Top 10 Accessories You Need for Your Dab Rig

the best 5 dab rig accessories
October 27, 2018 By Stoner

Dabbing has evolved quite a bit in the past few years. It went from being an archane art, practiced by only the most hardcore Stoners, to being a mainstream branch of smoking, with its own customized gear and accessories.

In this article, we outline the 10 Best Dab Rig Accessories in 2019, and tell you why you need them and where to find them. Our list consists of: 

Let’s dive right into this dab!

1. Quartz Bangers – Smoke in Style

quartz bangers best dab rig attachment

Bangers come in many different forms, depending primarily on the material they are made from. Most bangers are made from quartz rather than traditional glass so that they do not break or shatter under the extreme heat of the torch when being heated.


On top of this, quartz bangers are made to sit at an angle so that they are far enough away from your dab rig that the glass of your rig is not heated too much so as to damage it. This is important because when dabbing first emerged in stoner culture, lots of rigs were ruined as a result of overheating from the torch.

Quartz bangers also do not need to be seasoned like some other dab rig accessories such as nails. This means that you do not have to heat test them and break them in before using them as you see fit. Some nails can be broken or damaged if they are used without first being seasoned, but quartz bangers come ready to be used with no need to be broken in.

How Much Do Quartz Bangers Cost?

Depending on the type of quartz banger you are looking for, the cost can be anywhere from as low as $10 to about $30. While some bangers are outside of this range, this is what you can expect to pay on average for a quartz banger.

Will a Quartz Banger Fit My Dab Rig?

Chances are, yes.  Because dabbing has become so popular in recent years, the supply of dabbing accessories has developed quite nicely into a wide variety of gear that can fit just about any dab rig.

Quartz bangers come in many different sizes. There are both female and male bangers, the male having a smaller, more tube like base which attaches to your dab rig, and the females having a wider, more bowl shaped end, which male rigs can fit into snugly.

On top of this, these male and female quartz bangers can be found in various diameters, usually the most popular sizes being 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm, but also in other less traditional sizes.

Lastly, quartz bangers come in a variety of angles. The angle measured signifies how far out the banger actually sits from the dab rig itself. Usually, these are available in 45, 80 and 90 degree angles, the most popular being the 90 degree quartz banger dab rig attachment.

Where Can I Find the Best Quartz Bangers?

You can find the best quartz bangers on our site, of course!

Check out our large selection of quartz bangers and dab accessories by going to our dabbing products. There you can sort through dozens of various quartz bangers to find the one that best fits your dab rig and your desires.

2. Carb Caps – Control Your Airflow

carb caps best dab rig attachment

A carb cap is a small tool used to enhance the dabbing experience. They are usually made from glass or quartz. There are also titanium carb caps as well. They allow you to control airflow, and take dabs faster if you desire.


Once you have finished taking your initial hit from your dab rig, the remaining extract can remain in you rig undissolved. This can make for a mess when it comes to cleaning up later, and on top of that, it prevents you from getting the most out of your dabbing experience.

The solution? A carb cap!

Carb caps are easy to use, simply place them over your quartz banger once you are done taking your first hit, and swirl it around the same way you would with a dabbing tool. This will provide more suction in the rig, and prevent the remaining extract from being dissolved and escaping into the air.

Carb caps allow you to get the most out of your dab supply, and also help to keep dab rigs clean. On top of that, they are usually very cheap, and come in many creative and beautiful designs that can accentuate your rig.

How Much Do Carb Cabs Cost?

A carb cap will typically run you about $15 to $30. More interesting and intricately designed ones will cost more, but for a majority of carb caps, this is what you can expect to pay.

Do I Need a Carb Cap?

No, you do not necessarily need a carb cap. Technically, you can get by smoking from a dab rig without ever using a carb cap.

However, if you are looking to save money on dabs, keep your rig cleaner, and get the most out of every dabbing session, you may want to invest in one.

For you dabbers out there on a budget, you can always purchase a 2-in-1 dabber and carb cap tool, which saves you the trouble of potentially losing one of them, and also saves you a bit of money when compared to purchasing them both individually.

Where Can I Find the Best Carb Caps?

Come on now, you know the answer to this question! Best Gifts For Stoners of course!

We have a large selection of carb caps, from decorative ones that are one of a kind, to traditional carb caps which are a bit less expensive and not as fancy. We even have 2-in-1 carb caps that function as dabber tools as well.

Feel free to take a look at our selection of affordable carb caps to find some great gifts for your stoner friends, or even for yourself.

