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We started HelpingPot out of a love for the cannabis industry. We wanted to make a place that fostered creativity, and bring together those who enjoy hand made, authentic glass from authentic people.

With nothing more than an idea and a few hundred dollars, we started out in early 2018 with the aim to be one of the best online head shops on the internet.  While we are not nearly at our goal yet, we have quickly expanded to house well over 200 products, with a wide selection ranging from glass, vapes, accessories, and more.

Welcome to the Stoner Family!

We appreciate all of our customers and visitors to our site. Each one of you have helped contribute to our success, and as a result, we want to give back. Each month, we offer smoking hot deals on some of the dopest pieces and accessories on the market! 

For those who are part of our family, we are constantly looking for feedback as to how we can improve our experience.  We want you guys to enjoy this just as much as we do! 

How can you help make our selection better? 

Add products you would like to see to your wish list.  Give us a link to where you found it, and we will do our best to get it on our site for you! 

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