Top 10 Accessories You Need for Your Bong

best bong attachments 2018
November 15, 2018 By Stoner

Bongs are a great smoking device for any Stoner. They provide a smooth, cool smoking experience with great flavor and intensity.

Water pipes help you conserve supplies. They can be expensive, but often times they are worth the extra money. Depending on the type of bong you have, there are many attachments that you can purchase in order to improve your smoking experience.

Some bong attachments provide filtration, others are there to help with diffusion, while some are just there for decoration. In this article, we will explore the Best 10 Bong Attachments in 2021:

Let’s get started!

1. Ashcatchers – For Smoother Cleanup & Hits

ashcatcher attatchments for bongs

Ashcatchers are a water pipe attachment that allows you to stop any unwanted ash from getting into your bong. They sometimes come with percolators, but not always.  Ashcatchers can be attached to the stem of your bong, right where the slide is, and then the bowl can be attached to the end of the ashcatcher once it is on your bong. The benefit of ashcatchers is that they keep your bongs clean for longer, and they also make the smoke smoother and cooler, by adding one extra means of diffusion and filtration.


How Much Do Ashcatchers Cost?

A good ashcatcher will run you anywhere from $40 to $60, occasionally cheaper. When purchasing an ashcatcher from an online headshop, you want to make sure that it is of good quality.

Where Can I Find an Ashcatcher for My Bong?

Our online store has a few affordable ashcatchers that are high quality bong attachments and make for a great gift for your stoner friend.

Will My Ashcatcher Fit My Bong?

Another thing you want to be aware of when purchasing an ashcatcher is the size of the fitting on the end of it. Female joints match to male joints and vice versa. If your bong has a female joint like most do, it will need to be matched with a male joint ashcatcher, and the opposite can be said for bongs with male joints. Most ashcatchers and other bong attachments will state what size and gender they are in order to avoid confusion.

2. Percolators – For a Smoother Smoke

best bong accessories upc genie lamp inline percolator attachment

Percolators and ashcatchers are often confused or grouped together. The difference between the two is that percolators are mainly part of the bong itself, while ashcatchers can be added on to bongs to enhance them.


There are literally dozens of types of percolators out there, each one with their own specific design. For the most part, they all work the same to provide the smoker with a smoother, more filtered, and cooler hit while smoking.

For the most part, the percolator attachments that we have to offer are technically ashcatchers because of the fact that they are not a part of the bong. But, we wanted to include percolators on this list as their own best bong attachment because not all ashcatchers are created equally. Some focus more on the basics of just catching the ashes, and adding a bit more filtration. While others are well thought out, complex pieces of glass that add more diffusion and filtration than most bongs have to begin with.

Either way, purchasing a bong or dab rig with a percolator is a great idea to start. However, if you did not do this, have a broken perc, are looking for additional filtration, or simply don’t want to spend the coin to get an entirely new bong, then a percolator or ashcatcher attachment is probably best for you.

Which Percolator is Best for Me?

The truth is, no one percolator is best. Most of the time, stoners end up choosing the perc that looks the coolest, comes the cheapest, or is already a part of the piece they are purchasing. At the end of the day, they all perform the same function. While some may be better at a scientific level by a few small margins, they all achieve the same goal of cooler smoke and a more filtered smoking experience. The best percolator all depends on your personal preferences.

Percolators are designed to add more filtration to the smoke. They can be attached to a bong the same way that an ashcatcher can, by removing the slide and placing it in the stem, then placing the slide on the stem of the perc.

Percolators work by cooling down the smoke through adding extra filtration, and evening out the flow of smoke through a set of holes that can be arranged in various different ways.

Because of the many ways you can arrange these holes, there are many types of percolators available on the market. To name a few, there are:

  • Honeycomb Percolators
  • Tree Percolators
  • Matrix Percolators
  • Inline Percolators
  • Turbine Percolators
  • Downstems
  • And more….

How Much Do Percolators Cost?

Generally speaking, most complex percolator attachments will run you $30 to $50, with some of the more complex or larger ones running upwards of this price range.

