Best Gifts for Your Stoner Boyfriend

25 Best Stoner Gifts for Him - top gifts for your stoner boyfriend
August 1, 2019 By Stoner

It’s that time of year again where you are scrambling to find your boyfriend, husband, or significant other the Best Stoner Gifts for Him. 

But it’s not that easy. There are literally thousands of options out there, and you aren’t quite sure exactly what he wants.

On top of that, you are on a budget, but still want to get him something he will actually use when smoking with his friends or with you. 

We made this Stoner Gift Guide in order to help you find the 25 Best Stoner Gifts for Your Boyfriend (husband, significant other, friend, etc…). Our top picks for 2019 are: 

Now, let’s dive deep into our list, and learn more about what makes each of these products great, where to find them, and why we love them. 

25 Best Stoner Gifts for Him – A Girlfriend’s Shopping Guide

Each of these gifts was chosen based on: 

  • Price 
  • Convenience 
  • Usability 
  • Quality 

These are not gag gifts, they are Stoner Gifts for Your Boyfriend that will actually be used. The bros at HelpingPot put this together with some of the dopest gifts on their wishlist for 2019.

1. Portable Vaporizer – For the On-the-Go Stoner

Every Stoner should consider a vaporizer or vape pen. They are: 

  • Affordable 
  • Easy to clean 
  • Very durable 
  • Long-lasting 
  • Easy to refill 
  • Rechargeable 
  • Easy to conceal 
  • Virtually odorless
  • Easy to control 

Vapes provide a very smooth smoking experience and offer a wide variety of settings for a customized smoking experience. They are super convenient to take with you on the go and are very affordable. The best vaporizers also have long-lasting battery life and rechargeable batteries.

Our Recommendation – ThisThingRips OG Series Gen 3 Vape Pen

best stoner gifts for him - portable vape pen og series 3 from thisthingrips

ThisThingRips is known for its high-quality vape pens. This vaporizer kit comes with everything you needed to get started. Meant for oils, wax, and concentrates, this is more of a high temp vape pen with 3 standard temperature settings. 


  • Oil Concentrate Vape Pen
  • 6″ Tall 
  • Quartz Dual Ti-Coil Atomizer (x2)
  • Vapor Blast Mouthpiece 
  • USB Charging Port + Cable 
  • Non-Stick Silicone Carrying Kit 
  • Stainless Steel Dabber 
  • 12 Hour Battery Life 
  • 3 Temperature Settings

Why is this a Great Stoner Gift for Him? 

This is a great gift because it provides the best quality for a great price, and has all of the features someone needs to get started. It comes with tools, spare parts, and instructions for the best use. The Gen 3 is best for someone who is a beginner vaper and wants to get the know if it is best for them. It offers enough control and customization to enjoy your smoking experience, with quality design, and excellent features – at an affordable price. 

2. Silicone Bong – For the Clumsy Stoner 

Silicone bongs are the ultimate gift for Stoners who frequently break bongs or other glass pieces. Safe silicone is perfectly fine to smoke and is also completely dishwasher safe, making cleaning as simple as pressing a few buttons. These things are virtually indestructible and the best silicone bongs have a smooth taste, and great smoking experience.

Our Recommendation – The Roll-Uh-Bowl Silicone Bong

best stoner gifts for your boyfriend - silicone bong - roll uh bowl

Roll-Uh-Bowl has been known for years as one of the best silicone bongs. Their products are safe, dishwasher proof, and very affordable. 


  • 8″ tall when unfolded 9mm downstem 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • BPA free silicone 
  • Foldable to fit in pocket
  • Odorless material

Why Does this Make a Great Stoner Gift for Him?

This is an awesome gift for someone who is always on the go, but who still want to be able to smoke a bong easily, without running the risk of breaking it or having to worry about set up, clean up, and safely carrying it. 

Being able to fold it up, put it in your pocket, and not have to worry about it trapping odor makes this bong one of the most convenient ones we have ever used. On top of that, being able to throw it in the dishwasher makes this purchase a no brainer. This is something you can count on for 3-5+ years if you take care of it and don’t lose it. 

3. Silicone Hand Pipe – For the Long Term Stoner

Much like silicone bongs, silicone hand pipes are virtually indestructible. On top of that, a lot of these types of pipes actually uses glass bowls with their silicone to give a smoother smoking experience. They are very affordable and come in dozens of color schemes. Most even come with warranties, some even have lifetime warranties! 

