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new helpingpot newsletter
December 10, 2020 By Cody Marchant

Helping pot newsletter

A long time hidden gem that only a small group of people knew about is going public. 

If you’ve been a subscriber to the HelpingPot newsletter, you’re probably mad at me that I’m letting more people in on the secret and lowering your chances of winning every week.

“Win what?” You guys that aren’t yet subscribers sound curious!

We don’t really promote our current newsletter.

We have an opt-in at the bottom of the home page here:

Subscribe to our Newsletter

And we have a “Subscribe” box at the bottom of every Blog article here:

But besides those two spots, we don’t really push people to sign up. I think I want to change that. 

This community that receives emails from me and HelpingPot is the thing I’m most proud of when it comes to this site.

I’ve gotten to know so many of you personally, I’ve given out 100s of discounts just because you’ve asked, and you guys know about our giveaways. Let me tell you new (you’ll want to sign up, trust me) subscribers a bit about what it’s like when you join the community.

Helping Pot Newsletter

What Subscribers Get

We DO NOT send spam emails. Ever. 

In the entire history of HelpingPot we’ve had 2 people unsubscribe, TWO

That being said, make sure you open the emails if you want to stay on the list. If you aren’t opening and caring about the emails, you don’t even have to unsubscribe, I’ll take you off the list myself. 

If you’re having fun in the community with the giveaways and everything, make sure you open the email, even if you don’t read it.

Move my email to your primary email, this way you’ll have the best chance of seeing the emails the soonest, and staying on the list.

Gmail Users:



On your phone: Hit the three dots in the top right corner, tap “Move to” then tap “Primary”.

On a computer: Back out of the email and drag it into the “Primary” tab near the top left.

Apple mail users

Apple Mail on your phone

Tap our email address at the top of our emails (next to “From:” on mobile) then tap “Add to VIP

This is because we only send you things you care about, and it’s very rare. I don’t send you an email every day. Nothing is automated. It’s me personally (hi, Cody here. You’ll know me a lot better once you subscribe) sending an email, only when I have something cool to offer.

I don’t want to spend time writing a spam email just to try to get more sales any more than you want to read one.

I only send cool shit.

I will send emails only when:

  • We have new products on the site that I think are REALLY dope
    • A product that you guys have been yelling at me about (because it’s always out of stock) is finally back in stock
  • We have a deal that’s ACTUALLY dope, and worth getting an email about
  • I learn some new cool shit
    • Maybe some smoke tricks that I saw that are really cool and you’d want to try. Sometimes it’s just interesting things in the cannabis industry that I talk to you guys about because you’re also interested

But most importantly, and probably the reason 99% of people are even subscribed (I’m not upset. Honestly, I don’t blame you) our giveaways.

Shoutout to you Brandon if you’re reading this! Brandon was the winner of our last giveaway that happened on Monday, December 7th. 


Newsletter Giveaway

The Giveaway

I love the subscribers in our HelpingPot group. So I wanted to do something dope for them. I created “The Giveaway”.

Basically, on a random schedule, I’ll drop a 100% off discount code into the newsletter. It’s like a Golden Ticket if you will. That’s because there’s usually only one of them (there were 5 for Black Friday.) 

The 100% off discount code will have a specific value attached. Sometimes it’s only 100% off up to $20. Sometimes it’s $100, and a few are up to $300. The one from Monday was $150.

What do you have to do? Nothing. It’s a good old-fashioned race. I send a one-time discount out to all of you, and whoever uses the code first, gets it.

HOWEVER, the real secret is this.

I don’t like when people feel like they lost the giveaway. EVERY SINGLE person that has ever emailed me saying “Cody, I’m sad I didn’t get to the giveaway in time” or something like that, always gets a discount from me. I appreciate you guys trying and interacting with me. So just ask! Just email me, there’s never been a time I’ve said no to a discount.

All I ask is that you interact and engage. If you want less emails, tell me. If you want more, tell me. If you want a new product in the store,  or if you want to learn more about whatever, you get the point. Just email me back. I get to every single email and will always respond myself.

So that’s it. I’m sorry to the current subscribers that I’m giving you more competition, but to make up for it, I’ll drop extra giveaways than normal so you have the same chances.

Please take me up on my offer and join the community. It does not make me more money, but it let’s me get to know you guys way better, and has 

improved this store 100x from your feedback.

So please Subscribe Below!


* indicates required

Join the Helpingpot Community

I know why you guys are here. I can tell you that you’ll love the updates of when we get our top products back in stock, or telling you when we have cool new products or amazing deals. But you just want to join for the Giveaways that only the Newsletter readers get. So go ahead and subscribe

Get Access To:

  • New Products
  • Popular Re-stockings
  • Amazing Deals

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