Best Tall Bongs over 3 Feet Tall

Bongs above 3 feet
September 18, 2020 By Cody Marchant

When it comes to smoking marijuana, bongs are some of the best ways to do it. These magnificent tools come in all shapes and sizes, meaning there’s a perfect bong for just about everyone. One of the best ways to smoke pot, especially with your friends, is with tall bongs.

How Tall is a Tall Bong?

So how tall is a tall bong anyway? The tallest bong in the world is Bongzilla, in the Cannabition Cannabis Museum in Las Vegas. This massive bong sits at a mind blowing 24ft tall and weighs in at 800lbs! Don’t worry, your bong doesn’t have to be over 20ft to be considered a tall bong. The most common sizes for large bongs are between 3ft – 5ft tall.

What are the Benefits of Tall Bongs?

  • Bigger and stronger hits from tall bongs
  • Tall bongs have a better filtration system
  • Big bongs are typically built with stronger material, like acrylic, making them less likely to break
  • Large bongs are perfect for parties or a get-together with the friends

10 Best Tall Bongs

Headway Big Boy Acrylic Bong – $62 – $84

Best Tall bongs

The Headway Big Boy Acrylic Bong comes in four different sizes and 12 different colors, meaning there’s a perfect combination for just about everyone. Standing at 36” (3’), 48” (4’), 60” (5’), or 72” (6’), this is the best bong for your buck. The acrylic design makes this an incredibly tough piece, not easily broken. The placement of the bowl near the mouthpiece makes it easy to use this Big Boy, even for a single person.


  • 36”, 48”, 60”, and 72” tall
  • $62, $68, $78, and $84 
  • 9mm female joint
  • Able to be used and lit by one person

Glowfly Glass 55” Super Thick Bong – $320.00 

Super Tall/thick bongs

The Glowfly Glass 55” Super Thick Bong is one of the more elegant choices for a tall bong. The superb glass work, bent neck design, and beaker base make this bong absolutely gorgeous. Standing at 55” tall, this bong is made to impress. It even includes an ice catch, capable of holding nearly 4’ of ice cubes. Hits from this tall bong have the luxurious, cool, and silky smooth hits that you would expect from such a pretty piece.


  • 55” (4.5 ft) tall
  • $320 and worth every penny
  • 14mm female joint 
  • An ice pinch at the base of the neck lets you enjoy comfortable, cool hit
  • Requires a second person to light it

Bougie Glass 6 Foot Bong – $184.25

Super Tall Bongs

Every bong collection needs at least one very tall bong. One of the best options is the 6 Foot Bong from Bougie Glass. This glorious piece is exactly as the name describes, 6 feet tall. The simple beaker base design with it’s long, straight neck provides an efficient smoking experience. The ice pinch in the neck lets you add ice for a cooler, smoother smoking session.


  • 6 feet tall
  • $184.25, on sale from $280.00
  • 14mm female joint 
  • The ice catcher adds an extra level of cooling and filtering, enhancing your smoking experience
  • Requires a second person to light it

EF420 Honeycomb Missile Bong 35” – $242.20

Tall bong with honeycomb perc

The Honeycomb Missile Bong from EF420 is a 35” masterpiece. The straight tube design includes five honeycomb percolators. This boosts the filtration, ensuring any debris or excess tar gets captured before reaching you. An ice catch, just above that last percolator, gives you the option to add ice to your bong for a cooler experience.


  • 35” tall
  • $242.20
  • 18mm female joint 
  • Includes five honeycomb percolators and an ice catcher
  • Comes in two colors: green and pink
  • Able to be used and lit by one person

3ft 9mm King Bong – $180.00

over 3 foot tall bong

At three feet tall and made with extremely durable 9mm glass, the King Bong certainly earns its name. The wide base of the beaker design makes this bong stable and steady as well, helping you avoid any accidents. With an extra ice pinch and the extreme length of the neck, the smoke will be cooler and less harsh on your throat and lungs.


  • 36” tall
  • $180.00
  • Includes an ice catcher and a stable beaker design
  • Able to be used and lit by one person

Sky Glass Roots 44” Self Service Bong – $419.00 – $477.00

4 foot tall bong

The most beautiful tall bong on this list is the Roots 44” Self Service Bong from Sky Glass. This stunning creation is nothing short of a work of art. The beautifully blown glass and intricate design work leaves everyone speechless. Not only is this bong big and beautiful, it’s incredibly effective too. The ice catcher in the neck allows you to add that extra layer of cool luxury and the perfect placement of the bowl makes it so you can enjoy this tall, unique bong on your own.


  • 44” tall
  • $419.00 – $477.00
  • 14mm female joint
  • Beautifully intricate glasswork and colorful design
  • Able to be used and lit by one person

TAG 30” Straight Tube Bong $179.99

TAG 4 foot bong

The 30” Straight Tube Bong by TAG is a perfect, no-nonsense bong. The straight pipe design is elegant in its simplicity and even includes an ice catch. The extended bowl makes it easier for one person to use and light it. The 9mm thick glass makes it less likely to break. The 30” Straight Tube Bong is a perfect bong to bring to a party.


  • 30” tall
  • $179.99
  • 18mm female joint
  • Comes in six different accent color options
  • Able to be used and lit by one person

TAG 30” Beaker Bong – $214.99

Bongs that are over 3 feet

The 30” Beaker Bong by TAG is another example of simple elegance. The beaker design is one of the most popular styles of bong. This nearly three foot monster of a beaker is made with 9mm thick glass, meaning it can take an accident or two. The ice catch in the neck makes a great addition and allows you to create a more soothing experience. The simple design of the straight pipe ensures you and your party get massive hits, every time.


  • 30” tall
  • $214.99
  • 18mm female joint
  • Able to be used and lit by one person

Tall AF Bong

tallest bong

The Tall AF Bong is one of the most unique on the list. The borosilicate glass designs on the base and mouthpiece are all unique. To make it even more unique, the hand-blown designs come in four different colors, yellow, white, black, and red. No two are alike, making this the perfect choice for someone who loves exclusivity. The beaker design is a notoriously stable design, helping protect your beautiful new bong from tipping over.


  • 30” tall
  • Comes in four beautiful colors
  • 18mm female joint
  • Able to be used and lit by one person

Zam Smoke 4ft Giant Beaker Glass Water Pipe – $379.99

10 best bongs that are tall

If you’re looking for a bong that will test your limits, the Zam Smoke 4ft Giant Beaker Glass Water Pipe is the one for you. You can get 5% off with the discount code “Helpingpot” when you checkout. This incredibly tall beaker bong towers over the rest, making it a huge party pleaser. The 5mm borosilicate glass makes it tough too, so you don’t have to worry if you drop it. The six slit diffused downstem provides added percolation to the bong, ensuring your hits are pure and smooth. The ice catcher is an added bonus, allowing you to cool down the party with almost four feet of ice. The smoke passes through the ice, cooling it down and making that hit feel like cool velvet.


  • 48” tall
  • $349.99, on sale from $349.99
  • 18mm female joint
  • Requires a second person to light it

Find the Best Tall Bong for You

You can’t go wrong with a tall bong. Yes it might be easier to break or harder to clean, but it is well worth it. Every stoner should have a gigantic bong in their collection. If you are in the market for a new bong checkout Helping Pot.

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