD products here

To learn more about CBD and find answers to your questions, check out the resources linked above, or visit our blog for even more CBD content. 

whats the best way to take cbd

The Different Ways to Take CBD

Now that you know a bit more about CBD, let’s get into the best way to take it based on your needs. 

The first thing you should know is that there are a lot of different types of CBD. Based on your preferences, the dose you need, and the type of relief you are looking for, you may prefer one over the other. 

We will explain exactly who each type of CBD is best for – to help you find the right solution for your needs. 

best way to take cbd for beginners - cbd tinctures

1. CBD Tinctures: Best Way to Take CBD for Beginner’s 

If it’s your first time using CBD, it’s best to get started with something like CBD tinctures or CBD edibles. CBD tinctures are highly concentrated cannabidiol liquids in a small vile. 

Much like other tinctures, they are taken sublingually (under the tongue). Simply use the dropper to take the recommended dosage, place it under your tongue, let it sit for a few minutes to absorb, and swallow the rest. 

Are CBD Tinctures Right for Me? 

Based on your needs, CBD tinctures may be best for you if: 

  • You need quick absorption 
  • You need medium to high daily doses 
  • You need full-body relief 
  • You want a more effective method of absorption 
  • You’re looking for a good value 

This makes tinctures a great fit for people with: 

  • Chronic pain
  • Chronic inflammation 
  • Insomnia or trouble sleeping 
  • Arthritis or other joint problems 
  • Cancer like symptoms 
  • Lack of appetite 
  • And more… 

The reason that tinctures are so great for beginners is that they give you a great look into the world of CBD. They give you an easy way to begin taking daily doses for relief, on a consistent basis that is easy to alter if needed. If you find yourself enjoying the benefits of CBD, then you can upgrade to a different tincture or another type of CBD product. 

Find the Best CBD Tinctures for You

best way to take cbd for beginners - cbd tinctures

Our large selection of CBD Tinctures features awesome deals on some of the best brands. Browse the best 100, 300, 500mg+ tinctures in all sorts of flavors! 

Have more questions about tinctures before getting started? Our CBD blog has all the answers you’re looking for.

best way to take cbd edibles

2. CBD Edibles: Best Way to Take CBD for Daily Use

CBD edibles are edible forms of cannabidiol. They come in hundreds of forms and flavors, from gummies to chocolate bars, drinks, and more. These are a great way to get started as a beginner because they are easy to remember to take, they taste great, and they are easy to dose. 

Because of these reasons, edibles are also perfect for people trying to get in a daily dose of CBD. Much like gummies make multivitamins easy to remember and tasty to take, edibles do the same for cannabidiol. 

Are CBD Edibles Right for Me? 

Based on your needs, CBD edibles may be best for you if: 

  • You’re just getting started with CBD 
  • You want an easy way to adjust your dosage over time 
  • You don’t like the taste of CBD oil or hemp oil 
  • You want a lot of options for taking your CBD 
  • You plan on taking CBD daily 
  • You’re looking for good value 
  • You want long-lasting relief that lasts all-day 
  • You need full-body relief 

This makes edibles a great fit for people with: 

  • Chronic pain 
  • Chronic inflammation 
  • Cancer like symptoms 
  • Anxiety 
  • Insomnia or trouble sleeping 
  • Fatigue and need for energy 
  • And more…

The reason we recommend edibles for people looking to get a daily dosage of CBD is simple: they make the process easy, enjoyable, and easy to remember. On top of that, they have great value in terms of the $/mg of CBD you’re paying for. Lastly, they offer a large variety and make dosing very easy. 

Find the Best CBD Edibles for You

best way to take cbd edibles

Our selection of CBD Edibles features tasty deals on some of the best brands. Browse the best 5, 10, 20, 30mg+ edibles in all sorts of flavors! 

