Best Smoking Gifts for Her (Your Girlfriend)

Best weed gifts for her 2021
December 11, 2020 By Cody Marchant

Does your lady enjoy smoking just as much as you? Some people might say that you are lucky to have a stoner in your life. The best part? Sometimes you can use these gifts too. If you aren’t sure what to get your girlfriend for the holidays, your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or even her birthday, check out this list of the best smoking gifts for her. 

25 Best Gifts For Her This Holiday Season

Here is a list of 25 great ideas to get your stoner girlfriend! For additional ideas check out all the great pieces at Helping Pot.

1. Mini Yellow Silicone Pipe

minion silicone bowl

This adorable piece looks like a minion so your girl will be sure to love it. It hits very nicely and is extremely compact. At only 4 inches it can easily fit in her purse. Made from food-grade silicon she will never break it. At a low price, this is the perfect gift as a stocking stuffer, or under the tree.


  • Food Grade Silicone
  • Durable
  • Removable Glass Bowl
  • Easy to Clean
  • Cute AF

2. Pop Rocks Perc Bong

Stoner gifts for her

Made in the USA, if you buy this for your girlfriend, then you are going to want to borrow this from her. Made from high-quality borosilicate glass, this 15-inch bong is reliable and practical. You won’t see anything like this bong anywhere else.


  • Pop Rocks Perc
  • Made to Order
  • Borosilicate Glass
  • Made in USA
  • Glass Bowl Included

3. Magnetic Genius Pipe

gift ideas for her

This Genius hand pipe is nothing like you have ever seen. The innovative design uses both metal and magnets to diffuse the smoke. Rather than the harsh hits you get with many glass pieces, this pipe is discrete and clean. Not only is this piece easy to clean, but allows your girlfriend to keep her smoking life private. 


  • Durable Metal
  • High Quality Magnets
  • Easy to Clean
  • Super Discrete
  • Variety of Colors
  • Made in USA

4. Cali Crusher Grinder

Stoner gifts for her

This is the best grinder you will ever purchase. Any herb that you place into this stands no chance. This grinder uses a four-way Quick Lock system that prevents the gears from getting jammed. This grinder is also easy to clean. Simply remove the screen and enjoy your kief.


  • Guitar Pick Scraper included
  • Grooved Edges for Easy Grip
  • 4-way Quicklock Technology
  • Neodymium Earth Magnets for Superior Closure
  • Pollen Chamber to Collect Kief
  • Removable Screen for Easy Cleaning

5. “OTTO” – Automatic Cone Filler & Grinder

best stoner gifts for her

Is your girl not as good at rolling joints as you? Does she complain about not being able to roll joints when you aren’t around? This piece automatically grinds and rolls your herbs into a neat cone. Get the perfect consistency in every joint with this automatic cone filler and grinder.


  • Grinder
  • Rolling Machine
  • Mill and Fill at the Touch of a Button
  • Grinds and Packs 20-30 Cones per Charge
  • Includes 6 King Size Cones

6. Snacks

best stoner gifts 2020 snacks

Everyone loves good munchy snacks. Show her that you are thinking of her and get her some of her favorite snacks. Whether those are sour candy, potato chips, or maybe some crazy candy she has never heard of. This gift is special and lets her know that you know her well.


7. Bud

is cbd flower legal in the united states `

You can never go wrong with bud! Rather than get the same but that you usually do, splurge for an ounce, or a higher quality strain! Any stoner will appreciate good bud, so you can never go wrong here.


8. Wake n’ Bake Coffee Mug

best gifts for her

These mugs are not only cool but actually very useful. Whether she likes to wake n’ bake every morning, or on the weekends, this mug is something incredibly unique. It is also a conversation starter. Watch her post it on her Instagram story can get tons of comments from her friends. Your girl will love this. 


9. Marijuana Leaf Necklace

weed gifts for her

Any stoner girl loves marijuana, and most girls love jewelry. So what is something perfect for a stoner girl? A marijuana leaf necklace! Although you may be thinking that every marijuana leaf necklace is made from plastic or cheesy, there are some beautiful options made from wood or even with jewels. 


10. Weed Socks

best weed gifts for her

Everyone needs a pair of socks to keep them cozy. There is a huge number of weed socks, so you won’t run out of options when trying to find something that matches her personality. These are a cute gift, and you can even get them in a few colors.


11. Bong Accessories

best bong accessories glass bowl attachments

Maybe your girlfriend already has a piece that she loves to use, in that case get her a new attachment for her favorite piece. This could be a new downstem, an ash catcher or a new bowl attachment for her bong or bubbler.


12. Weed Shirt

Best gifts for your girlfriend

Anyone who is proud of being a toker will enjoy having a funky weed shirt to show it off. This might have a fun phrase, psychedelic colors, or simply a weed leaf on it.


