The Stoner’s Christmas List for 2019 – Find the Best Stoner Gifts for Your Friends!

best christmas gifts for stoners 2019
December 14, 2018 By Stoner

It is that time of year again, Christmas is almost upon us!

This time of year means two things for us Stoners; a whole lot of procrastination when it comes to getting friends and family gifts, and discounted prices on all the best stoner gear from their favorite online head shop!

For those out there who are in a rush to get your holiday shopping done, we came up with this list of the Best 25 Gifts for Stoners in 2019 that are perfect for the 25 Days of Christmas!

This list consists of Bongs, Hand Pipes, Dab Rigs, and even some Accessories for those discrete Stoners out there.

25 Christmas Gifts for Stoners

1. Bongs (Water Pipes)

best christmas gifts for stoners bongs

Special FeatureUPC 18″ Straight Tube Glass Bong

Every Stoner needs a bong end of story. Why? Because they give provide the biggest hits.

They are the cleanest and “healthiest” way to consume your flower because of the water that acts as a natural percolator.

However, bongs are known to be expensive and most people do not want to break the bank on one of the many gifts they have to get for the Holidays!

To find some bongs that make for great Christmas Gifts, we created a list of Best Bongs Under $100!

If you are unsure of what brand of glass to purchase, we also created this Ultimate Bong Brand Guide of the best 10 brands in 2019!

Or, you can jump right to searching our large selection of bongs by clicking the button below!

2. Ash Catchers & Percolators

best stoner gifts UPC 4 Armed Tree Perc Ashcatcher clear

Special Feature: UPC 4 Arm Tree Percolator

If your Stoner friend already has a bong they are in love with, than purchasing attachments like Ash Catchers & Percolators can take that piece from good to great.

Percolators cool the smoke down by lengthening the pathway the smoke travels through which results in a cleaner hit.

Ash Catchers are a great way to help preserve the bong itself. They catch all of the ash opposed to it entering the physical bong piece.

Percolators & Ash Catchers come in all different shapes and sizes so find some that your Stoner friend will enjoy!

Many can be found for cheap, and they fit just about any size bong, making for easy use and interchangeability.

To learn more about percolators and how they work, check out this guide!

Or, if you feel ready to purchase a bong attachment as a Christmas Gift now, check out our selection by clicking the button below.

3. Glass Bowl Attachments 

best stoner gifts for christmas teddy bear bowl attachment by empire glassworks

Special Feature: Teddy Bear Donut

New Bowl Pieces make for great Christmas presents!

They are relatively lower in price but allow Stoners to personalize their bongs a little more!

If your friend has a small bowl pack that you have to keep repacking after a few hits than buy them a bowl piece that can hold more flower!

These are one of the best gifts because they fit on a plethora of pieces such as bongs, rigs, and bubblers. On top of that, they are creative, zany, and made of high quality glass.

We also have plenty of other beautiful glass attachments for pieces in our online head shop! Check them out by clicking the button below.

4. Bubblers

best stoner gifts for xmas 2019 bubblers

Special Feature:  Hammer Inside – Out Bubbler

Bubblers are a hybrid of bowls and bongs. They contain water like a bong, providing a clean hit but are typically hand held size, similar to bowls.

Surprisingly enough, most Stoners have never owned or used a bubbler before, as they are not very common.

This makes a bubbler a great gift! On top of that, they offer a unique smoking experience, that has the smoothness of a water pipe, but the ease of use and low risk of breaking of a hand pipe. 

This is the perfect holiday gift for someone who is looking for a new smoking experience.

5. Hand Pipes

best christmas gift for stoners spoon hand pipes

Special Feature: Grav Frit Spoon Hand Pipe

Hand pipes are one of the main types of smoking devices used in the community. They are easy to use, have little setup or clean up time, can be easily concealed, and are easy to travel with.

On top of that, they are affordable. As a result, there are so many different kinds of hand pipes that there is something for practically everyone.

Some pipes have huge bowl packs for a larger smoking circle while some are small and more personal. We even have a hand pipe in our shop that has TWO bowl packs.

This is one of the coolest pipes we have found in a while (in our opinion). It makes for a great gift for the holiday season.

If you want to compare some of the best prices on a large variety of hand pipes, check out our selection below.

6. Vapes

best stoner christmas gifts thisthingrips stok edition one vaporizer

Special Feature: STOK Edition One Vape Pen

Vapes have become very popular the last few years as you probably have noticed the giant clouds of smoke coming from people walking around town.

Vapes provide the cleanest hit of any smoking piece because it turns the smoke into vapor.

A few of their benefits include the clean hits they provide because it emits vapor not smoke, the smell doesn’t linger as much as regular smoke, and the burnt flower can actually be recycled to make edibles!

We strongly recommend these as a gift for any stoner during the holidays. There are also larger vapes like the Volcano Vape, which we reviewed here.