Still not sure about CBD edibles? Don’t worry, we have tons of content that can help you learn more. Browse our blog for helpful guide , tips, tricks, and more.
best way to take cbd topicals

3. CBD Skin Care Products: Best Way to Take CBD for Isolated Pain & Inflammation 

CBD skin products have tons of variations. From lotion, moisturizers, toners, creams, salves, pain patches, and more – almost every regular skin care product has a CBD counterpart. 

For the most part, CBD skin care products revolve around providing healthier and more natural alternatives to chemical-based products on the market. If you’re looking for a healthier way to take care of your skin – CBD is a great option. Most of these products have small doses of cannabidiol which provides nutrients for your body and skin but are not meant to be taken primarily for relief.

CBD is also infused into a lot of pain relief-based skin care products as well, such as creams, salves, and patches. These products work to provide high-potency relief to specific areas of your body – such as joints, muscles, and ligaments. They can even be mixed with CBD isolate to enhance their strength and provide more relief.

Are CBD Topicals & Lotions Right for Me? 

Based on your needs, CBD skin care products may be best for you if: 

  • You’re looking for a healthy alternative to skin care products 
  • You need high strength relief on specific areas of your body 
  • Regular skin care products with chemicals bother or irritate your skin 
  • You don’t need full-body relief 
  • You need quick absorption and long-lasting relief 
  • You’re looking for a more natural way to deal with chronic pain and inflammation
  • You’re an athlete looking for help with muscle spasms and recurring muscle pain 

This makes skin care products a great fit for people with: 

  • Chronic pain 
  • Chronic inflammation 
  • Arthritis 
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 
  • Recurring joint, muscle, or ligament pain 
  • Muscle spasms 

The reason we recommend CBD skin care products for people with these needs is that they offer superior relief for specific areas of the body dealing with pain and inflammation. Other skin care products also proved affordable solutions for people who need a more natural way to take care of their skin daily. 

Find the Best CBD Topicals for You

best way to take cbd topicals

Our selection of CBD Topicals, Lotions, Creams, Salves, and More features a wide variety of soothing products from some of the best all natural brands. Browse the best cleaning, cooling, soothing, and moisturizing products today! 

For those of you who prefer flavor, but would rather smoke or vape CBD – this next category is right up your alley. Vaping CBD is definitely one of the preferred ways to get your daily dosage among users thanks to its flavorful, customizable, and convenient experience. 

best way to take cbd vape

4. CBD Vape & Flower: Best Way to Take CBD for Smokers 

Much like it’s kissing cousin, cannabis, CBD can be made into vape form, or smoked in its plant form – hemp. CBD Vape and CBD joints have quickly become popular ways to get cannabidiol. Both provide a large dose of cannabidiol through quick absorption into your lung tissue. 

For the most part, they make for a smooth smoking experience. The pre-rolled joints do carry with them a pretty noticeable and pungent smell – not quite as noticeable as cannabis, but fairly similar. Vaping on the other hand offers tons of flavor options and can easily be put into most modern vape rigs or pens. 

Is CBD Vape Right for Me? 

Based on your needs, CBD vape and flower products may be best for you if: 

  • You need very quick absorption 
  • You need high doses of CBD on a daily basis 
  • You prefer to smoke or vape and are looking for a healthier alternative 
  • You need constant relief throughout the day 

This makes vape and flower a great fit for people with: 

  • Cancer related symptoms 
  • Need for full-body relief 
  • Chronic pain 
  • Chronic inflammation 
  • High CBD tolerances 

The reason we recommend CBD vape or flower for smokers or people who prefer this method of absorption is that it makes for an easy way to get consistent and high-strength relief on a regular basis throughout the day. They make for a great alternative to smoking cannabis or cigarettes, and also provide a lot of relief. Lastly, they offer a way to accurately dose your CBD intake, while managing quick relief throughout the day as needed. 

Find the Best CBD Vape for You

best way to take cbd vape

Our selection of CBD Vape selection features tasty deals on some of the top brands. Browse the best 50, 100, 200, 500mg+ vape cartridges and kits in all sorts of flavors! 

