Must Have Bongs for Under $100 (for 2021)

best water pipes under 100 dollars
November 27, 2018 By Stoner

For a lot of stoners, finding a good bong can be quite the task.

On one hand, you want a bong that is made from high quality glass, is the right size, and can provide a smooth smoking experience.

On the other hand, you don’t want to choose a bong that is too expensive for the quality you are getting. No need to break the bank when heading to the head shop.

Shopping an online head shop is one surefire way to find great deals on water pipes and other smoking gear.

We made this list of the best bongs under $100 to help you find the best value water pipes out there which provide high quality for the price you pay.

1. “Pan” Mini Beaker Bong by Sesh Supply 

best bongs for under 100 dollars sesh supply pan mini beaker bong

This bong is a great purchase for someone who is looking for a bong with a sturdy base, thick glass, and a smooth smoking experience. Sesh Supply is one of the best bong brands out there when it comes to quality and value. 

What Makes this Bong Great?

High Quality Percolation

First, the diffused downstem offers superior filtration and smoothness to your hits. Usually the problem with small bongs is that they do not offer as smooth hits, but that is not the case with the “Pan” mini bong. 

Perfect Size for Travelling

The “Pan” Beaker Bong by Sesh Supply stands at 5 inches tall, making it a great size for easy travel and setup. You do not have to lug around a tall bong and worry about breaking it while on the move.

Bowl Included with Purchase

Along with your purchase of this bong, we include a glass bowl attachment. While you probably already have one of your own, it can’t hurt to have another one hanging around for a rainy day. This saves you a bit of money of having to purchase a new one, or the time waiting for one to come in the mail if you forgot to purchase a glass bowl attachment with your bong… (We’ve all done that before)…

This Bongs Additional Features

The “Pan” Mini Beaker Bong by Sesh Supply also includes these features:

  • 5″ Tall
  • 90 Degree Joint
  • Bent Neck
  • Beaker Base
  • Diffused Downstem
  • Fumed Glass
  • Male Glass Bowl Included
  • Sesh Supply Logo
  • 14.5mm Female Joint

Overall, the “Pan” by Sesh Supply is a high value bong for under $100. It comes with a bowl attachment, high quality percolation, is the perfect size for travel, is a common size that fits with bong and dab rig attachments, and hits very well.

2. “Nyx” Passthrough Mini-Rig by Sesh Supply 

best bongs for under 100 bucks sesh supply nyx mini dab rig

This is another high quality bong by Sesh Supply that has great value for under $100. It has a thick glass base, showerhead percolator to a passthrough chamber, and is a great size for travelling.


What Makes this Bong Great?

High Quality Percolation

Showerhead percs are notoriously known for their ability to quickly cool smoke down and make for a smooth smoking experience. This mini-rig / bong takes this percolation to the next level by adding a passthrough chamber to the end of the showerhead perc, creating even more diffusion.

Perfect Size for Travelling

The “Nyx” by Sesh Supply stands at only 7 inches tall, making it perfect for travelling and easy setup.

Comes in Different Color Options

There are three color options offered for this high quality mini rig:

  • Gold (fumed)
  • White
  • Black

Both the white and the black are clear glass, with the inside passthrough chamber being a different color. The fumed glass is gold throughout the entire piece, for an awesome looking finish.

Heavy Glass Bong

The “Nyx” Mini Rig by Sesh Supply is made with very thick glass throughout, making the base very sturdy, as well as making the piece ready for a little bit of rough times. This is not a bong that will break easily.

Bowl Included with Purchase

Another thing that adds to the high value of this bong is that it comes with a glass bowl attachment that is included for free. While this bowl is nothing fancy, it does get the job done, and is fairly deep, easy to remove with the handle it has, and sturdy in nature.

This Bongs Additional Features

The Scylla Mini Rig by Sesh Supply also touts these additional features for you bong nerd out there:

  • Bubble Base
  • Passthrough Chamber
  • Showerhead Perc
  • 45 Degree Bent Neck
  • 3 Worked in Maria Rings for Grip
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Sesh Supply Logo

Overall, this bent neck bong is one of the best water pipes under $100 on the market for its size, functionality, features, durability, and cool aesthetics. This is a great gift for stoners who are looking for a solid addition to their collection that they can enjoy for its high quality in terms of looks and performance.

3. UPC 18″ Straight Tube Bong 

best 420 gifts for stoners UPC straight tube bongThis straight tube bong is a great purchase for someone who is looking for a traditional bong that gets the job done for an affordable price.


What Makes this Bong Great?

High Quality Percolation

This bong features a showerhead percolator in the upper chamber of the bong, right below the ice catch. This allows for the smoke to rise after cooling from the water through the downstem, and then diffuse into the ice (if you prefer), making for a very smooth and cool hit every time.