Our Recommendation – Eyce Silicone Hand Pipes

best weed gifts for him - eyce silicone hand pipe

Eyce is one of our favorite pipe brands in 2019 because they really have rock-solid products, have a lifetime guarantee, and have tons of designs. On top of that, they have the highest performance silicone pipes on the market. 


  • 5” Long 
  • Borosilicate Glass Bowl 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Safe silicone 
  • Poker tool 

What Makes this a Great Stoner Gift for Him? 

This has all of the same durability of a silicone bong, but with a bit more convenience because of the small size and no need for setup. It is practically indestructible, extremely affordable, and very high quality.

4. Silicone Dab Rig – For the Clumsy Dabber

Okay, this is the last silicone product, we promise! If you thought the bongs and pipes were cool, wait until you check silicone dab rigs out. They are the perfect gift because they are: 

  • High quality 
  • Very affordable 
  • Easy to setup 
  • Dishwasher safe 
  • Very durable 
  • Smooth to smoke 
  • Easy to get attachments for 

Overall, if you know which brand to purchase from, you will always be satisfied with your purchase. 

Our Recommendation – Eyce Silicone Dab Rigs

best marijuana gifts for your boyfriend - eyce silicone dab rig

This is one of the best dab rigs period. With a very affordable price point, a long lifespan, tons of customization options, and hundreds of good online reviews, this is one piece you can’t go wrong with gifting.


  • Easily customizable 
  • 10mm Female joint 
  • 6” Long 
  • Comes w/ titanium nail

What Makes this a Great Stoner Gift for Him? 

The coolest thing about these pieces is that they are virtually smell-proof, they have a great lifespan, and they cheaper than most dab rigs on the market. Being able to add tons of dab rig accessories also makes them a great gift!

5. One-Hitter Dug Out Combo – For the On-the-Go Stoner

One hitters and dugouts go together like peanut butter and jelly. Having a place to keep your pipe and stash that remains sealed airtight and smell proof is a no brainer for most Stoners. 

Typically, these types of pipes are affordable, durable, and last a long time if you can keep them nice, which makes them a great gift for your Stoner friends. 

Our Recommendation – “Pinch Hitter” One-Hitter & Dugout Combo

best marijuana gifts for him - pinch hitter one hitter dugout combo

This one hitter and dugout combo is completely airtight for easy concealment. It is durable, affordable, and can fit tons of herb. Overall, this is a must-have for on-the-go Stoners.


  • Available in 3” and 4” versions 
  • Available in 2 colors 
  • Comes with metal one hitter pipe 
  • Airtight seal 
  • Logo on the front 

What We Like About the Pinch Hitter 

Honestly, this is a piece of gear that every Stoner can have. It makes for a great travel pipe, and is designed to easily be taken on the go. On top of that, they are very affordable, and are very smooth to smoke. Getting them packed is as simple as dipping your one hitter in the dugout and twisting a bit. 

From there, you can easily get where you want to be from just a few hits, making it a very conservative way to smoke. The best part is that you can purchase dozens of different one hitter pipes that can fit your dugout if you have the right size. 

6. A New Grinder – For the Frequent Smoker

Grinders are another gift that every Stoner could use. Whether you prefer to roll up joints or blunts, or you prefer bongs or bowlsbes, grinders provide a consistent;y ground herbal experience that makes smoking more consistent, and rolling a lot easier. On top of that, they also allow you to keep your stash with you on the go, and allow you to collect pollen which can be used in recipes or as an addition to smoking regular herbs. 

Our Recommendation – Kraken 4-Piece Grinder

best weed gifts for your boyfriend - kraken 4-piece ridge grinder

This is a great grinder for someone who is looking for durability, functionality, and a bit of customization. Kraken is known for their high-quality, USA made herb grinders, and this one is sure to satisfy.


  • 2.5” in diameter 
  • Available in 8 different colors 
  • 4-piece grinder 
  • Comes with pollen scoop 
  • Strong screen 
  • Magnetic lid 
  • Airtight seal 
  • Anodized aluminum coating 

Why Does this Make a Great Stoner Gift for Him? 

For a long time now, Kraken has been one of the best grinder brands in the United States. They have fairly decent prices, amazing quality, and a wide variety of products, so it is easy to find the best grinder for you or your special someone. 