Will A Percolator Fit My Bong?

It all depends. If you are aware of your bong’s joint size and gender, you can easily find a percolator attachment for your water pipe that will fit perfectly. The key is to know whether you have a male or female joint, and then know what diameter it is (usually measured in millimeters). If you have this info, you will have no problem finding the perfect size bogn attachment. ‘

3. Diffused Downstems – Simple, Yet Effective

best attachments for bongs diffused downstems

Diffused downstems offer additional filtration and diffusion right at the point where the smoke enters the bong – the bottom of the stem. These bad boys are affordable, and offer quite a bit of smoothness to the smoking experience for such a simple change.


Depending on the type of bong you have, you will want to find a diffused downstem that is the right length, and also fits your bong’s joint size. The most important thing to pay attention to when looking for the best downstem attachment is the length. Having one that is too long can cause it to not fit properly in your bong, while having one that is too short can cause you to need more water than your pipe can handle.

Another thing to look for in a new downstem attachment is whether it fits your current glass bowl attachment. If it does not, you should strongly consider getting a new bowl, or looking for a downstem that does fit it.

For most people, bongs come with diffused downstems. However, they can easily be broken when cleaning, if you drop the piece, or become very clogged over time. You should always try to clean your downstem them if possible, but if you have tried everything, a new downstem is a cheap way to make your bong good as new again.

How Much Do Diffused Downstems Cost?

For the most part, diffused downstem attachments for bongs cost between $10 – $20. I would be weary of anything that costs less than $10, as this likely means it is cheap imported glass. I would also be weary of anything costing more than $20, because it likely means you are overpaying.

Where Can I Find the Right Size Downstem?

At BestGiftsForStoners, we have a large selection of diffused downstems that fit just about any bong size, both male and female – and multiple lengths and diamters. Browse our selection of diffused downstems to find the perfect one for you!

4. Quartz Bangers – Turn Your Bong to a Dab Rig

male quartz banger attachments

The Quartz Banger turns any regular old bong into a dab rig! This bad boy is made to withstand the high temperatures of dabbing, and can make for a great bong attachment for anyone who enjoys dabbing.


There are a few types of quartz bangers, some have domes in order to make better airflow and smoking experience, others are wider in order to support larger dabs at one time.

Most quartz bangers are best for maintaining medium temperatures from 350F to 750F, which is the recommended dabbing temperature. Because they are made of quartz, bangers do often lose heat quickly, which can bring up the need for them to be heated again in order to take a second hit.

For some, this can be problematic, but for most, it is a small price to pay for an awesome bong attachment that turns a regular water pipe into a dab rig ready to accept extracts.

For those who see this as a problem, there are always nails that can be attached to a bong as well, which hold heat better. Titanium and ceramic nails are available, as well as quartz ones.

How Much Do Quartz Bangers Cost?

Quartz banger usually run in the area of $25 to $35. Some can be purchased for a cheaper price, but typically you want to pay up for quality when it comes to glass.

Where Can I Find the Best Quartz Bangers?

We offer a few quartz banger products that fit just about any size dab rig or bong. They are easy to attach, and made from high quality brands that are trusted in the cannabis community.

5. Glass Bowl Attachments – Upgrade That Pack

best bong accessories glass bowl attachments

Glass bowl attachments for bongs are a bit simpler than the other attachments that make our list, but that does not make them less influential on your smoking experience. A good bowl attachment can make a big difference, adding size for larger packs, larger or smaller rush hole for different airflow, nubs for more grip, and even designs for more style – if that is something you are interested in when it comes to your bong.


There are two main ways that people look at glass bowl attachments for bongs – to find one that is aesthetically pleasing, and to find one that is more functional. For the most part, there are not a lot of complexities that go into making glass bowls, so one with a deep and wide pack will do the trick just fine for performance.

On the other hand, it is easy to understand why some people look for a more visually appealing glass bowl to spice up their smoking experience. Some people even collect unique glass bowls that are hand blown, because they are affordable, beautiful, and easy to keep clean while still getting good use out of them. On top of that, it is always good to have a few extras lying around in case of breaking or unforeseen clogging.