If vaping isn’t enough for you, and you need something even stronger – CBD isolate might be your best choice. Let’s learn a bit more:

the best way to take cbd isolate

5. CBD Isolate: Best Way to Take CBD in Large Doses

CBD isolate is a highly concentrated form of CBD that is 99% pure or more. It typically comes in a white powder, and is taken by being added to food, water, or some form of CBD product such as a topical (skin product) or a tincture. 

This type of CBD is meant for people who need high doses of CBD on a regular basis, people who want to strengthen their existing CBD products, or for people who want to get the best value for their dollar. Isolate is expensive but it provides the highest amount of cannabidiol (in mg) for your dollar. 

Is CBD Isolate Right for Me? 

Based on your needs, CBD isolate may be best for you if: 

  • You need high-strength relief 
  • You need long-lasting relief on a daily basis 
  • You want to improve the effectiveness of your existing CBD regiment 
  • You want to get the best value for your $ 
  • You want a solution that will last you a very long time 

This makes isolate a great fit for people with: 

  • Chronic pain 
  • Chronic inflammation
  • Cancer like symptoms 
  • Arthritis
  • Joint, muscle, and bone pain 
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS) 
  • Need for high doses 
  • A want to experiment with your CBD dosage
  • A desire to try CBD in multiple forms 

The reason we recommend isolates for people who need CBD in high doses is that they are the strongest form of CBD. On top of that, they offer the best value for your dollar, and allow you to experiment with many types of CBD (such as topicals, edibles, and tinctures) by adding to them to make them stronger. Lastly, they also provide a very easy way to continually change your dosage as needed over time.

best way to take cbd capsules

6. CBD Pills & Capsules: Best Way to Take CBD Quickly and Easily

CBD pills and capsules are an easy and affordable way to get the relief you need on a daily basis. They tend to come in large amounts (50-200+ capsules or pills) making it easy for you to stay supplied for a long period of time. 

These pills and capsules also come in a wide variety of doses, from 5mg all the way up to 30mg+ per. This makes dosing easy, and also makes it easy to adjust your dosage over time to get the best results. On top of that, you get a very solid value in terms of $/mg and also get all day relief. 

Are CBD Capsules & Pills Right for Me? 

Based on your needs, CBD capsules and pills may be best for you if: 

  • You need medium to high strength relief 
  • You plan on taking CBD daily 
  • You’re looking for great value 
  • You’re not quite sure what your dosage is yet 
  • You prefer something with no taste or smell 
  • You need all day relief 

This makes capsules and pills a great fit for people with: 

  • Chronic inflammation 
  • Chronic pain 
  • Need for full body relief 
  • Need for long-lasting relief 
  • Need quick and easy daily doses 

The reason we recommend CBD capsules and pills for people who need quick and easy relief is that they’re so simple to take. You don’t have to think about doses, worry about filling a dropper, or anything of the sort. Simply take the right amount of pills each day at the same time and log your performance.

Find the Best CBD Capsules for You

best way to take cbd capsules

Our selection of CBD Capsules and Pills features lovely deals on some of the best brands. Browse the best 5, 10, 30, 50mg+ edibles in all sorts of flavors! 

Now that you know all about the different ways you can take CBD, it’s time to find out how to get the best results. Depending on the type of relief you need, one type of CBD may be better for you. Let’s do a quick recap: 

how should i take cbd

What’s the Best Way to Take CBD for Me? 

It all depends. As you can see, there are quite a few different ways to take CBD. None of them are better or worse, just different – for people with different preferences and needs. Overall, finding the best way to take CBD for you depends on: 

  • How long you need relief for → you may need fast acting relief for a short period of time, or you may need relief that lasts all day long, sometimes you might need both
  • What part of your body needs the relief → some types of CBD work for your whole body, while others focus specifically on certain areas 
  • How much CBD you need daily → certain types of CBD may be limited in their strength, while others are as strong as you make them 
  • Your preferences for flavor, etc… → some CBD is plain and flavorless, others come in assorted flavors 
  • What works best for your body → you may find that one type of CBD seems to give you better results over time, even at the same dosage

Overall, finding the best way to take CBD for you can take a while. It’s important to be safe and patient during the process. You should always speak to your doctor before using CBD – this can help you find the right dosage to start with and keep you safe. 