This specific grinder is the perfect size (in our opinion), just big enough to hold four large chambers, but small enough to carry and conceal easily. The ridges add for extra grip, and this grinder comes with a strong screen and long-lasting magnet. Overall, this is a great gift for that Special Stoner in your life. 

7. Secret Stash Container – For the Low Key Stoner

It’s no secret that Stoner Culture is not entirely accepted by society just yet. And let’s be honest, there are some decent reasons for this. One of the main concerns that many Stoners have these days is how to keep their supplies stashed in safe, casual places such as vehicles, bags, and rooms. 

Our Recommendation – Stash-it Diversion Water Bottle

weed gift ideas for your boyfriend - stash container

Every Stoner can use a stash container, especially one that is smell proof and looks like a regular household item. This stainless steel stash container functions as a water bottle also and is extremely durable.


  • Actually functions as a water bottle
  • Holds 16 fluid ounces 
  • Airtight seal 
  • Stainless steel 
  • Very durable 

What We Like About this Stash Container 

The best parts about this stash container are that it’s functional and believable. A lot of stash containers that look real, such as the Arizona cans, or other bottle designs are flawed in the fact that they do not actually function as a liquid container. But, this one can actually be used as a functional water bottle, making it far more convenient and believable. 

This makes it great for taking with you on the go, and makes it a great stash container for things other than your stash itself. On top of that, it has dozens of great reviews, a solid design, and is made of a durable, long-lasting material that will not dent, scratch, or rust easily. 

8. Quartz Banger Attachment – For the Versatile Stoner

Quartz bangers are probably the best way to smoke dabs for a few reasons: 

  • They are very smooth 
  • You can take large dabs on them 
  • They are easy to clean 
  • They fit all sorts of rigs 
  • They usually last longer than nails

Overall, quartz bangers are convenient because they allow you to turn just about any bong into a dab rig, and they allow you to get the most out of your dabbing concentrates. 

Our Recommendation – ELEV8 Double Wall Thermal Quartz Banger

marijuana gift ideas for your boyfriend - elev8 thermal quartz banger

Thermal bangers are quartz bangers with an extra layer in the middle to help improve heating time, heat capacity, smoothness, cooling, and overall smoking experience. This is a very affordable price for one of the best banger brands on the market.


  • Solid Quartz 
  • 3″ Long
  • Polished Joint 
  • Available in 10mm, 14.5mm, and 18mm sizes (male and female) 
  • Available in 45 degrees for 14.5mm sizes 
  • Thermal wall for extra cooling and diffusion

Why is this a Great Stoner Gift for Him? 

This is a great gift for your Stoner boyfriend because it comes in sizes that fit just about any modern dab rig or water pipe. It also is one of the smoothest and most durable quartz bangers on the market. The dual-layer of quartz that creates the double-wall allows for superior cooling over other bangers. It also makes it stronger but can increase difficulty when it comes to cleaning. 

This is a deep quartz banger that can accept massive dabs easily. It is designed for experienced dabbers who know exactly what they are looking for and how they like to smoke.  

Overall, ELEV8 is a very trusted brand in the dab rig accessory market. They have dozens of products, thousands of reviews, and still manage to produce high quality, affordable attachments for water pipes and more. 

9. Thick Glass Bong with Percolation – For the Water Pipe Wizards

A lot of Stoners (ourselves included) believe that if you are going to smoke a bong, you might as well do it right. Sure, you can purchase those $20 ones from Amazon or the local gas station, but at the end of the day, you get what you pay for. The best bongs feature diffused downstems, thick glass bowls, and percolators to improve the smoking experience. 

If you are spending up on a great bong with built-in percolation, you will want to be sure that it will last a long time. Purchasing a thick glass bong is one way to assure that your man gets the most out of the experience, and the most out of your purchase.  

Our Recommendation – Leafly Beaker Bong 

best pot gifts for him - leafly beaker base straight tube glass bong

Leafly is one of the largest (if not the largest) brand in all of the Cannabis Community. They have great information, resources, content, and even better products. This bong is made with 5mm thick borosilicate glass and features a durable diffused downstem that adds percolation to the equation, making for a smooth smoking experience every time. 


  • 14.5mm Male glass bowl attachment included 
  • Borosilicate glass
  • Removable diffused downstem 
  • 5mm Thick wall 
  • Ice pinch 
  • Straight neck 
  • Beaker base bong 
  • 3 Color options 

What Makes this a Great Stoner Gift for Him? 