How Much Do Bowl Attachments for Water Pipes Cost?

These glass bowl attachments can cost as little as $5 for the basic replacement, all the way to $40 for custom made, hand-blown creative glass bowls which are one of a kind collectors items. More often than not, a normal glass bowl that is not hand blown or bottom of the line, will cost about $10 to $15.

Where Can I Shop for Glass Bowl Attachments for Bongs?

We’ve got you covered. We have some awesome designer bowl attachments for the collector, and also have some more mildly priced and authentic looking glass bowls for those who are not looking for anything fancy. Check out our selection of glass bowls in our online head shop for great discounts on the best bong attachments!

6. Res Caps – For Easy Cleaning & Travel

res caps for your bong

Res caps are different from the rest of the bong attachments on our list today because they do not serve a direct purpose in affecting the smoking experience. They do however affect the smoking experience indirectly way.

Res caps are small rubber gaskets that are used in order to keep your bong water from spilling during travel or movement. They can also be used to keep the smell of your bong on the low.  Res caps are primarily used in order to clean bongs. The process of cleaning your water pipe can be complex, and it needs an article of its own to fully explain it and give it justice. Res caps are a great cleaning tool for the process, being used to keep the cleaner sealed in the bong while shaking and tipping it in order to make sure the resin is broken up properly.

How Much Do Res Caps Cost?

Res caps are usually very affordable, costing only around $5 to $10 for a full set of them that can fit about any piece on the market. They are durable and will last you a long time, and also are very flexible so you can expand them to fit on unorthodoxly shaped bongs and other pieces during the cleaning process.

Should I Get A Res Cap?

If you like to keep your water pipe and other pieces clean, we strongly recommend that you get a res cap just to keep everything from becoming a huge mess in the process. They are affordable, easy to use, dependable, and fit almost any bong.

7. Nails (Titanium, Ceramic, Quartz) 

best bong accessories list 2019 nails

Any bong can also be easily converted to a dab rig or concentrate rig with the simple addition of a titanium, quartz, or ceramic nail attachment. This can be cheaper than purchasing a dab rig outright, and also gives you options when it comes to smoking.


In comparison to quartz bangers, nails are made for harder, less goopy concentrates. They are typically heated to higher temperatures, and tend to hold their temp longer than bangers do, because they are usually made of titanium or ceramic.

Overall, they are a great way to smoke, but you need to be careful as to not burn yourself on them, as they are small and stay hot for a long time. You can easily find one that fits your bong, and turn it into a dab rig as you please.

How Much Do Dab Nails Cost?

Typically, they range in price from about $25 to $50 and above. For the most part, price is determined by design and material. The most expensive are titanium and the least expensive are quartz. However, it is important to remember you get what you pay for when it comes to these products.

Should I Get A Nail for My Bong?

To be completely honest with you, there is not a lot of difference between dab rigs and bongs in terms of the way that they work. Outside of slightly different designs, and a deeper focus on diffusion with dab rigs to keep the temperature of the smoke down, the two are almost identical until you get to the higher end products.

For this reason, as long as you aren’t someone who is a dab snob, or who has a bong that is not fit to be a dab rig, we highly recommend that before purchasing an entirely new dab rig altogether, you try a nail or quartz banger attachment to see if you enjoy dabbing.

This is a cheaper way to enjoy and try dabbing, and ultimately will not change you experience all that much.

8. Dab Torches – A Must Have 

best bong attachments 2019 dab torches

If you do decide to turn your bong into a dab rig, you absolutely need a torch to help heat your dabs to the right temperature. The best ones have temperature control, safety measures, and easily refillable fuel cells.

When it comes to purchasing a torch for your dab rig, you want to make sure that you get one that makes your life easy. You want to be certain that you can have some degree of temperature control, as this is how you will find out which dab temp is best for you. It will allos you to get flavorful hits sometimes, or just rip down a whole glob at once if need be. It will also prevent from damage to your rig, and lungs from excessive heat.