3. Dab Torches – Get the Perfect Temp Dab

best dab rig accessories 2019 dab torches

Let’s be real, you can’t smoke anything without fire. A torch is a dabber’s best friend (besides maybe their dabs of course). 

What to Look for in a Good Torch for Dabbing

When looking for a torch, there are a few things that are important:


You want a torch that isn’t going to break after the first time you use it. You also want a torch that will be dependable as time goes on, not losing its touch while still maintaining a solid ability to regulate temperatures just right so as to not over or under-heat your bangers or nails.


Torches can be kind of pricey. You want to find one that isn’t a pain in the butt to refill with fluid every time you need a bit more gas to heat your dabs up with. Some torches can be such a pain to replace the fluid in that it is almost worth buying a new one altogether. Yikes! Avoid this by finding a quality torch for dabbing.


Luckily, most torches are priced pretty competitively in the market, allowing consumers access to very low prices. However, there are still some super fancy torches out there that claim to heat faster and hold a flame longer and so on. While it is nice to find something that goes above and beyond, chances are you are not willing to shill out an extra hundred bucks for a torch with a digital display for its temperature gauge. Find something that is within your budget that still has high quality and dependability.


All torches have a maximum heat output capacity as well as a maximum recommended gas output. Depending on the type of extracts you are smoking, and the temperature at which you are trying to heat them, some torches may not be the right fit. For the most part, dab torches are capable of heating dabs far more than necessary.

When it comes to heat, there are various degrees at which dabs can be taken, typically between 315F (157C) and 900F (482C). Finding the perfect dab temperature is a process all in itself, so we won’t get into it here. The point you want to remember is that the temperature to which you heat your nail greatly affects the harshness, flavor, and potency of your dabs. Finding a torch that can handle the ideal temperature and regularly help you heat your nail to it is very helpful when trying to find the best dab temperature.

Type of Gas

For the most part, torches are made to use either butane or propane for gas. Butane is capable of being heated to higher temperatures (upwards of 3400F) than propane which has a maximum heat of around 2600F. However, this is irrelevant when dabbing since most dabs will usually begin burning around 900F, and would surely evaporate almost instantly if heated to this temperature, and would likely cause severe damage to anyone smoking it.

Butane torches are generally smaller, easier to find, and cheaper. So unless you plan on using this torch for welding or other purposes outside of dabbing, a butane torch is likely the best fit for you. They are also more commonly made specifically for dabbing, which makes the design more compact and easy to bring along when travelling.


When it comes to torches, size matters. Yes, that’s a pun, it’s okay to laugh or roll your eyes, whichever you prefer. All jokes aside, no one wants to carry around a freaking blow torch to dab with – though we know some stoners who legitimately do this…

You want one that fits nicely in your hand, but one that is not too small so as to run out of gas too quickly.

How Much Do Torches Cost?

Butane torches usually cost between $15 and $40,, depending on the size, design and brand. You can find great deals on dab torches by shopping around.

How Much Do Butane Refills Cost?

Butane fuel is actually quite cheap. You can find full refills for butane torches that are refillable for under $5. This is quite affordable.

4. Nail Attachments (Titanium, Ceramic, or Quartz)

top dab rig accessories nail attachments

Nails are a different type of way to smoke dabs than their quartz banger counterparts. Typically, nails can be made of ceramic, quartz, or titanium. All of these are equally good to use, though there are some questions out there revolving around the safety of heating titanium to such high temperatures in order to smoke.

Nails are also divided into a few categories based on their form and function. There are wry neck nails, e-nails, and domeless nails.

Domeless Nails

Domeless nails is a larger category that encompasses most of the ceramic, titanium, e-nails and quartz nails out there. This category of nails is defined by the fact that they do not have a dome, as the name suggests. The difference between domeless nails and domed nails is immediately noticeable and unmistakable.

Domed Nails

Domed nails are quite a rarity it seems in the dab smoking community, though they are quickly gaining popularity. They are defined by their distinctive dome which contains the nail itself.

This shape helps to maximize the smoke that comes from your dab. It allows the heated vapor to rise and then be sucked around the dome in order to ensure that more of the smoke is not lost in the process of heating the dab.

Because of their intricate designs and shape, domed nails can be easy to break, and difficult to heat. This is part of the reason they have not gained the popularity they probably should considering their ability to help save on dabs.

Wry Neck Nails

Wry neck nails are domeless, and primarily made of quartz. They are made wider than traditional nails in order to allow for larger extract dabs. They also have a pretty interesting visual appeal to them, and are far different from traditional nails. Overall, they cost about the same as traditional quartz nails and quartz bangers.