This is a great gift because it has a durable base, is made of thick glass that is built to last, comes with a top of the line downstem, features an ice catch, and has a universal joint size that can easily fit thousands of bong attachments available online. At the end of the day, this is not the craziest, or most wildly designed bong, but it is a solid, all-purpose bong that is well balanced, and built to last a long time. 

10. Edibles Cook Book – For the Edibles Extraordinaire

Edibles are quickly taking the Cannabis world by storm. Not only are they more convenient, and healthier than smoking, but they also have thousands of more varieties than cannabis strains. If you are up for the process and can deal with a bit of a smell in your house for a few days, making homemade edibles can be a great experience with your friends, family, or special someone. A cookbook may be the perfect way to find some creative edibles recipesb.

Our Recommendation – Cannabis Cookbook Essentials

best stoner gits for him - cannabis edible cookbook

This is a great cookbook for just about any occasion. From desserts, to meals, snacks, appetizers, and more, this edible cookbook has a little bit of everything for you to enjoy.


  • 40 cannabis edible recipes 
  • Deserts, snacks, meals, appetizers, and more! 
  • Recipes for butter, extracts, oils, pollen, and more

What We Love About this Gift

Look, we live in a day and age where you can easily find thousands of recipes online easily. There is not nearly as large of a market for cookbooks as there used to be. But, this cookbook brings you back to the times you spent with your grandmother and mother cooking when you were younger, and is something you can share with your special someone. 

The nice thing about this recipe book is that there are a wide variety of foods you can make, from desserts to entrees and more. This makes it great for all types of situations. On top of that, it features recipes for tons of types of THC infused oils, allowing you to try out tons of ways to enjoy cannabis edibles.

11. New Dab Torch – For the Dedicated Dabber 

Believe it or not, the type of dab torch you use really makes a difference when it comes to your smoking experience. Most people turn to butane because it is odorless and a lot healthier for smoking dabs. But, the design of the torch itself has a dramatic effect on your smoking experience. 

Torches that do not heat evenly can cause nails and bangers to wear faster and can cause inconsistent heating which also leads to messy smoking experiences and makes temperature control difficult. 

Our Recommendation – Double Jet Dab Torch by CinderWitch

best weed gifts for him - cinderwitch triple jet butane dab torch

When it comes to heating your dab rig, to get the best experience you really need a torch that is capable of heating your banger or nail evenly. This torch does that and more, with great temperature control and more.


  • 5.75″ Tall 
  • Made in Savannah, GA 
  • 3 Jets 
  • Security Locks for Gas 
  • Temperature Control 
  • Butane Not Included 

Why Does this Make a Great Stoner Gift for Him? 

The design of this torch makes it extremely efficient on gas, but also makes it one of the best dab torches for people who are concerned with heating their nail or banger evenly. This makes for a smooth smoking experience every time, combined with supreme temperature control. 

At the end of the day, this is an affordable torch that will last a very long time. It has great safety features and is extremely easy to refill. Overall, this is a solid torch that will last you a very long time. 

12. Joint Rolling Machine – For the Picky Roller

If you roll a ton of joints, hate the process, or just flat out suck at rolling, a rolling machine can come in extremely handy. It allows you to roll perfect joints every single time, in seconds. They can fit tons of sizes of papers, and you can even include filters in them for a smoother smoking experience. The beauty about joint rollers is they are affordable, and work very well. 

Our Recommendation – RAW Rolling Machine

top marijuana gifts for boyfriends raw joint rolling machine

This bad boy can turn out hundreds of joints in an hour (if you roll that much), and every single one will be perfect. A very convenient, small, affordable gift that can make smoking joints a breeze.

What Makes this a Great Stoner Gift for Your Boyfriend? 

Say you have a concert to go to, or are going on a camping trip with the homies. Sure, you can roll up 15 joints by hand, by about #5, even expert rollers who enjoy the art are a bit sick of it. With a joint roller, you can bang out 100+ joints per hour easily. Not that you will probably ever need this type of production, but it makes for a handy gadget to have on hand when you need to roll one or a few up on a moment’s notice.