How Much Do Torches Cost?

Typically, torches range from the $30 to $50 range, with some of the more expensive ones topping out around $70. Sure, you can get the cheapo one that will break within a week or run out of fuel extremely fast, but it is best to invest in one that will last a long time, and that gives you control over the flame.

Butane vs. Propane Dab Torches – Which One is Best? 

Honestly, they are both flammable gases used to ignite the spark of a dab torch. Both gases burn at a similar rate of speed, and cost around the same for refills. So, it really comes down to the fumes and your personal preference. Butane is the more common gas, so you will probably be better off purchasing a butane torch just for convenience. Propane has also been known to be a bit more dangerous towards humans in terms of the fumes it produces, so you may want to take that into consideration also.

Where Can I Find Affordable Torches for Dabbing? 

If you are looking for great deals on torches that are SPECIFICALLY MADE FOR DABBING, browse our selection of torches in our online headshop today!

9. Male to Female Adapters – Fit Any Accessory

top bong accessories 2019 male to female adapters

One of the main problems people run into when trying to upgrade their bongs with some of the best accessories is that they cannot find attachments that fit properly because their joint is the wrong gender or size. Male to female adapters are designed to help alleviate this common problem.


This is probably one of the most convenient bong accessories on our list. It allows just about any bong attachment to fit into just about any joint you can imagine. As long as you purchase the right size, the possibilities are virtually endless.

How Much Do Male to Female Adapters Cost?

For the most part, these things are extremely cheap. Depending on the design, quality, and size, you can get them from $5 to $15 or even less sometimes.

Are Male to Female Adapters Worth It?

Yes. Because they are so affordable, and come in so many sizes, you can purchase a few of them for under $10, and make your bong a universal piece that can fit with just about any bong attachment on the market.

10. Bowl Screens – No More Clogs

best bong accessories bowl screens

Ever have your bowl pack clog at the most inopportune time? You don’t have to worry about that with bowl screens. These little guys keep your bowl clean to prevent clogs.


You can easily get 100’s of these little guys for under $10. At that rate, it’s a wonder why every Stoner does not have this affordable bong accessory.

They prevent clogs, can be cleaned for additional use, and are so easy to take out and put in that it takes just seconds to replace.

How Much Do Bowl Screens Cost?

For the most part, you can get 50, 100, 1000 of these things for extremely low costs per units. Often times, they average just a few pennies each when you do the math. If you are a frequent smoker with little time to clean, this is a must-have bong accessory in 2021.

Bong Attachments FAQ 

Let’s take a second to answer a few frequently asked question about bong attachments.

Q. What is the best bong attachment? 

This really all depends on your preferences and needs. For people who are looking for a smoother hit, we recommend a percolator or an ashcatcher. For people looking for a larger bowl pack, we recommend a new glass bowl. For Stoners interested in taking dabs, we recommend some of these top dab rig accessories.

Q. Do I need accessories for my bong?

No. When purchasing a new bong, you should always look to find one that has the necessary percolation you want. But, if you have an old piece and are smoking on a budget, bong accessories are a great way to improve your smoking experience without paying too much.

Q. How do I know if an attachment will fit my water pipe? 

Bong accessories are broken down into two main types: male and female. Depending on the gender of the joint on your bong, you need the opposite gender for your accessories. From there, you will need to know the size of the attachment. Usually, this is either 10mm, 14mm or 18mm, but can differ in some cases. To learn more about this, check out this guide.

Q. How much do water pipe attachments cost? 

This all depends on the type of attachment, size, and the brand that you purchase it from. Overall, the cost of most bong accessories typically run between $30 and $60. For this price range, you should easily be able to find high-quality glass that upgrades your bong to the next level.

Learn Even More About the Best Bong Accessories

Want to learn even more about some of the top bong attachments? These resources should help:

top bong accessories list for 2019 where to find them

The Best Bong Accessories for 2021 – Wrapping it Up

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