No matter what, there is a vaporizer out there for everyone, large or small. Usually they are affordable, dependable, and extremely convenient for smokers.

7. Vape & Dab Pen Battery

best stoner gifts 2019 xmas battery

Special Feature:  EVO Twist Battery

Vape batteries are not the energizer bunny and do run out eventually, if you’re friend or family member is someone who uses a vape or dab pen to smoke the may need a new battery!

You can come to the rescue this Christmas with a new one!

Vape and Dab Pen batteries are fairly straightforward, the only big difference is the voltage.

We recommend purchasing a larger battery if your friend mostly uses pens or vapes so they do not have to charge it every day.

Batteries may not be the most creative gift to purchase someone but it is something that your Stoner friend will definitely use.

8. One Hitters & Chillums

best christmas gifts for stoners smoke cartel pinch hitter wooden dugout bat combo 4 inch haldu

Special Feature: Smoke Cartel Dugout One Hitter Combo

One Hitters & Chillums are great Christmas gift to get your stoner friend!

These pieces are a great way to catch a buzz quick without causing a scene.

There are even one hitters that look exactly like Cigarettes!

They are great for ducking outside before that Christmas Ham is cut into or while you are outside shoveling the driveway!

These make for affordable gifts that can help any Stoner catch a buzz in a tight situation.

For more awesome chillum pipes, check out our collection below!

9. Dab Rigs

best weed christmas gifts waffle perc birthday cake dab rig by diamond glass

Special Feature: 6″ Diamond Glass Waffle Perc Dab Rig

Rigs are the most aesthetically pleasing pieces. The glasswork is extremely intricate but also very personalize.

It will not be hard to find a rig with a theme of your stoner friends favorite movies, shows, video games, etc.

Dabbing is more potent than regular flower because it eliminates some of the terpenes forming an almost pure THC solution.

Rigs generally cost the same amount as bongs, the greater the glasswork, the greater the price.

10. Dabbers

best marijuana xmas gifts titanium dabber tool

Special Feature:  4″ Titanium Two Sided Dab Tool 

Dabs can leave you in quite a sticky situation, Dabbers can help you out!

They are an easy way to transport wax from parchment paper to the lit nail. Most Stoners who dab have a screwdriver or some type of metal rod they found around their house and haven’t even seen the dabbers that are on the market.

Dabbers can be creative and liven up a Stoner’s arsenal!

11. Carb Cap & Nailz

best stoner christmas gifts Empire Glassworks Carb Cap

Special Feature: Empire Glassworks Decorative Carb Caps 

There are a lot of tools and accessories that go along with dabbing that most stoners tend to avoid purchasing.

Let’s face it, most Stoners like to spend their money on more flower rather than buy all brand new smoking accessories.

That’s why purchasing these tools and add-ons make for great gifts because they are something that people want but do not want to buy themselves.

Carb caps are an extremely simple to cover the dab once it is touched to the nail.

Nails make for a great gift because they are rarely cleaned because of the hassle. This can cause a bad smoking experience, and is unnecessary when you can find replacements for very cheap. 

They are very affordable attachments that most Stoner’s do not think to buy themselves.

12. Dab Container

best stoner holiday gifts 2019 sesh supply wax container

Special Feature: Sesh Supply Oil Slick Containers

Wax can get messy and sticks to pretty much anything it is attached to except parchment paper and rubber. Dabs typically come on parchment paper are but best kept fresh in a sealed container.

These containers can very in size so if your Stoner friend does a lot of dab we recommend at least a 1 inch container.

Wrapping up these containers filled with fresh wax would make any Stoner’s Christmas.

13. Edibles *Arrangements*

best holiday gifts for stoners incredibles cookies and cream

Special Feature: Incredibles Cookies and Cream

Edibles are great. You are high for a long period of time and they taste amazing, which can be dangerous!

They are the healthiest way to consume THC because there is no smoking involved.

Edibles have been said to provide more of a body high compared to the head high smoking gives you. This can be a great way to change up a smoking routine and try something new.

Eat some edibles and watch a Christmas movie with your Stoner friend once the unwrap these Christmas Day!

14. Wraps/Papers

top holiday gifts for stoners in 2019 raw rolling papers

Special Feature: Raw Rolling Papers 

You can never have too many papers or wraps. There is nothing worse than going to smoke, grinding up all the weed for a blunt or a jay, only to realize that you are out of papers.

Do not let this happen to your Stoner friend, get them a box of wraps or papers so they won’t run out for months.

They will think of you every time they go to roll one up and know they have an apocalypse supply of papers.

15. Rolling Tray

holiday gifts for stoners 2019 raw rolling tray

Special Feature:  Raw Rolling Tray

This is a very underrated gift. Most Stoners do not buy these and just use a book, video game, or magazine if not their table to roll something up.