13. Cannabis Vacation Tours – For the Adventurous Couple

I bet you’ve never thought, or probably even heard of a cannabis vacation tour. But believe it or not, there are hundreds of options out there in places where marijuana has been legalized, such as California, Colorado, Boston, and more! If you know where to look, you can easily find a great trip at an affordable price in a place you have always dreamed of visiting. 

Our Recommendation – Cannabis Tours

best stoner gifts for him - cannabis tours

We could all use a vacation. How about one to a cannabis-friendly place, with some amazing attractions, tours, and more? Browse hundreds of awesome cannabis tours on Cannabis Vacation Tours.

Why this Makes a Great Stoner Gift for Him? 

This is a cool experience because you can plan an entire trip around a single tour, giving a 420 friendly spin on vacation, with a new and interesting experience. Honestly, most of the cannabis tours out there are very impressive, full of great people, and make for an interesting day trip that you can easily couple with a well-planned vacation. 

14. Stoner Gear – For the Not so Subtle Stoner

Whether it is on shirts, hats, socks, wallets, or more, there are tons of ways to express your love for cannabis. There are plenty of Stoner brands out there that can help you rep the 420 spirit while looking good. 

Our Recommendation – Chiefton Supply

best weed gifts for him - cannabis clothing from chiefton supply

Every once in a while it is great to represent your pride in cannabis culture. Why not do so with some high quality, affordable, and stylish gear from a trusted brand?

Why this Makes a Great Stoner Gift for Him? 

Honestly, we love the idea of a cannabis tour. Who doesn’t want to get driven around, shown around, and meet awesome people while on a legal L ride? What really seals the deal for us on this one is that they have a massive selection of options in great vacation destinations, affordable prices, and great reviews. 

15. Dabbing Starter Kit – For the New Dabber on the Block

Some people like dabbing, but just don’t have the equipment to get into it. I remember those days, mooching off of friends to take a few dabs here and there, or trying to ghetto rig your bong in order to find a way to get the job done. What you need in this situation is an affordable dab rig starter kit! 

Our Recommendation – BGFS Dab Rig Starter Kit 

best stoner gifts for him - dab rig starter kit

Having all of your dabbing needs in one place can make it easy for someone who is a beginner dabber get started, and be sure that they have the right gear to have a good smoking experience every time.


  • Dab rig
  • Dab torch 
  • Dabber tool 
  • Concentrate containers 
  • Carb cap 
  • Quartz banger 
  • Ceramic nail 
  • Only $150

What Makes this a Great Stoner Gift for Him? 

At Best Gifts for Stoners, we try to provide our Stoner Community with not only the best content but the best products for the best value. This Dab Rig  Starter Kit has everything you need in order to get started with dabbing on your own equipment and have plenty of options for how you smoke. It has high-quality gear, that all fit together well, and that can easily be added onto with more accessories. 

16. Multi-Purpose Dabber Tools – For the Daily Dabber 

While dabbing tools are simple, there are a few types of dabbing tools that can be used for more than one reason. Most of the time, they have two sides, one which is meant for dabbing, and the other meant for smoking it. 

Our Recommendation – Titanium Dual End Dabber 

best cannabis gifts for him titanium dual end dabber tool

Titanium dabber tools are popular because they are durable, affordable, and easy to clean. This is a great tool with a dabber and a scooper.

What We Like About this Dabber  

This dabber is great because it is affordable and built to last a long time. The titanium finish is scratch resistant and built durable to last a long time. We recommend metal over quartz or ceramic for dabber tools, just because they are easy to drop and tend to take a beating. This bad boy can easily be used for scooping and dabbing. 

17. Large Glass Bowls – For the Bong Smoker 

Often times, bongs come with glass bowls that get the job done, but don’t exactly hold a large pack, or deep pack. One great way to improve your smoking experience with all of your favorite bongs is to get a large glass bowl. 

Our Recommendation – Clear Glass Flower Bowl

top stoner gifts for him - thick glass bowl attachment

A new glass bowl can make a massive difference in a smoking experience on a nice bong or rig. This is a very durable, affordable glass bowl with a massive pack for smoke sessions with the homies.

What We Like About this Stoner Gift for Him

This is one of our favorite glass bowls on the market because it is extremely affordable, made of thick glass, and can be ordered to fit all regular sizes of joints, both male and female. This is our #1 pick for glass bowls because it is super deep and wide, extremely cheap, and high quality. 