E-nails or electronic nails are quite new within the last few years. Rather than requiring heating from butane or gas in order to get the nail to the right temperature, these nails can be plugged in and set to a certain temperature. This allows you to have more control over your dab temperature. It also allows users to maintain a steady temperature on their nails without having to reheat the nail.

Electronic nails are a bit more expensive than regular nails, but you will not have the need for a torch or refueling. However, there are a few downsides to e-nails also such as the fact that you cannot set them up as easily as regular nails. Of course, you need electricity, so they are not ideal for smoking outdoors.

Lastly, e-nails can be dangerous for stoners. Everyone is usually a little dazed after taking a dab, and likely to either take a nap or raid the fridge. It can be easy to forget about your e-nail sitting on the counter or the floor. This can lead to fire hazards for those who do not pay attention. If you are forgetful, an e-nail may not be best for you.

How Much Do Nails Cost?

The answer to this question all depends on the type of nail you are purchasing. Ceramic nails usually cost between $10 and $20. Titanium usually cost about the same.

Domed nails cost a bit more, typically ranging between $10 and $30. Though typically, domes can be bought separately from nails, and can be used on ceramic, quartz, and titanium nails.  

Which Type of Nail is Best?

This really depends on your personal preferences. For quick and easy use, a traditional nail is probably best. For consistency and faster heating, an e-nail is best. For conserving the most of your dab extracts per hit, a domed nail is recommended. For people who are looking to take some huge dabs on their average smoking experience, we recommend a wry neck nail which offers a wider area for placing and heating your dabs on.

Where Can I Find the Best Nails for My Dab Rig?

We have a large selection of high quality and affordable ceramic, titanium, and quartz nails in a variety of shapes and sizes available in our online store. We also have glass domes which you can place over your dab rig nails as well.

5. Dabber Tools – Dab With Style

best dab rig attachments 2019 dabber tools

Dab tools make dabbing an easy and consistent experience. There is a wide variety of dabbers, some made from ceramic, others from titanium, while others are stylized and custom blown pieces made with quartz.

5. The Dabber (Dabbing Tool)

A dabber is not a dabber without a dabber. Wait… what?  

No one is crazy enough to put their hand inside of a 400F+ degree banger or nail in order to mix their dabs around. You’re going to need a tool to do that.

Dabber tools come in many shapes, sizes and designs. Typically, they are cheap and easy to come by, and will last you a long time as long as you treat them well.

Quartz and titanium dabbers mainly dominate the dab tool scene, as they are the most durable and heat resistant.

Dab tools run from the very basic plain titanium stick of metal, to intricate and complex designs like flowers and honey comb dabbers. Typically, people purchase simple dabbers that are cheap and durable, but some enjoy the novelty of a dabber that is both handy and unique in design.

How Much Does a Dabber Cost?

Dabbers can cost anywhere from $5 to about $40 depending on the type you are interested in. For most people, a regular old titanium dabber will get the trick done, but for some people, the unique design is something they are interested in. For those looking for unique dabber tools, you should be ready to pay more for them than traditional dabbers.

Which Type of Dabber is Best For Me?

Really it depends on your preferences and just how clumsy you are. If you are the type of stoner who is going to lose or drop your dabber often, a basic titanium dab tool is probably best for you because if you drop it, it will not break, and if you lose it, it is cheap to replace and easy to find a similar one.

For those who are interested in collecting unique glass throughout their smoking experiences, a quartz dabber tool is probably the best bet. This is where you will find all of the zany designs such as the rocket dabber tool or the honeycomb dabber.

6. Concentrate Containers – Take Your Dabs On-the-Go

top dab rig accessories dab containers

Every dabber needs a place to keep their oils and concentrates that is safe and smell proof. Ideally, you want something that is airtight and waterproof too. There are hundreds of types of concentrate containers on the market.


If you do not have one of these, I strongly recommend you consider purchasing one. That wax paper will not keep your dabs safe from view or from smelling up the place on occasions. At such an affordable price, and with so much variety – the room for customization is almost infinite. Every dabber should have one.

How Much Does A Dab Container Cost?

The average concentrate container costs about $5 to $15. It is rare you will find something more expensive than this. If you do not care about customization or looks, you can even find concentrate containers for less than $5.

7. Res Caps & Res Gel – For Easy Cleaning

top dab rig accessories res caps and res gel

Dabbers know that dab rigs get dirty and clogged faster than bongs. As a result, if you want to keep them nice over time, you need to keep them clean. Res Caps and Res Gel help you to do just that.


