Must Have Gadgets for Stoners

find the best gadgets and accessories for stoners
September 19, 2018 By Stoner

Before we dive into the best weed gadgets for stoners, we first want to define what a gadget is.

So what is a gadget?

According to, it’s an electronic or mechanical device that people buy as a toy rather than a practical tool.

This is a funny way of defining the word but it is very true.

Gadgets are not very necessary but to have and are definitely wants more than needs, but they should make your life a little bit easier.

There are thousands of different gadgets in the weed industry but we have created a list of the best gadgets for every stoner needs.

Best Gadgets and Accessories for Stoners 

With so many helpful stoner accessories out there, in this article, we will cover some of the must-have stoner accessories and gadgets.

Stash Containers

Stoners use stash containers for multiple reasons.

  1. So they actually remember where they put it last
  2. To hide it from people that do not approve
  3. To withhold the smell of their herbs
  4. To keep the weed fresh

All of these are valid reasons to keep weed in a container.

Some stoners simply keep it in the plastic bag they are given.

Some toss it in a mason jar that they have lying around the house.

Some stoners even grind up their whole stash and keep it in the grinder so it is ready to be smoked.

Although any enclosed container may work to store your weed, most stoners prefer a container that has more of a purpose.

Whether that be to keep their stash hidden from their parents, keep it fresh, or to trap the smell of their nugs.

Disguised Containers

These containers are made for the discrete stoner. No one will ever find your stash with these types of containers.

They turn everyday items into jars of happiness deceiving even the smartest of people.

There are many different types of disguised containers but here are two of our favorites at HelpingPot.

Arizona Iced Tea Container

Not only is Arizona Iced Tea one of the greatest cures of cotton mouth to this day, it also can keep your bud safe.

If you have a friend who is discreet enough to have one of these containers than you sure have gone to crack open this great beverage only to find your friend’s whole stash.

The Pringles Container

Just like Pringles, what’s in this container will also leave your hands sticky.

Keeping your herbs in this container can be dangerous because someone might actually attempt to eat it.

Even though herbs can be edible when baked, it is usually meant to be smoked if it is found in one of these containers.

Smell Proof Containers

One of the biggest problems stoners face is how to maintain the smell of their herbs.

Everyone knows that certain way people look around once they start to smell weed. It is a dead giveaway if you can smell it right when you walk into a room.

If you run into this problem more often than not then we recommend getting a smell proof container.

The Tightvac Portable Container

This container is made to contain the smell of all types of herbs that belong in the kitchen but can become a stoner’s greatest treasure.

It is an airtight vacuum sealed container that can contain any smell.

You can store your stash in here as well as a small bowl that may reek as well.

If you are paranoid about the smell of your stash The Tightvac container is made for you.

SmellSafe Smell Proof Bag

If you are looking for a more stylish option then look no further than this bag.

SmellSafe’s Smell Proof Bag is equipped with a carbon lining that locks in any smell no matter how dank your weed may be.

This bag can keep your stash as well as accessories and can be great for travel.

Grinder Gadgets

Grinders not only make every stoner’s life that much easier but they are gadgets that help conserve your herbs as well.

It is proven that the finer mary jane is broken up the slower it will burn down.

If your grinder does not seem to get the job done or you are simply in the market for a new one check out some of these high-quality grinders.

Electronic Grinders

We know what you are thinking what do you mean electric grinder?

We were thinking the same thing until we stumbled upon one of these bad boys.

You no longer have to put any effort into grinding weed you simply just have to put the weed in.

Now, these are really only necessary if you are grinding up a lot of weed at one time.

This weed blender can be great if you are the type of person who is always looking to make edibles.

Grind up ounces of weed within minutes with an electric grinder.

Designer Grinders

Grinders are usually plain and simple but they do not have to be.

Outside of the three or four pieces that grinders come in, other than different colors, different options are tough to find.

Luckily we have found some beautiful designer herb grinders that are a must add to your arsenal of smoking paraphernalia.

The Pokeball Grinder

You gotta grind it all!

This grinder is made for aspiring gym leaders only.

The Pokeball Grinder is one of our favorites because it takes you straight back to your childhood.

It is a three piece grinder which means it does not have a kief catch but the circular shape of the bottom piece allows kief to accumulate in small amounts.

The Death Star Grinder

The Death Star Grinder will take you to the dark side.

This grinder may not be able to blow up planets but it sure will blow your mind with how fine it grinds up nugs.

Make your assortment of pieces more personable by adding this Death Star themed grinder.

This grinder is a four piece grinder and does include a kief catch as well as scoop.

The Maze Game Grinder

This grinder is a-MAZE-ing!

The maze grinder grinds can grind up your weed in minutes and keep you entertained for hours.

It is your stereotypical four piece grinder that just has a maze game attached to the top of it.

Keeping stoners entertained everywhere!

Smoking Gadgets

There are all types of gizmos and gadgets that people use to smoke weed.

You can use some brand new class you may have boughten at your local shop and use household items. The list goes on and on.

With so many options there truly is one for every toking occasion.

If you are with a large group of people a piece that will last is better such as a bong or bowl with a large bowl pack or even a joint.

If you are smoking by yourself, a smaller piece can get the job done. A small bowl or chillum may do the trick for you.

If you are looking for a new way to spice up your smoking experience then we check out some of these cool and unique smoking gadgets!

One Hitters

Want to get a little buzz while you are in a populated area?

These one-hitters are essential for the discreet smoker.

The piece that you smoke out of looks exactly like a cigarette with a small bowl pack at the end that you can fill with weed.