18. Dabber Multi-Tool – For the Non-Stop Dabber

As Stoners, there are a few small tools that can really make life easier, such as roach clips, dabber tools, pokers, et cetera. We usually have a few kicking around, but there are a few problems with them: they are hard to keep track of, and they typically are not that durable. But what if there was a way you could have all of your Stoner tools in one place, without sacrificing durability, and at an affordable price? That’s exactly what dabbing multi-tools are all about. 

Our Recommendation – The Kush Army Knife

best stoner gifts for him - kush army knife multi tool for dabbing

This 5 tool multi-tool is everything you will need for smoking, dabbing, rolling, and more. Made with high-quality materials and extremely durable.


  • Magnifier 
  • Roach clip
  • Scissors (clippers)
  • Pipe poker
  • Dabber knife
  • ​Bottle opener

What Makes this a Great Stoner Gift for Him? 

This is the ultimate all-in-one tool for those daily dabbers out there, and it can also be useful to smokers who enjoy other ways to smoke. It has a ton of helpful gadgets that are made in an easy to use, easy to pack design. It is made with very durable materials, and is available at an affordable price, making it a great Stoner gift for him. 

19. Personalized Cannabis Watch – For the Stylish Stoner

Every guy takes pride in a high quality, well-designed, elegant watch. For those of you with Stoner boyfriends, friends, or significant others, they may enjoy something a bit simpler and more unique than your normal watch, something practical, that you can take with you on-the-go and not have to worry about getting dirty or damaging. Adding a bit of personalization makes the gift that much sweeter and from the heart. 

Our Recommendation – Stoner’s Customizable Watch

best weed gifts for your boyfriend - customizable weed watch

This personalize watch can be customized in hundreds of ways to perfectly express your love for your significant other.

Why We Love this Watch 

We love this watch because of the type of customization you can have with it. You get to design the watch down to the engraving on the back, the design of the shape, the type of wood, and the type of straps it has on it. The best part? This comes at an affordable price for a well-designed and durable final product. Overall, this is a watch that you can personalize to fit your man’s style, with a tiny touch from you that he can always keep with him. 

20. Mini Dab Rig – For the On-the-Go Dabber

A mini rig is the perfect combination of a bong and a dab rig that can be used for both types of smoking. They are just small enough to be taken with you on the go, and have a much easier setup than traditional bongs. They also are built to be very durable and usually have simple designs with very sturdy bases. 

Our Recommendation – Waffle Perc Birthday Cake Dab Rig by Diamond Glass

best stoner gifts for your boyfriend - diamong glass birthday cake dab rig

This dab rig is a unique design that allows for superior cooling and percolation. Diamond Glass never seems to disappoint – with this being one of our favorite pieces from them.


  • 45 Degree Bent Neck 
  • Vertical Downstem 
  • Waffle Percolator (Jolly Rancher) 
  • 90 Degree 14mm Female Quartz Banger Included 
  • Thick Glass 
  • 6” Tall 
  • 14mm Male Joint

Why Does this Make a Great Stoner for Him? 

This makes a great gift for any on-the-go dabber looking for a quality piece to smoke that is easy to setup, durable, and designed well to still provide cool, smooth, and tasteful hits despite their tiny size. It cis made with thick, high-quality glass by one of the best dab rig brands on the market – Diamond Glass. 

21. Dab Pen – For the Subtle Stoner

Some people prefer dabs, extracts, or oils because they are more cost-effective, provide a more intense experience than traditional smoking, and have much less of an odor when smoked. The most convenient way to smoke dabs is by far with a dab pen. The best dab pens are basically portable dab rigs allow you to easily smoke wax, oils, concentrates, and extracts on the go, with supreme temperature control, and a very smooth, cool, and inconspicuous smoking experience.

Our Recommendation – PAX 3 Vaporizer Pen

best stoner gifts for your boyfriend - PAX 3 dab pen

A solid dab pen meant for wax and dry herbs. This is one of the best dab pens on the market. It is a bit pricey but the big clouds, smooth flavor, and cool hits make up for it. Learn more about the PAX 3 in our complete product review.


  • 20 Hour battery life
  • 4 Heat settings
  • 3,500 mah battery
  • 100 Minute charge time
  • 360-420F Temperature range
  • 4″ Tall
  • 0.3g Chamber size

Why We Like the PAX 3 Dab Pen 

At the end of the day, this isn’t the most complex vape pen, and it does not allow for tons of customization. However, it comes at an affordable price, is made by a reputable vape pen brand, and is a great value for its price point.