13. Custom Rolling Papers

stoner Christmas gifts for her

The only thing better than 100% hemp rolling papers is custom help rolling papers with a message or picture of you choosing. Give her a gift of rolling papers with a custom picture or design. This can swag out her smoking game and make her think of you every time she smokes a joint. 


14. Hemp Wick

gifts for her

Want to make sure your girl isn’t breathing in butane when lighting your bong or pipe? Hemp wicks are pieces of hemp twine that are covered in beeswax. They are slow-burning and allow you to light your bongs and pieces without using a standard lighter. Use it to spark your bowl, and then blow it out once you are done. 


15. Bag of Bones

best gifts for your girlfriend

If you can’t afford the automatic joint roller we put up at the beginning of the list then you will like this idea. Give her a bag of joints that you rolled instead. This lets her smoke whenever she wants, and she will think of you when she smokes them. 


16. The Frost Pipe

Best gifts for her

This gift is not necessarily a pipe until you use the mold. Take this gift and put water all within the mold. Then put it into the freezer, and wait. What will emerge is a pipe that you can smoke out of! The Frost Pipe is pretty cool (literally). 


17. Ash Tray

best marijauana gifts

Is your girlfriend using an old ashtray or, even worse, an old water bottle for her ashes? Everyone needs to ash somewhere, so why don’t you get her a nice ashtray? You can choose from so many different designs. Whether that is an ashtray made from resin and filled with flowers, or an old antique metal ashtray. Useful and practical!


18. Pot Leaf Cookie Cutter

best gifts for your her - weed cookie cutter

Want to make sure your girl isn’t breathing in butane when lighting your bong or pipe? Hemp wicks are pieces of hemp twine that are covered in beeswax. They are slow-burning and allow you to light your bongs and pieces without using a standard lighter. Use it to spark your bowl, and then blow it out once you are done. 

For anyone who loves making their own edibles these make them even cuter. If she likes to Chef Boyardee up in the kitchen, this is a perfect gift for her. 


19. Smoked Glass Steamroller

best christmas gifts for her - smoked steamroller

If you are looking for stoner gifts for your girlfriend, the smoked glass steamroller is a great option. At the middle of the road price for a piece, your girlfriend will know that you care for her. This piece is made from top quality glass and is easily packed., making it the perfect gift for her. 


  • Thick Borosilicate Glass
  • Smoked Glass
  • Portable
  • Absolutely Rips

20. Puffco Peak Smart E-Rig

puffco peak on sale

If you want to get your lover something incredible, then this dab rig is essential to her lineup. With a sleek design, this dab rig will give you the ultimate vaping experience. It is portable, has a long-lasting battery, and the body is made of thick quartz. 

Charge this dab for only two hours, and choose between four different temperatures. This is one of the easiest vaporizers to use, so if she is a beginner she won’t run into problems. Whether your girl is a dab professional or simply looking for clean vaporization, this piece is a great option. 


  • Dishwasher Safe
  • BPA-Free Silicone
  • Shatter Resistant
  • Stain Resistant
  • Easy to Clean
  • 30 smoke sessions per charge
  • 2 hour charge time

21. Twisty’s Glass Blunt

christmas gifts for her

The Twisty™ Glass Blunt is different from other glass blunts. It combines the idea of a standard glass blunt, with a twisting motion. It is something your girlfriend can show off to her friends, and easily take on the go. This is a unique gift that any stoner will love.


  • Smokes just like a blunt
  • No tobacco
  • Cleaning brush included
  • Easy to use

22. Scented Candles

holiday gifts for her

Stoners love candles, which means your girlfriend would probably love to breathe in soothing scents while smoking. Who said gifts need to be expensive? You can go down to the dollar store or anywhere else that sells candles to get this gift. 


23. Smoking Starter Kit

Alien Ape Pocket Kit

Get your girl her own smoking starter kit, she can take it with her anywhere she goes. Purchase a kit that is already assembled or customize your own bag or case and fill it with a grinder, lighters, papers, a bowl, and some bud and she will be good to go! 


24. Psychedelic Wall Art

best gifts for her - wall art

When you are stoned and in your house, there is nothing better than staring into a complex and psychedelic poster. If you are looking for something a bit more refined, you can get a piece of psychedelic wall art and frame it. This is perfect for art lovers, or anyone interested in interesting visuals.


25. Weed Stash Container

weed container gift for her

Although bud has become a lot more commercial and mainstream in recent years, every stoner needs somewhere to hide their stash. Stash cans are perfect because although they look like a Coca Cola or Arizona Iced Tea, they are actually a safe place to keep your bud safe.

Get Her Something Unique

Choosing to get your girlfriend something related to smoking is perfect for any stoner girl. Think about if she wants to try something new, like a dab rig, or would better utilize a glass blunt. You might also want to get her some munchies and bud to go along with it. If you are still struggling, just remember that you can never go wrong with something she will use frequently. Whatever you get her, if it is smoking-related, she will be sure to love it. Check out all of our glass at, we have a ton of cool and unique pieces that your girlfriend would love! 



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