We also strongly recommend that you keep a journal of your experiences with CBD, and give it some time to work. Simply trying it for a few days is not enough time to understand if it’s right for you or not. 

how to get the best results from cbd

How to Get the Best Results from Your CBD Experience 

Often times, the thing that makes the most difference in finding the best CBD for you is changing how you take it. Knowing exactly how to get the best out of your experience can make a world of difference, so here are some tips to help you maximize your CBD experience:  

1. Be Patient: It Can Take Some Time  

Sometimes CBD can take a while to build up in your system. There is still a lot of research being done on this, but scientists presume the ECS system in your body can be deficient in CBD and other cannabinoids. This can cause people to not experience the benefits of cannabidiol for a long period of time until their system has built up enough cannabinoids. 

In order to make sure you give CBD the right amount of time to work in your body, you should give it a try for at least 1-3 months of daily doses. If by the end of this time period, you still haven’t noticed results, you may need to take a higher dosage, or it may just not be for you. But in theory, because your body has an ECS, cannabidiol should have an effect on your body – so chances are your dosage is off if you aren’t feeling results.  

2. Document Your Progress: Know Your Body

Just like exercising or dieting, you should be taking note every time you take CBD. You’ll want to log things like: 

  • How much CBD did you take? 
  • How did it make you feel? 
  • What time did you take it?
  • How many days in a row have you taken it? 
  • How are you feeling differently on a daily basis? 

Over time, this will help you to understand what works and what doesn’t. It will also help you to learn more about your body to improve your results and get a better experience.  

Want an easy way to log all of your CBD progress? We created this awesome My CBD Journal to help you keep track of your dosage, habits, and results. 

3. Adjust Your Dose As Necessary: Find Your Sweet Spot 

Everyone’s body is different. Some people have higher tolerances than others. For some people, certain types of CBD work better than others. The only way to truly optimize your experience is to be willing to experiment over time to find the best relief for your needs. 

As time goes on, you’ll want to adjust your dosage as needed. You may find that you’re taking too much and it is giving you minor anxiety. Or, you may find that you’re not taking enough and it isn’t giving you the relief you need. Just be sure to log your progress and what you change in order to be able to track your results over time. 

4. Speak to Your Doctor First: Yes, You Really Should 

Look, CBD ultimately isn’t that dangerous, and there is no known toxic dosage of it for humans. Regardless, you should speak with your doctor before taking CBD because it can interact negatively with certain medications. 

By speaking with your doctor, you can make sure that you’re not putting yourself in danger, and you’re starting off on the right dosage. Chances are, they’ll give you the thumbs up for CBD, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry. 

5. Take Your CBD Regularly: Develop A Schedule 

Much like other medications or supplements, you’ll get better results by taking it daily around the same time. Whether it’s in the morning or the evening, try to be consistent with your dosing of CBD. 

Doing this will help your body get used to taking it, and it will also help you to track your progress better. Over time, this will allow you to really fine tune your dosage to get the best results. 

Where to Find the Best CBD Online 

Want to find great deals on the best CBD products? At HelpingPot, we have a large selection of some of the best CBD brands on the market. From edibles all the way to skin products, we have everything you need. 

Get started finding great deals on your favorite CBD products: 

Or, for even more educational content like this, check out our CBD blog. We have tons of resources to help you find answers to your questions, and great deals on the best products. 

Thank you for reading, we hope that this helped you to figure the best way to take CBD for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask below – we’ll get back to you with an answer as soon as we can! 

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