It has a long-lasting battery, and can easily be charged by USB cable. It comes with a carrying kit, extra parts, and a few tools you will need to get the most out of your vaping experience. This is a great gift for someone getting into dabbing on the go with their very first dab pen. 

22. Portable, Reusable Sploof – For Hiding the Smell

For those of you not familiar with a sploof, it is essentially a way of hiding smoke by blowing through a device that either absorbs it, or filters it through something that changes its odor. Most people probably know them from their college days – making them from a cardboard roll and some dryer sheets. But no longer do you have to go to these lengths to hide the smell.

Our Recommendation – Smoke Buddy 

best gifts for stoner boyfriends smoke buddy sploof

The Smoke Buddy easily conceals the smell of even the dankest smoke sessions. It is a great size for taking on the go and is designed to be inconspicuous.

Why is this One of the Best Stoner Gifts for Him? 

This is an excellent gift because for one thing, no one expects it. For another thing, it allows you to smoke in places you normally might not be able to because of the odor – specifically with blunts and joints. A few other great things about them are that they are very affordable, last a very long time, are extremely durable, and they don’t really look suspicious at all. Overall, this is a great gift for you Stoner couples on your apartment grind, especially when you just don’t feel like leaving the couch to smoke ;). 

23. Ashtray – For the Blunt Smoker

Ashtrays can be decorative and memorable, just like anything else in your home. They are definitely a better alternative to ashing in the sink, or in random containers as you smoke. If you are a frequent smoker, having one can be convenient because it allows you to easily ash as you smoke inside, without having to move around.

Our Recommendation – The Rasta Ash Tray

best marijauana gifts for him - rasta glass ash tray

Celebrate the freedom of the Rasta spirit while rolling up and smoking it down. This ashtray is made of thick glass and hand blown for a unique design every time.

Why We Like this Ash Tray 

Everyone can recognize the green, red and yellow of the Rastafarian movement. These classic colors give just about any design that relaxed Stoner vibe. This ashtray is affordable, hand made in the United States, and made of thick glass, making it easy to clean and durable.  

24. Mini Rolling Tray 

If you find yourself and your significant other rolling a lot, especially on the go, a mini rolling tray is a perfect gift. They are the perfect size to fit in a backpack easily and still allow you to fit everything you need on them. On top of that, they come in dozens of designs and are very affordable and durable. 

Our Recommendation – RAW Mini Rolling Tray

best cannabis gifts for him RAW mini rolling tray

The RAW Mini Rolling Tray is perfect for taking with you on the go. It fits easily in backpacks and purses. It is sturdy and has tall edges to prevent from spilling. This is a great Stoner gift for anyone who likes rolling up often.

Why Does this Make a Great Stoner Gift for Him? 

This is a great gift because it is extremely convenient, easy to take with you on the go, cheap, and made by a super reliable brand. 

25. E-Lighter – For the Bicless Boyfriend

If you are anything like us or the Stoners we know, you probably lose lighters as fast as you buy them. I’m sure somewhere in the depths of space, there is a black hole filled with all of the lighters people have lost. The beauty of an e-lighter is that they are hard to lose because they come in so damn handy. With refillable fuel, an easy way to carry them on belt loops, and with designs that work for both bowls, dabs, and blunts, it is no wonder why they are becoming such a popular Stoner gift.

Our Recommendation – Visol Pyramid Triple Torch Lighter

best marijuana gifts for him visol pyramid triple torch butane lighter

This small lighter packs the punch of a full triple jet butane torch. Easily keep the power of a butane torch in your pocket, and adjust the flame for more casual smoking sessions.

Why this Makes a Good Stoner Gift for Him? 

This is a torch that is designed to function more for dab rigs than bowls or blunts, but tons of designs exist for lighter that can handle all sorts of smoking experiences. This triple jet e-lighter packs a punch and can heat rigs up extremely quickly with even heat distribution. It comes with a great carrying case, and can easily be refilled with butane for long term use.  

Wrapping Things Up (Pun Intended) – Best Stoner Gifts for Him

Hopefully this gift guide has given you a few ideas for gifts for your man this holiday season, or whatever the occasion.

If you still don’t know where to start, check out our wide selection of Stoner gear in our online headshop. Or, check out some more of our gift guides:

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