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Alien Ape
August 21, 2020 By Cody Marchant

If you are looking for a brand creating good quality at a very affordable price, then Alien Ape is who you should turn to. Alien Ape is designed in Northern California, produced overseas and originally created in 2018.

Alien Ape creates glass & silicone-glass fusion bongs, as well as pipes, and accessories. They are known to be durable and claim that their brand will not create anything that they won’t use themselves. Alien Ape  offers a 100% satisfaction return policy, which protects you and will refund you if for any reason you are unhappy with your product.

Products that Alien Ape Offers 

Although Alien Ape is notoriously known for their bongs, they also offer a variety of other products. They offer hands pipes as well as accessories that allow smokers to customize their pieces even more!


Alien Ape offers a wide range of bongs, from short glass bongs with honeycomb percolators, to tall glass-silicone combination bongs. One very durable offering from Alien Ape is their 12” Hybrid Diffused Silicone Water Pipe.

12” Hybrid Diffused Silicone Water Pipe

Alien ape silicone bongs

The Hybrid Diffused Silicone bong combines a silicone base, with glass functionality. This piece includes a removable, multi-slit diffused showerhead perc for smooth hits, as well as a silicone body for wear and tear. Inside the body includes three ice pinches for optimum chill and filtration. The fact that this bong is able to be detached and washed without easily breaking, makes it a premium choice for anyone who might be a bit clumsy. 

Whether you are interested in outdoor adventures, to travel with, or a simple smoke sesh at home, this hybrid diffused bong gets the job done well.

Alien Ape Double Matrix Bong

Best alien ape bongs

Another option for a bong from Alien Ape in all glass is the Double Matrix. Measured at 15”, this massive glass piece comes with two matrix percolators to filter your smoke, as well as an ice catcher to cool it down.


As with most Glass Companies, Alien Ape makes attachments for their glass creations. They carry their creativity from their bongs to their attachments. If you have an Alien Ape bong, you should have no problem finding new ways to customize your favorite piece!

Alien Ape Glass Bowl Attachments

It is always fun to upgrade your bong or rig with new glass bowl. Alien ape offers a ton of cool styles that can make your old bong feel brand new! You can find glass and silicone bowl pack attachments depending on which bong you favorite.

Alien Ape Quartz Bangers

Although Quartz Bangers are durable and built to last, it is good to change them out every so often so you can get a nice clean rip. Alien ape offers quartz bangers that are reliable and extremely affordable. A new quartz banger can make for cleaner, healthier, and tastier dab rips. Try swapping out your old quartz banger for a new one and see the difference for yourself!

Unique Accessories

Alien Ape Pocket Kit 

Alien Ape Pocket Kit

Includes a 4″ pipe and a 1.2″ grinder in a carrying case.



Alien Ape Sparker

Alien Ape accessories

This includes a pipe with a built-in match as well as hemp wick. This is better for your lungs as it allows you to smoke with butane. It also includes a removable Pyrex bowl and comes in five colors.


Automatic grinder shredder

Much faster than any other manual grinder, this automatic shredder allows you to shred and hold your material. It also comes in a smooth carrying case to take with you on any of your adventures.

What is Alien Ape Known For?

Alien Ape has always been known for making high quality bongs and unique products, but recently has switched more towards accessories. Not only does Alien Ape produce glass bongs, but they also produce a variety of silicone pieces that are extremely durable.

Their bongs have always been the center of their product line, with most containing ice catchers and percolators. Whether or not the bongs are made from silicone or glass, the bowl pieces and downstems are always made from glass. 

In the last part of 2019, Alien Ape switched its focus from making glass products and bongs to focusing more on accessories. All currently available glass was produced in 2019, and the only new products being produced are accessories. 



Durable PiecesLower Quality Glass
Interesting and Unique AccessoriesSmall Range of Products
Easy to Clean
Excellent Return Policy

Is Alien Ape a Reliable Company? 

Although they are a newer company, Alien Ape is reliable. They offer a solid 100% satisfaction return policy which gives peace of mind to any user. Made for those on a budget or newer smokers. If you are looking for a lower-priced, solid bong or interesting accessory, then Alien Ape is for you.

Alien Ape Brand Review Score

Brand Review Score

Alien Ape Brand Review

Although Alien Ape makes unique accessories and durable bongs, they are not top quality. Alien Ape products are not expensive, which is rightfully so. This makes Alien Ape products are a great option for newer smokers or those who often break their pieces. 

Alien Ape products are not bad. The glass pieces bring down their score a bit, but the accessories are rock solid and very unique. We would give Alien Ape 8/10 mainly based on the quality of the glass products and unique accessories. 

Where to Buy Alien Ape Products – Helping Pot 

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Or, if you still want to learn more about Alien Ape products or glass pieces in general before making a purchase, check out some of these other helpful guides we have created:

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