There are dozens of types of res caps on the market. They come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, depending on what you are looking for. The best res caps are ones that fit on easily, are able to stretch, and do not come off easily.

The last thing you want is to be cleaning your dab rig and for a bunch of stinky bong water to leak out onto your floor or clothes. For that reason, it is important that you take the time to find the right brand for your needs.

How Much Do Res Caps Cost?

Res caps typically cost between $10 and $20. Depending on the kit you get, you may recieve multiple types of caps of multiple sizes in order to cover all of the holes on your dab rig. The most important thing to remember when purchasing res caps is to get the right size. Even if it means purchasing extra – it is worth it. These things will last you forever, and turn an old bong into a brand new one when used with the best dab rig cleaning equipment.

8. Dab Tool Carrying Case – Protect the Stash

top dab rig attachments 2019 dab rig containers

If you are an on-the-go smoker, you need a way to keep your dab rig and your stash safe, unnoticed, and locked up from the rest of the world. Carrying cases are the best way to do this.


There are dozens of options for dab rig carrying cases. Some only have room for your dab containers and a few tools. Others have room for entire dab rigs, tools, and much more.

The more complex cases even offer smell proof, water proof, and lockable options which basically act as a fortress around your dab rig and stash. Depending on what you are looking for, there are tons of options out there.

How Much Dab Rig Carrying Cases Cost?

Price range for these cases can range widely depending on the features of each case. Generally speaking, you can expect to pay between $15 and $70 for a solid case, with some more complex ones even ranging upwards of $100.

Are Dab Tool Carrying Cases Worth It? 

Yes. If you are on-the-go a lot, you almost need one of these in order to keep the smell down, have everything in one convenient place, and keep your stuff safe while you are not around.

9. Reclaim Catcher – 

top dab rig attachments reclaim catcher

Reclaim catchers allow you to take that extra dab concentrate that pools in your banger or nail and reuse it later, rather than having to scrape it off after it has hardened.


This is an extremely useful dab rig accessory that every serious dabber should consider purchasing. They allow you to conserve massive amounts of dab concentrate over time, and also allow you to keep your dab rig significantly cleaner over its lifetime.

On top of that, a lot of reclaim catchers also easily attach to any dab rig, so you can configure them as you want, and add even more attachments such as percolators or ashcatchers to the mix as well.

How Much Do Reclaim Catchers Cost?

Typically, you can find reclaim catchers in the $25 to $50 range. For the most part, they are reasonably priced and mostly differ in cost based on size, design, and complexity.

Are Reclaim Catchers Worth It?

Yes. Like we said, this small dab rig attachment can save you tons of wax over time, and also helps to keep your dab rig clean as new, which allows it to last longer and takes away a lot of the headache of having to clean it constantly.

10. Dab Rigs – You Can’t Dab Without It!

best dab rig accessories 2019 waffle perc birthday cake dab rig by diamond glass

Okay, we know this isn’t a dab rig accessory. But, you literally can’t dab without a quality rig. There are new designs coming out all the time, so it is always great to browse a selection of dab rigs from time to time.


Dab rigs come in all shapes and sizes, with mini rigs becoming more and more popular because they make for great travel pipes. Just like bong , they can be extremely complex, or simple, but still high quality.

Overall, dab rigs are essentially bongs that are modified in order to hit better when heated to high temperatures. This makes for small differences in design, usually with higher joints so that the smoke can have more time to cool before reaching the mouthpiece.

Can’t I Just Convert My Bong to A Dab Rig? 

To be completely honest with you, yes. For the most part, adding a quartz banger or nail attachment to most bongs essentially makes it a dab rig.

However, it is important to note that as we explained above, dab rigs are designed differently from bongs to make for cooler hits. You want to be careful when converting a bong to a dab rig that you keep in mind the extra heat you will be applying – making hotter smoke. If you are not careful, a small bong can easily burn your throat and cause permanent damage.

So, in short, the answer to this question is yes – but be aware of the design differences between rigs and water pipes. If your bong is not the right size or design, it may be worth investing in a nw dab rig. However, most bongs will work just fine with dab rig attachments.

How Much Do Dab Rigs Cost? 

Generally, dab rigs can be found for anywhere between $50 and $100. Some more complex ones like recycler rigs can be more expensive, while some smaller ones like mini dab rigs can be cheaper than the $50 mark.

top dab rig accessories list for 2019 where to find them

Where Can I Find Affordable Dab Rig & Accessories? 

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