A Rolling Tray changes is the game.

You can recline comfortably on your couch while rolling knowing that no flower will be lost on the floor because a rolling tray caught it.

If your stoner friend rolls a lot than make their life easier and get them a rolling tray for Christmas.

16. Grinders

best cannabis christmas gifts grav labs 4 piece grinder purple

Special Feature: Grav 2.5″ 4-Piece Grinder

Most Stoners already have a grinder but a lot of Grinders tend to get sticky and stuck after a while making it difficult to grind flower up.

Putting a brand new grinder under your friend’s Christmas tree will make them more than happy!

We have plenty of four-piece grinders that grind up flower smoothly to make it nice and fine.

17. Lighters & Torches

best xmas gifts for stoners cinderwich butane dab torch

Special Feature: Jet Flame Torch

Are you really a stoner if you haven’t lost every lighter you have ever had?

In all my years of smoking, I have never gotten to the very end of a lighter. Either someone bic’s me, I lose it, or it falls in the snow and stops working.

You need fire to smoke, it is essential.

A variety pack of lighters or a new torch for someone who dabs make for a great gift!

18. Hemp Wick

list of stoner gifts for xmas 2019 raw hemp wick

Special Feature: Hemp Wick

Hemp Wick is a unique way to light a bowl, bong, bubbler, or blunt. It is easily wrapped around a piece or the lighter itself.

It is much easier to corner a bowl pack with this material which makes the bowl last longer.

This is a great add-on gift especially with a pack of lighters or a new piece.

19. Stash Jar

list of stoners gifts for christmas 2019 stash jars

Special Feature: Solar System Glass Stash Jar

Notice that your Stoner friend keeps all of their flower in a plastic bag? Get them a flower container.

Glass containers are known to keep the flower fresh for a longer period of time. Also, it contains the smell a lot better than a plastic bag.

20. Flower Socks

xmas list for stoners huf plantlife glowflake sock red

Special Feature: HUF Plantlife Glowflake Red Crew Socks

It’s Christmas time which means it’s starting to get cold to get cold outside.

Help warm your Stoner friend up with some nice cozy Marijuana socks! There is no better feeling than putting on a brand new pair of socks!

By getting weed socks as a gift your friend will be reminded to smoke every time they look down.


21. Candles & Incense

list of xmas stoner gifts candles

Special Feature: Yankee Candle Balsam & Cedar

Not everyone in Yankee Candle is shopping for their mother or grandmother, some are shopping for their Stoner friends.

Candles and Incense are great ways to hide the smell of smoke in a room or just to make the room smell better while smoking.

There is something oddly satisfying about smelling a new candle or incense in a room that just makes the room feel cleaner.

If you cannot buy your friend any weed paraphernalia these are a great route to take!


22. Music & Movies

best xmas gifts for stoners music

Special Feature: Dr. DRE – “2001”

What are the top two things to do while you’re elevated? Listen to Music and watch Movies.

Wrap your friend a new movie you haven’t seen or purchase them a new album or record you have been jamming.

These types of gifts are great for Stoners who have to be discrete about the fact that they smoke.


23. Snacks

best stoner gifts 2019 snacks

Special Feature: Candy Basket

Alright I lied before, eating is definitely one of the top two things to do while your high.

Getting someone basket of the best high snacks is the nicest thing you can do.

They may eat all of them in one sitting but their tastebuds will thank you!


24. Cleaning Supplies

best xmas gifts for stoners formula 420 cleaner

Special Feature: 420 Formula – Ultimate Cleaner

This is one of those gift ideas where you want to send your friend a hint. Like if someone smells really bad all the time, getting them some deodorant for Christmas.

If your Stoner friend really needs to clean their pieces than get them some cleaning supplies.

Nothing will kill your high more than smoking a piece that is covered in resin, not only smells bad but it taste bad too.

If you want to be extremely nice this holiday season, get them some cleaning supplies and offer to clean their piece for them.

25. Sherlock Pipe

xmas list for stoners 2019 sherlock pipe

Special Feature: Glassheads Red, White and Blue Sherlock Pipe

Sherlock pipes are super cool!

They almost look like something that Gandolph would smoke.

When it comes to a smoking experience, they provide a very smooth and cool hit for a pipe. They are a bit long, but sit nicely on tables and desks.

This is a great gift for anyone who is looking for a new way to smoke.

Find more Sherlock Pipes in our collection by clicking the button below!

where to find the best christmas gifts for stoners

Where to Find the Best Christmas Gifts for Stoners 

We have a wide selection of glass and gear that make for great presents for just about any Stoner. Our prices are affordable, and we offer quick delivery with a refund policy.

Check our online head shop to find some of the Best Christmas Gifts of 2019. Or, check out our Instagram for some more dank deals on gear throughout the year. If you still can’t come up with an idea for the holidays, check out our blog for some more inspiration.

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