Thick Glass

This 18″ Thick Glass Straight Tube Bong by UPC has 5mm thick glass throughout the entire piece, making it a very sturdy bong for under $100.  You will probably not find a glass bong with thicker glass than this on the market. This bad boy sits on a very sturdy base which makes sure it won’t tip over or easily break.

Bowl and Downstem Included with Purchase

This thick glass bong comes with a downstem and a glass bowl. To be honest, the glass bowl attachment is a bit small in terms of what it can fit, so if you do not have one that fits it already, we recommend purchasing an additional bowl attachment for your bong. The downstem is very high quality, and diffuses nicely.

This Bongs Additional Features

On top of all this, the UPC Straight Tube Bong with Showerhead Perc includes the following features:

  • 18” tall
  • 50mm thick glass tubing body
  • 5mm thick glass
  • Hand Blown
  • Includes Glass Bowl
  • Straight Neck
  • Thick Glass
  • Ice Catch
  • Diffused Downstem
  • 14.5mm Female Joint

Overall, the UPC 18″ Straight Tube Bong is a very high quality glass bong that has superior percolation. It has a lovely ice catch built in, and comes with a very high quality downstem as well. This bong is very thick, and will not break easily. This is a great bong under $100 that makes for a good addition to any stoner’s collection.

4. Grav Labs 8″ Flare Bong With Fixed Downstem

best bongs for 100 dollars grav labs flare water pipe with fixed downstem

This uniquely designed bong from Grav Labs features has an interesting shape, curving a bit in the body in order to provide a perfect place for your hand in order to provide superior grip.

What Makes this Bong Great?

No Splash Back

Some smaller bongs often struggle with the problem of splash back when taking large hits. The Grav Labs Flare Bong does not have this problem thanks to its brilliant design, which filters back excess water through its downstem, also adding additional filtration and diffusion.

Perfect Travel Size Bong

At 8″ tall, this bad boy is the perfect size to take with you on-the-go, making it a great travel bong. On top of that, its design makes emptying and refilling it a breeze, without the worry of spills and time-consuming emptying.

Glass Bowl Included

This wonderful water pipe by Grav comes with a glass bowl that fits it perfectly. It is wide enough and deep enough to last multiple rotations, so there is no need to replace it unless you plan on doing some serious smoking.

This Bongs Additional Features

This piece also includes the following features:

  • 8″ Tall
  • 3.5″ Wide Flat Base
  • Geometric Ice Catch
  • Random Color Design
  • 14mm Female Joint
  • Scientific Glass
  • Handcrafted Design

All of these factors help to easily put the Grav 8″ Flare Bong With Fixed Downstem in the #4 Spot on our list of the Best Bongs for Under $100 in 2019. The ice catch is very unique, smoking experience is smooth, and you can almost be guaranteed you will not find another Stoner with this flashy piece.

5. Roll Uh Bowl Silicone Bong 

best water pipes for under 100 dollars roll uh bowl silicone bong

This silicone bong is safe, easy to use, and can fold up to fit in your front pocket. On top of that, it is dishwasher safe, affordable, and virtually indestructible. Everything a Stoner could ask for.

What Makes this Bong Great?

Dishwasher Safe 

Tired of trying to clean your bong, only to fail miserably at it? Well with the Roll Uh Bowl, there is no need to worry about that problem. You can simlpy throw this guy in the dishwasher while you are at work, and come home to a clean and shiny new bong!

BPA Free 

One of the largest concerns with silicone bongs is their safety. But, the Roll Uh Bowl is made from BPA-free silicone which is not dangerous for human consumption, and it is also capable of withstanding temperatures much higher than a lighter can produce, meaning you never have to worry about melting it or inhaling silicone fumes.

Nearly Indestructible

This thing bends in every which way and direction. You can drop it, throw it, run it over with your car and it won’t break. We have all had to pick up a bong from the floor with a dustpan, and it feels like losing a child. But, with the Roll Uh Bowl, you almost can’t break it unless you are making a legitimate effort to do so.

This Bongs Additional Features

Let’s look at some of the other features this bong has:


  • 8″ Tall When Unfolded
  • 9mm Metal Downstem
  • Metal Bowl Included
  • Comes With Bracelet
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • BPA-Free Silicone
  • 7 Color Options

Overall, the safety, customization options, durability, and ease of cleaning of the Roll Uh Bowl make it one of the best bong brands on the market. And when you consider its very reasonable price tag, it is a wonder why every Stoner does not have one of these in their arsenal. The smoking experience is also surprisingly smooth and enjoyable also.

where to find the best bongs under 100 dollars

Where to Find the Best Bongs Under $100

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