Just add ground weed into the container and dip the cigarette stick in to get it packed.

Glass Blunts

Want to smoke a blunt but don’t have any wraps?

Don’t worry the glass blunt is here to save the day!

You will no longer have to spend the extra two or three dollars every time you need wraps with this gizmo.

It saves you money and saves your lungs! The tobacco of a blunt wrap can be unhealthy to smoke in copious amounts. The glass blunt takes the wrap out of the occasion.

The glass blunt is much easier to roll than a blunt is as well. All you need to do is remove the corkscrew piece and fill the container with weed then screw the piece back in.

This may eliminate roaches for all of you roach lovers but you will actually be able to burn down all of the weed without any going to waste.

Smell Control Gadgets  

More and more states are beginning to legalize marijuana but it is still illegal in most states.

Although we do not recommend partaking in illegal activities, we understand that weed is still going to be smoked in states where it is prohibited.

If you are less fortunate and live in a state where it is still illegal you have to be more discreet when you are sparking.

Everyone can smell weed from a mile away so keeping this stench under control is vital when you are smoking.

Everyone has their own tactics when it comes to this some people light a candle, some put a towel under the door, and others simply just zero every hit so there is no smoke to blow out.

Keeping your weed in one of the airtight cases we went presented earlier is a great way to maintain the smell when you are not smoking.

These cases do not help with the smell while you are smoking so we found these gadgets to be the most helpful and can give you peace of mind during your toke sesh.

The Smokebuddy

Even though we are sure you have enough smoke buddies that contribute to the weed smell, this one will actually help it.

The smoke buddy is an easy gadget to use that can conceal even the dankest of weed smells.

After you take a rip of your personal favorite smoking device just uncap the Smokebuddy and blow the smoke through its vents.

You need to blow a little harder than normal to get the smoke through but it is well worth it.

It filter minimizes the amount of smoke that is released and diffuses the smell of the smoke once it passes through the filter.

A Sploof

One of the oldest smoke tricks in the books is making a sploof. These can be made pretty simply out of supplies that are common household items.

Just take an empty toilet paper roll and fill it will dryer sheets. It can be used the same way a sploof is used.

The air will get filtered through the dryer sheets concealing the smell to the point where you should smell more of the dryer sheet smell.

Sploofs are great if you are in a pinch and need to hide the weed smell while you are at home.

They are cheap and easy to make. We do recommend frequently changing the sploof you use because they are less efficient with more use.

Cleaning Tools

Smoking is supposed to be an enjoyable experience but everyone has that friend who’s piece is so dirty you can taste the residue with every hit.

Do not be that friend.

Keep your pieces clean. It can be as simple as tossing rubbing alcohol into a ziploc bag with the bowl or even boiling the boil.

Both of these methods work to keep pieces relatively clean but if you want your piece to look and feel brand new than we recommend this cleaner.

420 Formula Ultimate Cleaner

Bowls, bongs, or bubblers it does not matter this cleaner cleans them all.

No elbow grease is required with this cleaner. All you have to do is put your piece in a bag with a few squirts of this cleaner and shake it up.

Extremely simple. Extremely efficient. The 420 Formula Ultimate Cleaner will have your pieces looking brand new.


Like the Urban Dictionary definition stated, not all gadgets are needs. Most of them are wants and are simply made to make your life a little bit easier.

That is what these accessories are made to do. Each of them are tools for certain situations that can enhance and smoking situation.

Toker Poker

The Toker Poker is the stoner’s swiss army knife. It is a handheld case that fits any BIC lighter like a glove.

It is equipped with a poker to help cash bowls with they are clogged or kicked.

The case is engraved with grooves that can hold a few feet of hemp string to make lighting bowls or bongs more of an experience.

Pipe Screens

Tired of getting Scooby Snacks while you are hitting a bowl?

Pipe screens help you smoke more weed and eat less.

Simple to use just bend them to fit inside your bowl pack covering up the rush hole. Then pack the bowl full of weed just as you typically would.

They prevent scooby snacks and act as an ash catcher prevented the ash to get sucked through the piece.

Imagine a world where your bowls are never clogged and much cleaner.

That is what your world will be like if you use these pipe screens.

Rolling Trays

PSA: Weed is being wasted at an alarming rate!

Getting stuck in the cracks of tables and couches everywhere. Weed is swept off of people’s laps like it is worthless.

How many times have you just swept leftover weed off yourself or the couch when rolling?

Everyone is guilty of it but those small amounts of weed that are wasted add up over time. Think about how much weed you would have if you piled all of the wasted crumbs together.

Using a rolling tray can prevent all of this from happening. They are large enough to catch most crumbs and have a border lining the perimeter to keep all the nugs together.

If you roll a lot of joints or blunts purchasing a rolling tray will make the rolling process that much easier.

Weed that leaks out of the paper during the rolling process can be easily picked up and added back into the joint or blunt.
The Potpocket

Just like a rolling tray, this gadget is great for stoners who love smoking joints and blunts.

The Potpocket is a great way to protect your joints or blunts if you are not going to smoke them right away.

Going skiing do wanna crush your joints if you fall?

Bring a potpocket.

Going to a concert and need to sneak the joints in?

Bring a pot pocket.

They come in two sizes, one for joints and one for blunts.

These wooden containers are capable of holding up to three wraps at one time which should be enough for any occasion.

Go Go Gadget Stoner Tools

Who cares what says about gadgets, these gadgets are made for stoners by stoners.

They may not be necessary to getting high but they sure do make every stoners life a little be easier!

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